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27 Horribly NSFW Irvine Welsh Quotes That Every Adventurer Should Live By

Not safe for work, nor most other places with a working internet connection...


Travis Pastrana Went Street-Luging with the Nitro Circus Boys… But Then They Turned On Him

Pastrana ditched his bike for a luge cart... and things got ugly

Nick Woodman, founding billionaire of GoPro and all-round good guy... Photo: GoPro

GoPro CEO Gives College Roommate $229 Million To Fulfil Insane 14 Year Old Promise

GoPro founders always pay their debts! Here's why Nick Woodman went full-on Lannister...

Photo: Steve Messam

This Crazy British Artists Has Made A Working Bridge... Out Of 22,000 Sheets Of Paper

Made in Britain, Made of paper: It’s the UK’s weirdest bridge

Photo: YouTube.

10 Amazing Frisbee Shots That You Won't Believe Are Actually Possible

Heroes of the internet, or tossers with too much time on their hands?

Photo: YouTube.

How Is This Ridiculous Frisbee Throw Even Possible?

This man is one massive tosser.


Canadian Idiot Drives Car Through Crowded Skate Park

21 year old arrested after one man is injured in skatepark joy ride

Photo: Unofficial Network.

No Matter How Hard You Throw it, This Drone Will Always Follow You

We're in love...with a flying camera drone...called Lily.

Photo: YouTube.

Armless Archer Kills A Cheez-It With His Feet, From 100 Yards Away‏

This video of a cracker being brutally assassinated will make your day.

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This Insane Natural Waterslide Will Make You Completely Re-Evaluate Your Summer Plans

Without a doubt, this is the best use of a waterfall we've ever seen...

Andreas Lie (Compilation 2)

Double-Exposure Photographs Let You See Your Favourite Animals In A Whole New Light

Visual artist Andreas Lie is, officially, one of our favourite Norwegians.

Photo: YouTube (Screen Grab).

Watch: Plane Takes Off Moments Before Annihilating Fishing Boat

This, matter-of-inches, near miss gives a new meaning to the phrase "close call."

Photo: thingsthatlooklikepeople.com.

20 Faces In Trees and Rock-Formations That You Won't Be Able To Unsee

How many of these can you see?

Photo: YouTube.com.

Endangered Mexican Black Bears Recreate The Opening Scene From Mission Impossible 2

These bears are better at rock-climbing than you, or Tom Cruise, will ever be‏‏.

Photo: alexbellini.it.

Adventurer Plans To Live On An Iceberg For An Entire Year. Here's Why...

Could you live on a giant clump of ice for one whole year?

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Here's What Happens When You Put A GoPro Under The Flaming Inferno Of A Firing Rocket

If this video doesn't prove that GoPros are indestructible, we don't know what will...


“Ban Suits And Hold Cabinet Meetings On Top Of Ben Nevis“ - Here's What Bear Grylls Would Do If He Was Prime Minister

Here's how a man who once ate a moose's heart would run the country...

Smiling Animals

27 Animals Who Know Exactly How You Feel About Bank Holiday Weekends‏‏

Humans clearly aren't the only ones who enjoy a Monday off...

Photo: globalnews.ca.

Chernobyl Fox Makes Epic Five-Decker Sandwich, And Then Eats It...In One Go‏

You leave the internet for 15 minutes, and this is what happens.

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

NSFW: Russian Hiker Performs Surgery on Himself, Internet Throws Up‏

If you're in any way squeamish, you should probably stay away from this post...

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