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Mountain Biking

Watch: Man Takes On “The World’s Most Dangerous Mountain Bike Trail“...And Survive‏s

This trail is crazy high, crazy narow, and dangerous with a capital D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S...

Road Cycling

These Road Cyclists Want You To Sponsor Them As They Crowd Fund A Medical Cannabis Trial

These Cancer busting cyclists are taking on three countries, and 420km in just three days...

Amazing Animals

Warning: This Back Garden Bear Attack Makes For Genuinely Distressing Viewing‏

If you make it through this video without wincing, you're a lot stronger than us...

Amazing Animals

What Are These Weird Purple Blobs Taking Over San Francisco Bay?

Believe it or not, they aren't aliens from another planet.


Star Wars Fans Rejoice: Speeder Bikes Are Becoming A Reality...

Using the force these Hungarian inventors have just created a working prototype...

Awkward Family Photo

The 27 Most Awkward Holiday Photos In The History Of The World

Here's why you should never agree to have your photo taken.


Win Tickets For You And A Friend For NASS Festival!

You could be joining Tony Hawk, Aaron 'Jaws' Homoki, Public Enemy, Enter Shikari and more at this year's NASS festival with our ticket give away

The Environment

‘Her Entire Hand is Gone’ - Two Teenagers Lose Limbs in Horrific Double Shark Attack

Frantic 911 calls reveal witnesses’ horror as tragedy strikes the beaches of North Carolina

Bikini Cycling
Road Cycling

These Bikini-Clad ‘Podium Girls’ Caused An Internet Sh*tstorm At A Women’s Cycling Race. Here's How...

Chris Froome just found himself photoshopped right into the centre of a cycling bikini-scandal

We've Uncovered 10 All New Secret Surf Spots... Using Google Earth

How to hunt for waves in the digital age

Multi Sport

10 Action Cam Videos That Broke the Internet

Sponsored feature: These mind-melting viral videos were all made using the simplest user-friendly kit

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Road Cycling

Disgusting “Vigilantes“ Are Hospitalising Cyclists With Trip-Wires Across Britain‏

Man breaks collarbone after triggering booby trap in third trip-wire incident in two weeks

Mountain Biking

Here's Scientific* Proof That Mountain Bikers Make The Best Lovers

*When we say 'Scientific'...

Amazing Animals

Remember The Weasel And The Woodpecker? Well, This Raccoon Riding An Alligator Photo Just Took Things Up A Level

This might just be the greatest thing a raccoon has ever done.

Mountain Biking

The World's Best Mountain Biker Just Dropped A Fire-Breathing Film Trailer...

Into the darkness: here's the cinematic masterpiece certain to get you stoked...


6 Pocket-Sized Micronations That You Definitely Won’t Have Heard Of

There's a self-declared micronation 7 miles off the coast of Suffolk...who knew?


Watch: Speeding Motorcyclist Does Something Really Stupid To Moving Car‏

Here's how to make everyone in the world think you're a giant d*ckhead‏

Georgia Zoo Hippo
Amazing Animals

The Capital City Of Georgia Is Being Overrun By Escaped Zoo Animals‏

Lions, bears and hippos amongst animals roaming the streets of Tbilisi.

Shark Selfie Alex Hayes Fake

This Aussie Just Snapped an Insane Selfie with a Shark. But Is It Too Good to be True…?

'I've always loved sharks' the surfer explained...

luxury tank

Ever Wanted To Look Like A Supervillain? Here’s The Luxury Tank To Get You Started

All you need to get your hands on one is a questionable sense of morality, and a winning lottery ticket...

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