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It’s Flying With a Parachute and an Enormous Motor Strapped to Your Back. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

We learnt to fly through the air... in Swindon


Is A 'Weather Bomb' About To Explode In The UK?

The Met Office issues warnings across the UK


Could This North Face Jacket Make Down Obsolete?

This latest piece of North Face kit is impressive...

parkour fall pipe breaks

The Brutal Video Shows What Happens When Parkour Goes Horribly Wrong...

This will make you feel a little sick...

snake smiling eaten alive

Remember That Guy Who Was Being Eaten Alive By A Giant Snake? The Footage Is Finally Here…

'It's about to break my arm!'


This Brutal Video Shows What Happens When BASE Jumping Goes Disastrously Wrong

This really is the stuff of nightmares...

Space Net 1

This Crazy 'Spacenet' Will Be Every BASE Jumper's Dream... And Everyone Else's Nightmare

This hand-woven net let's you leap from a net hanging sketchily over a canyon in Moab

Photo: Clinton Bambach

Great White Shark Spotted In Australian Lake

And you thought you were safe inland...

are you eating plastic for dinner

This Shocking Video Shows Why Plastic Is Killing The Planet Right Now

Due to currents in the Pacific Ocean, a new continent has been born: a mass of plastic waste the size of Europe


This Man Was Eaten Alive By A Giant Snake. We Asked Him Why...

Paul Rosolie's answer will amaze you...


These Incredible Cyber Monday Deals* Are Literally Unbelievable

*5 deals that are clearly too good to be true

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Is Full Contact Sky Diving Real or Fake? Either Way, It's Certainly Stupid

The first rule of flight cub is...

northern light scientifantastic

This Stunning Footage Will Make You Want To See The Northern Lights

Greenland and Iceland never looked so good

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The Drone Footage Of This Abandoned City Will Leave You Absolutely Stunned

The Ukranian city of Prypiat was abandoned 28 years ago after a nuclear disaster nearby...

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This Hollywood Stuntman Just Dropped An Air Bag Edit That's Flippin' Mad

From the gymastic Englishman you didn't know was in your favourite summer blockbuster...

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This Ken Block Gymkhana Parody Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen In Weeks

Crazy carts, gorillas and fighting against the law... Ken Box is our new favourite person

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From Cycling The World To Rowing The Arctic... We Talk Adventure With Mark Beaumont

“It’s kind of surprised me how much my take on adventure has changed through the years"

Flavio Cernescu

This Crazy Dude Climbed Up A 900ft Chimney – With No Ropes!

We've honestly never seen a video that gave us Vertigo quite like this...

Mine Shafted

Oh Sh*t! This Dirt Biker Was Inches Away From Death

Heart-pounding GoPro footage of a very near miss

Picture: Jason Paul ... Buy here:

Parkour Porn: This Naked London Photo Shoot Will Leave You Stunned

Freerunners Tim Shieff and Jason Paul team up for a gallery like nothing you've seen before...

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