dog with 3d printed legs

This Tale Of A Husky With 3D Printed Legs Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Meet Derby: the heartwarming husky whose dream of running came true

Will Gadd taking on Helmcken Falls in British Columbia, Canada. Photo: Red Bull

This Guy Conquered The World's Toughest Ice Climb... And The Footage Will Leave You Stunned

Will Gadd took an eight-hour climb to beat the Helmcken Falls in Canada

quote 3

23 Epic Movie Quotes To Shout Before Jumping Out Of A Plane

Here's how Hollywood can help skydivers look even more awesome in the air...

space coat 1

Will This Space Inspired Jacket Revolutionise Outdoors Wear?

One small step for man, one incredibly expensive coat for mankind

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.07.25

A 45ft Free Fall And The Biggest Loop-The-Loop Ever: Would You Ride This Crazy New Water Slide?

The gigantic 'SkyCalibre V2' is set to break three world records when it opens next year

welcome to union glacier

This Stunning Mini Film Will Make You Want To Sack In The Day Job & Move To Antarctica

If you didn't want to live in Antarctica before, you will after watching this amazing documentary...

insane crash

This Road Cyclist Just Escaped The Most Horrific Accident

How the hell did he manage to dodge that one?

An archery challenge

Swords, Arrows & Catapulting Onions: This is Orienteering, But Not as You Know It...

This new event is pretty crazy


Ever Heard of 'Wingsuit Rodeo'? This Is Skydiving With A Crazy New Twist

Jumping out of plane just isn't enough for some people... This video is mad!

total wave workout surfing snowboarding

Ever Wanted To Go Surfing In The Comfort Of Your Own Home? Now You Can…

This could be the most ridiculous invention ever

alex schulz china slacklining record

Would You Walk The Length of 4 Football Pitches, 100m Above A Small Chinese Town?

This crazy world record attempt almost ended in disaster...

paragliding harley davidson

This Crazy Guy Went Paragliding On A Harley Davidson Over The Utah Desert

Who said Harleys don't have wings?

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.49.19

This Brutal Video Shows What Happens When World-Record Car Jumps Go Horribly Wrong

He attempted the longest ramp jump of all time... and ended up in a mind-blowing crash

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 17.07.27

It’s Flying With a Parachute and an Enormous Motor Strapped to Your Back. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We learnt to fly through the air... in Swindon


Is A 'Weather Bomb' About To Explode In The UK?

The Met Office issues warnings across the UK


Could This North Face Jacket Make Down Obsolete?

This latest piece of North Face kit is impressive...

parkour fall pipe breaks

The Brutal Video Shows What Happens When Parkour Goes Horribly Wrong...

This will make you feel a little sick...

snake smiling eaten alive

Remember That Guy Who Was Being Eaten Alive By A Giant Snake? The Footage Is Finally Here…

'It's about to break my arm!'


This Brutal Video Shows What Happens When BASE Jumping Goes Disastrously Wrong

This really is the stuff of nightmares...

Space Net 1

This Crazy 'Spacenet' Will Be Every BASE Jumper's Dream... And Everyone Else's Nightmare

This hand-woven net let's you leap from a net hanging sketchily over a canyon in Moab

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