20 Unforgettable Action Sports Heroes Of 2013

From Carlos Burle, to Danny MacAskill to Diana Nyad. We recognise our inspirations from the last year.

Macaskill has come along way since dropping his five and a half minutes of riding around Edinburgh four years ago and is now the world’s reference point for his sport. His incredible success hasn’t made him complacent as he’s continued to increase his mastery over his bike.

Imaginate appeared on youtube in June of this year and has gone down a storm. MacAskill has put Red Bull’s plentiful resources to good use in creating the most incredible and absurd trial bike course ever seen and watching him tackle it was a joy. His ascent from Scottish mechanic to global superstar in four years has been incredible and in a world of creeping corporatism it’s fantastic to see imagination and a sense of fun alive and well in 2013.

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