Watch: Drone Captures Old Man Sunbathing On 200ft High Wind Turbine... Seriosuly

Just a viral video of a sleepy dude in his boxer shorts on top of a windmill...

Red Hot Nickel Ball Nokia Fire Burning Stuff Video Melting Phones

Here’s What Happens When A Red Hot Ball Of Metal Meets A Mobile Phone

This is one way to stop an annoying Nokia ring tone...


Are You Getting Out Enough? This Hilarious Parody Rips The P*ss Out Of Modern Life

This spoof drugs advert nails why being outdoors is so good for you

The Indestructibles G Shock Casio Dave Factory Media In Line Skating

In-Line Skaters From Essex Build The World’s Most Unspectacular Skate Park In Their Back Garden

Sponsored feature: The only way is Essex?...On second thoughts, maybe not.


Watch: This Dude Built An Insane ATV That Can Climb Up Just About Anything

This wheel splitting 4x4 can take on just about anting mother nature can throw at it


This Snowmobiling Legend Just Nailed A BackFlip On Open Water

10 Times X Games medalist Levi LaVellee does the impossible once again...

Earth Porn Iceland Drone Footage

This Jaw-Dropping Aerial Journey Across Iceland Is Some Serious #EarthPorn

Drones prove once and for all that Iceland is the most beautiful place on earth.

hiking and trekking: everything you need to know walk

Hiking and Trekking: Everything You Need to Know

The Mpora essential guide to all the basics in the world of hiking and trekking...

Photo: Ross Collings

This #VanLife Loving Dude's Fiancé Insisted 'It's Me Or The Van'. So He Did This...

Men of the World: You have a new hero, and his name is Ross

Russia Nudist Beach

Why Are Government Officials In Russia Trying To Clamp Down On Nudist Beaches?

A campaign has been launched to stop "depraved" nudists enjoying their beach.


Watch: This Russian Just Built An Insane Death Swing, And Jumped off A Roof

Do not try this at home, unless your a slightly unhinged Russian and your mates have a video camera


This Guy Created A Resident Evil Style Video Game In Their Back Garden… And Want You To Play

Attack of the zombies: See why this video has got 6.4 million views and counting in just four days...


Were The Movies Right? Here’s What A Gun Shot Actually Looks Like in Super Slow-Mo

Watch the ferocious footage of a pistol being fired at 73,000 frames per second...


Horror At The Funfair As Slingshot Snaps And Send Students Spinning Through The Air

One French student is recovering from a broken leg after the popular ride suffered a catastrophic malfunction


This Guy Tried To Turn Himself Into A Robot By Strapping Fireworks To His Arms

Man with 'minigun arms' tries his best to win a Darwin Award

the seafisher

This Outrageous Jet Ski Will Set You Back An Eye-Popping $100,000. Here's Why...

If this didn't look so ridiculous, it would probably end up in a bond film...


'I Tested the Taser I Built on Myself...' Welcome to the Weird World of Homemade Weapons

More confirmation, if any were needed, that the internet is a strange place

Hiking Utah Copyright Jack Clayton

We Spent 24 Hours In Utah... And Found Out Exactly Why It’s An Adventurer’s Paradise

We lost ourselves in the foothills around Snowbird...and you'll want to as well.


Watch: Bear Grylls Makes A-Lister Michelle Rodriguez Eat Mouse Stewed in Her Urine

Next week, Jessica Alba cuts off her own arm, pees on it, then has it with avocado salad

Bear Grylls Survival Tips eyeball

10 Top Bear Grylls Survival Tips For Every Adventurer

Bear Grylls survival tips! From eating eyes to charging phones in armpits...

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