‘Was The Pilot On The P*ss Last Night?’ 15 Terrifying Thoughts Every Nervous Flyer Has During Take Off

If flying gives you the FEAR, you're not alone.

Photo: Ice/Linda Hall.

How To Climb Mountains: Victorian Style

15 ways to impersonate a Victorian mountaineer.


These Guys Thought They Found Alien Life... The Reality Is Much More Worrying

The story behind the extraterrestrial video is truly heartbreaking

Photo: Wall321.

Bear Grylls, Heston Blumenthal And Wilson The Volleyball: The 9 Best People To Be Stuck On An Island With

Six dudes, two girls, and one volleyball. This is the dream team.

Japan experienced a solar eclipse in 2012

The 10 Best Places to Watch Friday's Eclipse. Number 5 Will Get You a Zillion Likes on Instagram...

It hasn't happened for 16 years. Where will you watch it from?


7 Photographers You’re Guaranteed to Meet While Travelling

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Oru Kayak 2.

This Is The World's First Origami Kayak, And It Folds Away Into Your Backpack

The art of paper folding just got a whole lot more awesome.

Northern Stargazer.

The Penis Invader, the Sea Vampire and the Flesh-Eating Catfish: 10 Fish You’d Never Want as Pets

These blood sucking, penis swimming, sea monsters are not your average Nemo.

Photo: Bennett Lee / YouTube

What The F*ck Is Happening Here?

This is one of the strangest adventure videos we've ever seen

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What the Hell Is Freestyle Ice Skating? Mpora Investigates This Secretive New Sport

Do you know your 'Venereal Stalls' from your 'Blutos?' This is one of the strangest sports we've ever seen...

Photo: Sebastien Ross.

This Viral #EarthPorn Video Of Canada Is The Most Beautiful Thing You'll See This Week

If you liked 'Into The Wild' you'll fall in love with this


Sick Of The City? Terrified Of Never Owning A House? Now You Can Win One With A Mountain View, Simply By Writing An Essay

This might just be the most important piece of homework you'll ever do...

Photo Montage:

Now You Can Explore Mt. Everest From The Comfort of Your Own Office Chair

Forget the crampons, oxygen masks, and infamous pile of human poo. Now you can defeat Everest with the click of a mouse


Is The US About To See An Invasion Of Stoner Rabbits?

Watership Down would have been a very different film with these pot loving carrot munchers in it

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How Do You 'Warm Up' For Setting Fire To Yourself And Jumping Off A Nine Story Building? Like This...

Our current favourite Russian madman is at it again


These Freerunners Grew Up in a War Zone. The Way They Deal With It Is Inspirational

'We want to do a lot of things and we dream a lot.'


Greatest Timelapse Ever? This stunning Austria edit will make you want to go there more than any ad campaign ever could

Thought Austria was a bit boring? Think again

Photo: screengrab / designboom vimeo

Love #VanLife? This Guy Turned An Old Ford Falcon Into A Tank... And He’s Using It To Make The World A Better Place

The 'Weapon Of Mass Instruction' is the brainchild of an Argentinian artist who wants to expand your mind.

train surfers

These Guys Went Train Surfing... On The Back Of A Carriage Travelling 90km/h

Have you seen the potentially fatal new craze going viral in New Zealand? The footage is mad...

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Is This The Future Of Flight? This Incredible-Looking Airplane Is Flying Round The World But It's Carrying No Fuel at All

The cockpit is tiny. And the most random thing they've packed? UGG boots

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