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This Guy Jumped In the Water During A Shark Feeding Frenzy to Ride on a Dead Whale

The 26 year old Australian's mum says he's an idiot...

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This Amazing Plane Transforms Into A Fishing Boat And Lets You Camp Out Under The Stars

Is it a fishing boat? Is it a tent? Is it a plane? No, it's all three...

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This GoPro Video Gives You A Whole New Perspective On BASE Jumping

This is gymnastics at terminal velocity

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Win Tickets to the Premiere of Days of My Youth: 'The Best Ski Film This Year'

This movie is going to be epic

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This Guy Walked Between These 179m High Towers. On A High Wire. With No Safety Net. Blindfolded

35 year old Nik Wallender is an absolute nutcase, and that's why we love him

Jackal - Sharpie - Connor Charland
Road Cycling

18 Custom-Painted Bikes That Redefine Awesome

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Want To See What It Looks Like To Snowboard Like A Pro? Let Tim Humphreys Turn Your World Upside Down

Are you dizzy, Bruv?

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How To... Pull A Sickie

Work getting in the way of surfing this week? Here are our tips on playing hooky properly

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How To... Get A Job In The Surf Industry

It's f*cking hard, but it's not impossible...


The Evolution of the Bicycle

Mpora take a look at the historic progression of the two-wheeled ride...

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Multi Sport

When Horses Get Involved In Action Sports… These Videos Are Hilarious

Just when you thought Roller Blading couldn't get any shitter...

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When BASE Jumping With Travis Pastrana Goes Real Bad Real Fast...

Brandon Lillard bails hard when jumping in the latest episode of Pastrana's 'Action Figures'

how not to die pat moore snowboarder

How Not To Die... On A Snowboard | With Pat Moore

We speak to legend Pat Moore about dodging an early demise while snowboarding


The Best Use Of A Drone Yet? This 60mph Flying Defibrillator Could Save Thousands From Cardiac Arrest…

The ambulance drone aims to increase heart-attack survivals rates from eight percent to eighty

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Someone Sent Us This Video of an 'Epic Dubstep Snail Race'... And It's Hilarious

WTF? This has to be seen to be believed


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Vans x Crossfire Halloween Massacre

Road Cycling

It’s Designed By Ferrari And Could Be The Most Expensive Bike We’ve Ever Seen…

You won't believe how much it cost...

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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Reveals What Drives Him to Explore, And It's Seriously Inspiring

This awesome video will make you want to quit real life and go on an adventure

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David Attenborough’s* Documentary About Getting Shitfaced and Poaching Hot Tubs After Skiing Is Hilarious

*This is Attenborough, right?

Trail Zombie

This Is What Happens When Zombies Take Over MTB Trails…

Watch the Riding Dead shred from beyond the grave

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