Ever Wanted To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Climbing Wall? IKEA Just Have

A flat-pack climbing wall can't be far away...


Ice Climbing, Wild Swimming And Camping Under The Stars: 10 Awesome Adventures For Under £100

Looking for adventure but low on cash? This is the guide for you...


Meet Erik Weihenmayer. He's Conquered Everest Blind, And Now He's Taking on The Grand Canyon in A Kayak...

The experienced blind explorer proving that anyone can live a no barriers life...

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 15.21.19

Win a Trip to the Himalayas Courtesy of Nissan

Find out how to win the trip of a lifetime

Alistair's mate Ron en-route around the 118 mile motorway. Photo: Alistair Humphreys

What Happens When You Hike Around The M25 In The Middle Of Winter? This Award-Winning Explorer Found Out...

'Well, it should be quicker than driving...'


Jumping Out of a Helicopter Without a Parachute Might Seem Like Suicide. Unless You’re These Guys...

The stuff wingsuit pilots can do these days is unbelievable!

Photo: Tentsile

10 Super-Tech Tents For The Weekend Adventurer

Cocoons, bubbles and giant water droplets are just some examples...

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 18.06.56

This Guy Climbed Into an Active Volcano, And the Footage He Got is Incredible...

'It was a window into hell...'

human suspension base jumping

This BASE Jumper Has Attached His Parachute To His Skin With Piercings

Who needs a harness when you can hang your parachute off your piercings?

ed leigh

'He Looked Like A Spider Monkey Jacked Up On Mountain Dew!' – The Best Moments Ever From Action Sports Commentary

Ed Leigh, swearing and giant balls... The men on the mic say the craziest things

Photo: Free Spirit Spheres

Castles, UFOs And Private Jets: 23 Unbelievable Treehouses That Are Better Than Your Dream House

After reading this, you'll definitely want to quit your jobs and move to the wilderness


What Happens When You Put A Nightclub And A BASE Jumping Hot Spot In The Same 1000ft Tower? We’re About To Find Out….

These crazy Miami developers are actively encouraging people to jump off their skyscraper...

Mustang Wanted posted this picture of himself on top of the star, seemingly proving his responsibility for the anti-war stunt, which he dedicated to 'all the lads defending my Motherland right now'.

Mustang Wanted Pulls Off Outrageous Anti-Russia Stunt, But the Wrong People Get Arrested

Ukrainian rebel caught blue-handed in Moscow

Andy Lewis slackline Mexican caulk gun. See Daily Mail

Sheer Ice Walls, Insane Rock Drops and Vertical Descents – Just Looking At This Gallery Will Give You Vertigo

Do you have a head for heights? If not, then look away now...

SUP Yoga London 3

We Tried A New Yoga Class... In The Middle Of A Canal

Stand-up paddleboard yoga: it's a lot more relaxing than you might think...

Travis pastrana freediving red bull

Could You Dive 100ft Underwater While Holding Your Breath? Travis Pastrana Gave It A Try...

Holding your breath for nearly five minutes is no easy task


BOOBKHANA! - The New Series From Ken Block Featuring Boobs, Polar Bears And Crazy Driving...

The co-founder of DC Shoes returns with a new and rather unique rally project...

Peter Podlunsek (SLO) - Lifestyle

G-Force, Blood Flow And A Weird Amount Of Top Hats: 10 Crazy Things We Learned At Red Bull Air Race

There's a whole lot more to Red Bull Air Race than first meets the eye...

Hannes Arch (AUT) - Action

18 Awesome Pictures From The Ascot Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull brought leg five of their Air Race series to the UK... Here's what went down.

thomas leveritt suncream

This Shocking Video Shows Why You Need To Wear Suncream

'If I could offer you one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.'

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