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Cecil The Lion Online Reactions Angry
Amazing Animals

Man Murders Lion, Internet Loses Its Shit: The Most Outraged Reactions to #CecilTheLion

All the celebrities are getting involved...including what's-her-face from Jersey Shore.

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Road Cycling

Swimming Pools, Treadmills and Terrifying Drops: This Could Be The Craziest Road Bike Edit We’ve Ever Seen

Vittorio Brumotti's insane road bike skills are like nothing you've seen before...


When Kelly Slater Calls a Wave the Best Ever, You Need to Stop What You’re Doing and Watch It…

Here's the monster wave that has the world's greatest surfer waxing lyrical

Mountain Biking

This Eye-Opening Feature Shows The Shocking Intensity Behind Professional Mountain Biking

Ever wondered what goes through Brandon Semenuk's head when he's inverted 40ft in the air?

Best Survival Gadgets: lifestraw

10 of the Best Survival Gadgets For All Your Outdoor Needs

These genius survival gadgets could just save your life...

essential survival gear: survival knife

10 Essential Pieces of Survival Gear You Should Always Carry

Going on an adventure? Here's the survival gear you should never leave without...

Indian Trains

10 Terrible, Terrible Transport Types Every Traveller Has Experienced in Asia

“If you don’t get a stranger's naked penis resting casually on your shoulder, consider yourself lucky.”

Kim Jong Un Surfing North Korea

Surfing Is About To Become A Thing In The World’s Most Infamous Country

Would you be happy riding waves under the watchful eye of Kim Jong-Un?

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Amazing Animals

Monster 7 Foot Fish Hauled From The Deep By A Stand Up Paddle Boarder

He still told his mates in the pub it was 8 foot


Surfer Rides Monster Barrel Holding A Drone, Then Throws It Into The Air Like A Boss

Would you ride one of the world's deadliest waves with rotor blades buzzing next to your face?

The Cosmos

This NASA Footage Of A Tablet Being Dissolved In Zero Gravity Is Weirdly Hypnotic

Prepare to have your mind a tablet getting dissolved in water.

Conservation projects: rescuing sea turtles

Gap Year Conservation Projects: Everything You Need To Know

Want to work on a conservation project on your gap year? Read this essential advice first

surfer slam teahupoo

Incredible or Terrifying? These Monster Teahupo’o Waves are Dividing The Internet...

It's easy to see why footage of surfer's slamming in these monster waves is going viral...

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Road Cycling

Protests In Canada After Three Topless Sisters Are Forced To Cover Up By Police

Were police right to stop these topless sisters from cycling on a summers day?


Meet Dean Dunbar, The Blind Paddler Who's Just Surfed 30 Miles To The UK Without Seeing A Thing

This stunning tale of adventure against all odds could change your life forever...


Essential Outdoor Survival Guide - Everything You Need To Know

An introduction to everything you need to know about outdoor survival.

Mountain Biking

New York City Open First Asphalt Pump Track In North America... And Drop A Sick Edit To Mark The Launch

Claudio Caluori and others christens NYC's latest tourist attraction in some awesome footage!

Road Cycling

Watch: Man Mountain Picks Up Car Illegally Parked Across Cycle Lane

We're glad this super cyclist is on our team...

Road Cycling

Watch: Tour de France Cyclist Steals Fan’s Beer and Downs it Mid-Race

...because you've not done the TdF properly unless you've necked a beer in Alpe d'Huez


Watch: Nitro Circus Send 10 Ton Truck Off 160ft Jump… And Set a New World Record

Here's the Nitro Circus co-founder taking a giant truck over a giant gap...

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