seagull steals gopro

Here’s The Hilarious Moment A Seagull Flew Off With A GoPro...

This is one video you definitely need to SEAGULL to believe... Sorry


Miracle Escape: This Teenage Girl Survived A Plane Crash, But What She Did Next is Even More Remarkable...

An incredible story of survival in the remote wilderness of Washington State

Photo: YouTube

This Viral Footage Of The Icelandic Fog Waterfall is One of the Eeriest Things You’ll Ever See

Is this a future set for Game of Thrones?

Photo: GoPro

GoPro Just Released A New Ultra-Light, Ultra-Small Action Camera... And The Internet Is Going Mad‏

Meet the tiny waterproof cube which is probably going to be on your Christmas list...


U.S Authorities Just Made The Most Hilariously Creepy Firework Safety Video Of All Time

Watch mannequins get blown to bits in this ridiculous health and safety demo...


Watch An 11-Year-Old Girl Rip Her Own Tooth Out...With A Crossbow

This kid is way too gnarly to spend her time sitting around in a dentist's waiting room.


NOPE! Stuntman Damien Walters Nails First Ever ‘Hold and Release’ Bungee Jump

No harness, no problem... You'd have to be pretty f*cking stupid to give this a try at home

Amber Pangborn Credit: CBS

Alone In A Forest, Miles From Civilisation, With No Phone Reception And Bees Attacking You…Is This The Gnarliest Birth Story Ever?

After a birth like that, this child is surely destined to be a super hero

waterfall of fire

Watch: Here’s The Amazing 'Waterfall of Fire' That’s Sent The Rest of the World Into Meltdown

Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to...


These Guys Worked Out It'd Cost $23,400,000,000,000 To Create A Real Life Jurassic World. Here's Why...

Medical costs to cover a really miffed T.rex not included...

homemade human sligshot accident

Here’s What Happens When A Home Made Human Sling Shot Goes Horribly Wrong...

The tension in this video is literally too much...

car 1

Watch: Crazy American Nails First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip

We have literally no idea how this guy didn't end up in hospital...

Airplanes fly through a barn Red Bull Barnstorming

‘One Mistake and We Hit a Building at 185mph.’ These Two Pilots Just Flew Through a Barn... Less Than 3m Apart

Is this the most outrageous aerobatic stunt ever?


Watch These Guys Annihilate This Crazy South American Obstacle Course

School sports day never looked like this...


Star Wars Fans Rejoice: Speeder Bikes Are Becoming A Reality...

Using the force these Hungarian inventors have just created a working prototype...

luxury tank

Ever Wanted To Look Like A Supervillain? Here’s The Luxury Tank To Get You Started

All you need to get your hands on one is a questionable sense of morality, and a winning lottery ticket...


This Adventurer Made A Video About His Dying Dog, But That Wasn’t The Really Sad Part…

See the award winning film that’s melting the internet’s heart

Mount Kinabalu earthquake naked 1

Malaysian Authorities Are Blaming Nude Photos For An Earthquake That Killed 16 People

“Whether others believe this or not, it’s what we believe. The earthquake was confirmation."

Tree houses of instagram

The 21 Most Incredible Tree Houses On Instagram

These stunning tree houses will make you wish you were actually there

2660 Mile Time-Lapse - Andy Davidhazy

Here's The Viral Time-Lapse Of A Hiker Walking 2600 Miles...In Just Four Minutes

Andy Davidhazy took a photo of his own face every 1600 metres...for five months.

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