thomas leveritt suncream

This Shocking Video Shows Why You Need To Wear Suncream

'If I could offer you one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.'

Duct Tape Surfing

Remember This Amazing Duct Tuct Surfing Video ? Catch This Plus More At The International Ocean Film Festival

Love the ocean? You won't want to miss this..

dick van dyke saved by porpoises

Dolphins, Dogs and Dick Van Dyke – These Dramatic Rescue Tales Are Absolutely Insane!

Why do people keep falling asleep at sea?

shark week infographic

These Shocking Stats May Change Your Views On Sharks Forever

Shark vs. man: which is the biggest ocean killer?


This Kayaker Slams Hard On The Rocks, But What She Does Next Is Totally Bizarre...

What was this girl thinking?

acton rocketskates

These Rollerblades Are Powered By Rockets – And They Still Look Incredibly Shit!

Are these the ugliest creations known to man?


This Heartless Hiker Just Kicked a Squirrel Into the Grand Canyon

Warning: Some readers may find this video shocking

remus shark cam

What Happens When You Try Filming Great White Sharks In The Wild? This Will Make You Jump!

Another reason not to piss off a great white shark on his home turf...

world's largest urban zipwire

These Guys Jump Off The World's Largest Urban Zip Wire... And Then This Happens!

Fancy hucking yourself off an 800ft wire above Panama City?


Funhouse Friday: When Assassin's Creed Comes To Life, The Results Are Ridiculously Spectacular

Holy shit this is cool!


This Six Year Old Can Flatten His Body To Rollerskate Under 39 Cars!

His flexibility is off the hook...

When kayaking goes really, really wrong

This Brutal Video Shows What Happens When Kayaking Goes Wrong. Really, Really Wrong...

Oh my god these slams are so nasty!


This Crazy Climbing Wall Office Could Transform Your Boring Desk Job For Good

This could make any desk job a whole lot more exciting.

barefoot waterskiing behind a plane

Barefoot Waterskiing Behind A Plane With Chicks In Bikinis – This Video Is The Best Thing You'll Watch Today!

Planes are good for more than just taking you places... Check out these insane videos!

broken femur

Gnarly Crashes Make Mental X-Rays - And YOURS Are Off The Scale!!

Grossed Out By Last Week's Gnarly X-Rays? Our Readers Sent In More – And They're Not For The Faint Hearted...

drowning in the sea RNLI

167 People Died At the Seaside Last Year, But The Biggest Killer Was One You'd Never Expect...

New study shows that action sports aren't the biggest coastal killer

Boy Jumps Into Pool

Crazy Kid Jumps Off A Five Storey Building Into A Swimming Pool

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series took place last weekend - with guys jumping from a 27 metre platform. Photo: Romina Amato/Red Bull Cliff Diving

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series: The Biggest Amateur Wins And Fails

Watch the best and the worst amateur copycats give it a go...


What's More Dangerous Than BASE Jumping? Cows And Champagne Corks, Apparently!

You're twice as likely to die under a falling vending machine than BASE jumping


Skydiving In A Kayak?! This Guy Is Crazy!

Miles Daisher definitely knows how to shake things up a bit!

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