These Guys Made A Drone That Can Save You From Drowning... Here’s How

Drowning kills more people in the UK than bike accidents. Could this robot lifeguard change that?

Atlantic Highway - Photo

The 10 Most Spectacular Road Trips on Earth

If you want to escape from it all, these are the journeys you need to take.

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Thought The Eclipse Was A Let Down? Here’s A Stunning Timelapse of Norway Being Plunged Into Total Darkness

This incredible video is pure Earth Porn

Photo: Youtube/Paul Demonte.

Dragon's Breath, Screaming Eagle And The Great Wall: 10 Zip Lines That Should Be On Everyone's Bucket List

Some of the best zip lines in the world can be found in the most unexpected places...

seadance festival

Sun, Sand, Surf & Music: 10 Brilliant Beach Festivals You Can't Afford To Miss

Which one will you be going to?


This Guy Interrupted Two Tortoises Having Sex... And Got Chased Off Very, Very Slowly By The Angry Male

This is what happens when tortoises attack

Photo: BlessThisStuff.com.

The 10 Most Incredible Hotels On Earth

Sponsored feature: Stay in these places, and make your friends seriously jealous.

Photo Montage: Shutterstock.com

These Explorers Have Come Up With A Strange Way To Improve Your Sex Life…Surely This Doesn’t Work?

Is Yet breath in a can the new viagra

Photo: Scoopnest.com.

23 Signs That Prove You're A Born Adventurer, Despite Living In The City

Just because you live in the city, doesn't mean you're not an adventurer.

Photo: Thierry Ollivier

This French Postman Proved That You Don't Have To Travel A Long Way To Live Your Dreams

This stunning palace was hand built by one guy... and a pile of strange looking stones

Danny MacAskill features prominently in the stunning showreel from Cut Media Photo: YouTube/Cut Media

MacAskill, Peaty and Dougie Lampkin in One Video? This is A Must Watch For Every True Biker...

Unseen footage from Danny MacAskill's 'The Ridge'? Don't mind if we do...

Photo: ZME Science.

Meet Sparklemuffin And Skeletorus: They're Newly Discovered Spiders, And They're Seriously Hipster

They're fashionable, they can dance, and they've got ridiculous names.

Photo: Darren Jack, Glastonbury Tor

17 Photos Which Prove The Solar Eclipse Was Much More Than Just Grey Skies

These people had a much better time than you when the solar eclipse appeared...

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Sky Diver Takes Child’s Bicycle And Lands The Biggest Jump You’ve Ever Seen

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Frenchman on a tiny little bike

Photo: animemangaotaku14419

28 Reasons Why Japan Should Be Your Next Adventure

Powder, robots, and some of the weirdest shit you'll ever see.

Volcanic lightning looks every single bit as epic as it sounds.... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Apparently Volcanic Lightning Exists... And It’s Every Bit As Crazy As It Sounds

Just when you thought volcanos couldn't get any more awesome...

Georgina is 100 years old, but tell us again how you're terribly scared of heights... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

This Woman Just Went Skydiving To Celebrate Her Birthday. She's 100 Years Old

Georgina Harwood just hit the century mark... and she's putting the lot of you to shame


Want Incredible Adventure AND Cheap Beer? Here's Where You Should Go.

What's better than adventure? Adventure with beer.


‘Was The Pilot On The P*ss Last Night?’ 15 Terrifying Thoughts Every Nervous Flyer Has During Take Off

If flying gives you the FEAR, you're not alone.

Photo: Ice/Linda Hall.

How To Climb Mountains: Victorian Style

15 ways to impersonate a Victorian mountaineer.

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