This ‘Window Jump’ Parkour Edit Is Absolute Madness... How Did He Not End Up In Hospital?

Every time a door closes, a window opens. Then this crazy Slovenian dude jumps through it!


This Terrifying Footage Shows A Monster Fish Eating A Shark In One Bite

Ever heard of a Goliath Grouper? It's a weirdly big fish that'll probably give you nightmares


What Do You Get When You Combine Rock Climbing And Sex? This Video Is Hilarious!

This NSFW video shows you the crazy hybrid sport that's sweeping the continent

cloud 2

These Guys Are Selling A Weather Storm You Can Put In Your Bedroom… But It’ll Cost You £2,200…

'Why does it always rain on me?' Because you bought an indoor storm cloud

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 12.03.33

This Daredevil Climbed To The Edge Of A Volcano… To Roast Some Marshmallows

Remember toasting marshmallows on your sh*tty camping stove? This guy owns you forever

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.16.46

This Horrifying Video Shows That Even Tiny Avalanches Can Be Fatal

This unnerving footage shows why you shouldn’t go out snowmobiling alone…

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.31.43

'It Was Like Witnessing A Friends Suicide': This Giant Kayak Drop Is Brutal

This pro Kayaker went chasing waterfalls, not sticking to the rivers and the lakes he was used to


Ever Seen A Snowmobile Ride Through An Epic Explosion? We Didn't Think So...

One lake, one explosion, and some badass snowmobile slow-mo... This video is unreal!


What Happens When Things Go Wrong On ‘The Fastest Boat On Earth’? Not What You'd Expect...

You won't believe this GoPro footage from the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane racing boat...


This Guy Plans To Jump The American Border… Strapped To A Homemade, Steam-Powered Rocket

Meet Mad Mike, the limo driver and part time daredevil whose craft will carry him at 350mph*

front flip

This BASE Jumper Attempted NINE Front Flips On One Short Jump... And Actually Pulled It Off

One radio tower, two crazy stuntmen, two GoPros and nine front flips. This is absolutely insane!

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 17.00.10

This Horrifying Parkour Edit Is The Scariest We’ve Ever Seen…

This Dying Light inspired Free Running edit will give you nightmares...


This Old School Bus Was Ready For The Dump… Until This Couple Transformed It Into An Amazing Mobile Home

#VanLife has never looked as luxurious as this...

kite surfing jumps off 900m cliff

This Guy Jumped Off A 900m Cliff With Only A Small Kite To Break His Fall…

Kite surfing off a giant cliff isn't something people do every day...


Tied Up and On My Back: What's It Like To Be a Rock Climbing Virgin?

'I'd never really thought about bondage before...'


What Happens When A Kangaroo Attacks A Drone? Exactly What You’d Expect...

We can confidently state that David Attenborough never had to put up with sh*t like this

GONDOLA base jump

$10,000 Worth Of Damage And A Lot Of P*ssed Off Police: These Guys Went Illegally BASE Jumping From A Gondola

At least he had the correct lift pass though...

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 16.06.27

Are You A Born Explorer? Then This Short Space Film Is An Absolute Must Watch…

'Shoot For The Moon' is the short film that'll speak to your inner adventurer


What In The World Are The 'Pillars of Creation'? These NASA Photographs Will Leave You Stunned

Who needs the X-Factor? This how a star is really born... And it's absolutely incredible!

sniper rifle

This Guy Uncorked A Champagne Bottle... With A .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

Thought you were cool when you opened a beer with a ten pound note? Think again...

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