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giant splinter feautured
Road Cycling

So Much Nope: Brutal Crash Leaves 8cm Splinter Embedded in Arm of Road Cyclist

Cuban badass completely unfazed by giant splinter in her arm... She's hard as nails!

gap year travel on a bus gap year travel advice

Taking A Gap Year: Everything You Need to Know

Planning a gap year? Here's a guide to the basics to get you started...

Photo: inthesnow

These Guys Want To Build A $31 Million Snowdome In One Of The Hottest Countries In The World

Snow will be falling on Oman next year. Yep, you did read that right

teen free hangs 2000ft
Rock Climbing

Watch: Teenager Hangs Free Above Terrifying 2,000ft Death Drop

Legend or idiot? Decide for yourself...


'It Was Me Or The Shark': Mick Fanning Tells CNN How He Escaped The World’s Most Famous Shark Attack

24 Hours Later, Mick Fanning talks about THAT shark attack that happened live on TV

telegraph pole thomas team sky
Road Cycling

Brutal Tour de France Crash Sees Team Sky Rider Hurl Head First into Telegraph Pole

Geraint Thomas took a horrible hit on a pole after a nudge from an out-of-control rider...


Watching Surf Videos Played At The Wrong Speed Is Seriously Trippy

Have we been watching all surfing videos at the wrong speed until now?


A Teaser Trailer For The Ski Film ‘Passenger’ Has Dropped...And It's Genuinely Spectacular

If this doesn't inspire you to book next year's ski trip, nothing will.

Photo: Frode Sandbech / Vimeo
Rock Climbing

Watch: Crazy Climber Dangles One-Handed off Bottom of Olympic Ski Jump

Would you go rock climbing on the outside of an Olympic ski jump?

utah mountain bike vid
Mountain Biking

Watch: Mountain Biker Dropping Cliffs in Utah Will Make Your Jaw Drop Forever

Here's what happens when a skier tries to make a freeride mountain bike edit...

Explosion building

Watch: Stunning Drone Footage Shows Demolition of Giant Hotel in Detroit

...because who doesn't love watching a historic landmark getting blown to bits?

Photo: WSL / YouTube

Pro Surfer Survives A Shark Attack Live On TV, And The Internet Reacts Like This...

Mick Fanning’s shark punch-up has become global news... so obviously it instantly became a meme

bike trials
Mountain Biking

Bombs, Blood and Giant Bunny Hops: Here's The Badass Bike Edit That's Gone Super Viral

This is what happens when you take on 1000 years of history on two-wheels...

guy has bike stolen, steals it back
Road Cycling

Watch: Man Has His Bike Stolen, Finds It Online... And Steals It Back In Hilarious Style

Here's the P.O.V footage that shows what it looks like to get revenge on a bike thief...


Here’s The Caravan That Could Make The Worst Office Job Ever…Amazing

This is the perfect office for people who love adventure and the great outdoors.

Young Girls Cheer Christopher Froome at the Tour de France
Road Cycling

Shocking: Heckler Covers Chris Froome in Urine During Stage of Tour de France

Are the French media to blame for the spitting and p*ss-throwing directed at Team Sky?


Pro Surfer Is Attacked By A Shark Live On TV

Mick Fanning had to fight off a Great White during the finals of a contest in South Africa

Mountain Biking

Brutal Footage From Megavalanche Proves It's The Craziest Event On The Sporting Calendar

Nothing but chaos, crashes, and mountain bike carnage...on ice.

Amazing Animals

Watch: Circus Elephants Break Free From Captivity And Take Revenge On Human Overlords

Here's another reason why wild animals don't belong in the circus...

basketball effect fly 4

Because Science: This Flying Basketball Is Making The Internet Self-Implode

There’s a scientific law that can make basketballs fly... Here it is in action

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