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waterfall of fire

Watch: Here’s The Amazing 'Waterfall of Fire' That’s Sent The Rest of the World Into Meltdown

Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to...

Amazing Animals

A Mysterious ‘Sea Monster’ Just Washed Up In Russia And The World Is Losing Its Mind

What exactly is it, and where did it come from?

claudio course
Mountain Biking

“I'M GOING SIDEWAAAAAYS!“ - Here's the Super Speedy Swiss Trail Hosting The Downhill World Cup This Weekend‏

Claudio Caluori just blitzed down the crazy course in Lenzerheide... Could you ride this?

Photo: Zimbio

10 Seriously Strange Sports From Around the World That You Need To See To Believe...

Have you ever tried kickflipping a barstool? Or fighting a can of Kung Fu soup?

Wings And Chutes

This Heart-Stopping Wingsuit Video From Uli Emanuele Is Absolutely Incredible

He flies into a two metre wide gap in some rocks...and survives.

troy brosnan
Mountain Biking

It’s Easy To See Why This MTB Edit Is Being Hailed As The Best Thing To Come Out Of Whistler This Year

Style, speed and sideways soaring in the mountains of British Columbia...

harry main

BMX Superstar Harry Main Just Celebrated Returning From Broken Bones In Epic Style...

The British trick-machine is back and looking better than ever!


These Guys Escaped The Summer Heat... By Jumping from An 82 Foot Cliff

Trampolines, summer sun, and nosebleedingly high cliffs...

Wings And Chutes

Totally Addicted To BASE: One Man’s Relationship With The World's Most Dangerous Sport

What drives someone to risk life and limb on a regular basis?

vitto 1
Road Cycling

This 10-Time World Record Breaker Just Made An Insane Parkour Edit... On A Road Bike

Trial cycling ace Vittorio Brumotti just made road bikes cool... Seriously!

Amazing Animals

Why Are Thousands of Japanese Women Falling In Love With A Gorilla?

Most gorillas are happy playing in a tyre, but this Silverback is playing the field...

The Cosmos

Time To Panic? A Giant Black Hole Has Just Woken Up…And It’s Feasting On A Star

This "monster", discovered by space scientists, will make you feel insignificant.

Hammerhead shark spear fishing

Here’s How You Fend Off A Hungry Hammerhead Shark With A Spear‏

What to do you do when you see a shark circling your boat? Jump in of course...

Mountain Biking

Have These Guys Just Discovered the Best Mountain Bike Flow Trail Ever Made?

C-list rapper Flo Rida has nothing on these guys...

Photo: iStockPhoto

Here's Why This Powder-Heavy Ski Film Is Making Social Media Users Angry

This is Tamashii - which literally translates as 'no concept of irony'

Road Cycling

Shamed Cyclist Lance Armstrong Set For Shock Return To Tour de France This Year‏

"He's done enough damage" - critics hit out as Armstrong set to return for two stages

The Cosmos

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Space Phenomenon Is Happening Tonight. Here’s How You Can See It...

Tonight's your chance to see Jupiter and Venus like you never have before

Amazing Animals

These Incredible Underwater Wildlife Photos Will Show You How Different Life Is Beneath The Surface

Stunning split-surface snaps prove, once and for all, that there's two-sides to every story.

Multi Sport

This Graphic Designer Has Invented A Helmet...That Looks Exactly Like Your Head

Could this wacky idea for protective headgear actually save people's lives?


No Snowboards Allowed: Ski-Only Resort In Utah Is Going To Court To Defend Board Ban

"...The Constitution neither recognises nor protects a right to snowboard."

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