WARNING: This Drone Footage of Norway is So Stunning, You’ll Want to Quit Your Job and Move There

This is pure earth porn

Photo: Shawn Heinrichs

This Australian Model Went Swimming Underwater... Surrounded By A School Of Tiger Sharks

Dancing with sharks - why did this woman risk her life in this stunning footage?

nick 2

The Thames Has no Waterfalls and no Rapids to Speak Of. So Why Do the World’s Best Kayakers Flock Here?

It's dirty, disgusting and flat. So what brings the world's best to the tiny Thames Valley village of Hurley?

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 15.22.13

Holy Sh*t! This Guy Just Pulled An Absolute Monster Out Of The Water

Dino Ferrari lands a Catfish large enough to feed a village

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 15.20.44

What Happens When You Take a Novice Down One of Uganda's Biggest Rapids? This Video is Hilarious

'It seemed like a good idea at the time... but maybe it wasn't'


This Biker Swerved to Avoid a Car. Then This Happened…

All the leather in Fifty Shades couldn't help this dude walk away from this brutal crash

edmonton freezeway

Is This Canadian City About to Install Skate-Only Lanes For Commuters To Get To Work?

Ice on the roads brings the UK to a standstill, but is Canada about to embrace them?

Jetpack 1

These Guys Have Made a Working Jetpack… You Could Be Flying It to Work By Next Year

Glenn Martin invented this awesome jetpack in his garage... now his company's worth £50 million

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.48.19

These Russians Just Crashed Their Car Off A Bridge... But Couldn't Give A Sh*t

Has Russia won the internet again?


This Video Of An Octopus Eating A Crab Will Make You Jump

All hail the Muhammad Ali Of The Sea

BASE to mist

BASE Jumping Totally Blind Might Sound Like Suicide… But This Guy Tried It Anyway

This is the most terrifying BASE Jump we've ever seen


'Go To Florida' Says New York State Tourist Office. Here's Why...

This viral marketing masterstroke is hilarious...

Over 20,000 people turned out to watch the Red Bull Crashed Ice tour touch down in Belfast     All Photos: Red Bull Content Pool

Freezing Cold Kickers And Brutal Body Slams: Could This Crazy New Sport Be Britain's Next Big Thing?

Red Bull Crashed Ice hit Belfast last weekend, and it was met with quite the reception...

Valery Rozov perfoming at the first ever basejump of Mount Kilimanjaro  Caption: Red Bull Content Pool

Watch This Russian Daredevil Become The First Man To BASE Jump From Kilimanjaro

Valery Rozov spent over a minute in freefall and sped at a mind-boggling 180km/h...

boston blizzard

'Stop This Nonsense Right Now' - Here's Why Boston's Mayor Had To Tell People To Stop Jumping Out Windows

This is without a doubt one of the strangest press conferences we've ever seen...

tyler bradt

Broken Backs, Smashed Faces and 40mph Impacts: These Are the Scariest Waterfall Drops of All Time

These sphincter-clenching kayaking videos redefine crazy


Watch This Crazy Russian Test Out A 'Bomb-Proof Helmet' By Getting Shot In The Head

If you ever needed proof that there's something special in the water over in Russia...

terror on ice

What Happens When You Get Trapped Between Two Collapsing Glacier Walls? These Guys Found Out The Hard Way...

Imagine if '127 Hours' happened in an Alaskan glacier. Some people don't have to...

Untitled 2

Ever Seen Someone Triple Backflip Off A Three Story Building Before? Only In Russia...

Do not, under any circumstances, ever attempt this at home...


24 Things Only Kayakers Will Understand

If you like paddling, you'll know...

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