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From Cycling The World To Rowing The Arctic... We Talk Adventure With Mark Beaumont

“It’s kind of surprised me how much my take on adventure has changed through the years"

Flavio Cernescu

This Crazy Dude Climbed Up A 900ft Chimney – With No Ropes!

We've honestly never seen a video that gave us Vertigo quite like this...

Mine Shafted

Oh Sh*t! This Dirt Biker Was Inches Away From Death

Heart-pounding GoPro footage of a very near miss

Picture: Jason Paul ... Buy here: http://www.beautifulcrime.com/shop/?category=Man+%26+Mortar

Parkour Porn: This Naked London Photo Shoot Will Leave You Stunned

Freerunners Tim Shieff and Jason Paul team up for a gallery like nothing you've seen before...

Photo: GoPro

GoPro Are Launching Their Own Drone... And It Will Be Cheaper Than You Think

Well, it was only a matter of time


Bored Of Commuting? Next Year You Could Be Able To Get To Work By Trampoline

London mayor Boris Johnson has given the go-ahead for a 'trampoline highway' in the capital city from 2015


This Crazy Theme Park Lets You Swim With Man-Eating Crocodiles

It's like Jurassic Park Lite...

cliff dive

5 Action Sports You Should Try On Your Gap Year

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This Guy Went Skydiving Without A Parachute... And Was Saved By A Trampoline

Jumping out of a plane with no parachute should be suicidal, so surely this can't be real?

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What Do You Get If You Cross A Zip-Wire With A Roller Coaster?

This new Aussie ride looks like serious fun...


This Squirrel Nicked A GoPro... And Got Almost Four Million Hits On YouTube

Check out this furry kleptomaniac grabbing this guy's action cam and going viral

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.35.59

Snowfall In New York Has Been So Deep, People Can’t Get Out Of Their Houses

Ever heard of 'Lake Effect'? Find out that it's done to New York State...

Photo: Tom Vaillant

This 22 Year Old Student Took Three Years To Make This Adventure Film. The Result Is Truly Beautiful…

Husky sledding, climbing Everest and braving temperatures of -45°C, Tom Vaillant follows six explorers on two extreme adventures


These Guys Climbed A Crumbling Iceberg, And Took You Along For The Ride...

The latest in GoPro's 'Adventures of Life in 4K' series takes to the arctic waters of Greenland


This Brutal Video Shows What Happens When BASE Jumping Goes Wrong. Really, Really Wrong.

This Russian dude is lucky to be alive

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 17.11.16

Ken Block's Latest Gymkhana Video Is Out And It's Even More Insane Than You'd Expect

There are more doughnuts on show here than in a Krispy Kreme show room

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 14.16.22

Travis Pastrana And The Nitro Circus Crew Get Their Kit Off And Take On The Cold...

The latest episode of Action Figures sees snowmobile madness and near nudity from the guys

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.36.03

Is This The Most Dangerous Stunt Of All Time?

This Guy Parachuted From A Plane, Landed On A Wingsuit Pilot’s Back And ‘Surfed’ Him To Earth


Win a North Face Thermoball Jacket

tony hawk hoverboard real

Tony Hawk Has Swapped His Skateboard For A Hoverboard

No, it's for real this time!

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