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Amazing Animals

This Snake Thought It Had An Easy Meal When It Took On A Rabbit... It Was Very Wrong

Watch this angry mother transform into Bruce Lee when the reptile goes for her babies...

Amazing Animals

What Should You Do If You See A Moose Swimming In A Lake? Anything But This...

The internet is is furious with this Canadian, and it's not hard to see why...

Natural Wonders

Watch This Amazing #EarthPorn Volcano Footage And Wonder Why Your Geography Lessons Didn’t Look Like This

This 4K footage of this Chilean Stratovolcano eruption is the most beautiful think you'll see all week...


Holy Sh*t! Jackson Strong Nails Unbelievable World First Trick On A Motorcycle

Watch this Aussie FMX rider nail this 'Never Been Done' trick... and take a beating doing It


15 Pictures Of People With Hilariously Bad Action Cam Style

Sponsored feature: POV angles may be paramount but that doesn't mean you need to look like a moron!

Photo: Visir

Group “Beats The F*cking Sh*t“ Out Of Pro Skater Bam Margera At Icelandic Music Festival

The TV Jackass was left battered and bruised after a long-standing feud erupted into violence‏

Neo Nazis put an end to the City Downhill mountain bike stop in Bratislava on 20 June...    Photo: Bernardo Cruz/Screenshot
Mountain Biking

Here’s The Moment Masked Neo Nazis Broke Up A City Downhill Mountain Bike Race

Hundreds detained after protests in Bratislava caused urban downhill to be cancelled


When This Skier Lost His iPhone 6 In The Powder Of Japan He Thought It Was Gone Forever... And Then This Happened

Here’s the story of the skiier and the lost iPhone that will restore your faith in humanity

homemade human sligshot accident

Here’s What Happens When A Home Made Human Sling Shot Goes Horribly Wrong...

The tension in this video is literally too much...

Amazing Animals

Watch The Moment 100 Sharks Turned A North Carolina Beach Into Their Dinner

When some fishermen went out to catch their dinner, they didn't expect to see this.

car 1

Watch: Crazy American Nails First Ever Monster Truck Front Flip

We have literally no idea how this guy didn't end up in hospital...


This Texas Water Slide Is Shaped Like A Ski Jump…And You’ll Definitely Want To Try It

It's not hard to see why this wet and wild video has got 1.5 million views in just 2 days

The Cosmos

Breathtaking Photos Of The Night Sky Will Remind You How Wonderful The World Can Be

These contest-winning photographs are genuinely incredible.

Photo: AP/Humane Society International
Amazing Animals

Ricky Gervais Looking To Bring An End To Chinese Festival Which Kills 10,000 Dogs Per Year‏

"They believe torturing the dog makes the meat tastier. They beat them, burn them, skin & boil them alive."

Amazing Animals

Warning: This Video Of A Giant Winged Insect Being Pulled From A Man’s Ear Will Make You Sick


cycling cereal
Road Cycling

Road Cyclist Confronts Driver For Eating Breakfast Cereal At The Wheel

The (break)fast and the furious... Was this cyclist right to turn vigilante?


No Way Out: We Went To South London And Got Locked In A Room...For Fun

All over the world, people are ditching computer games for interactive puzzle experiences.

Here’s What Happens When You Try Jump A Hipster Bike Down A Set of Stairs

Here’s What Happens When You Try To Jump A Hipster Bike Down A Set of Stairs

This guy ended up with broke bones, a snapped artisan baguette, and several scratched Neil Young records when his fixie failed on the stairs...

Mountain Biking

Here's A Ten-Year-Old Mountain Biker Stomping A 30ft Step-Down Road Gap...

Bodhi Kuhn may be young, but he's very, very good at mountain biking...

Credit: iStock/Olaser
Road Cycling

10 Shocking Statistics To Help You Win Any Argument About Cycling‏

22, 998 cycling accidents happen on the roads every year. That's more than 12 per day...

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