What Happens When You Accidentally Catch A Great White Shark? These Guys Found Out...

These guys accidentally hooked a great white on the shore, and then risked their lives to save it


10 Times Action Sports Made Spy Films Much Better

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killer bees

Brazilian Killer Bees Leave Two Climbers Dead After Swarm Attack

Watch where you climb...

Photo: Whitelines

20 Things Men With Beards Are Sick Of Hearing

'I didn't know you were ginger...'

shovelling snow

Here's Why Shovelling Snow Is Better Exercise Than A 45 Minute Run

There's a reason it's so bloody difficult...


This Guy Got Tired Shoveling Snow on His Driveway… So He Used a Flame Thrower Instead

A neighbour described it like watching 'Puff the magic dragon spewing mayhem over hell'

windsurf plan propeller

These Guys Wanted To Go Windsurfing But Had No Wind. The Solution They Came Up With Is Amazing...

When world champions want wind, they get it...

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 10.15.55

This US TV Show Put Meat Heads On Roller Skis With Hilarious Consequences...

Roller-Skiing: Is this the most ridiculous sport known to man?

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 13.49.14

Watch This Mamma Bear Rip A Garage Door Apart To Save Her Trapped Cub

Nothing comes between a trapped bear cub and his mom. Not even a massive garage door

ski mobile

What Happens When You Crash A Snowmobile At Nearly 100mph? Have A Look And See...

This is how you make a speeding snowmobile stop instantly... And it isn't pretty

Night Running

Want To Be A Night Runner? 10 Tips To Take On The Darkness

Lights, Werewolves, And Losing Your Way…


Ever Seen A Lioness Go Hunting... From The Predator's Point Of View?

This crazy GoPro footage shows what happens when a lioness goes out for dinner

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What Happens When You Fly Through The Eye Of A Hurricane? These Guys Found Out...

These scientists flew a plane through a hurricane eye wall to reach the centre of the beast...


Danny MacAskill Doesn’t Ride A Unicycle, But This Is What He'd Look Like If He Did

Freestyle unicycle trials riding is possibly the most ridiculous thing of all time...

kangaroo vs cyclist

This Brutal Video Shows What Happens When A Kangaroo Takes On A Cyclist

It's not pretty...

travis p

Flow Riding, Front Flips And Capsizing Speed Boats: This Is A Day Off With Travis Pastrana…

What do the Nitro Circus crew get up to in their free time? Exactly what you'd expect them to...


This Guy Was Just Walking Down The Street Texting… When He Got The Shock Of His Life

This Is Why You Should Be More Bear-Ful When Walking Down The Street Texting…


This Could Be The Coolest Follow-Me Drone We’ve Seen Yet...

This autonomous drone is so small, it can fit into your backpack

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 15.27.12

This Guy Got So Close To Five Killer Whales, He Could Smell The Krill

What happened to Richard German when he paddles out one day changed his life forever...

travel film

WARNING: This Short Film Will Make You Want To Hand In Your Notice, Clear Your Locker, And Hit The Road... Forever

This short film perfectly captures the romance of #VanLife

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