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10 Shocking Truths About Drowning Every Beach Goer Should Know

If you're going near the water this summer, here's what you need to know


Should he Have Been Wearing a Helmet? This Brutal BMX Slam is Causing Quite a Stir...

No helmet, no sympathy?

Photo: NASA
The Cosmos

NASA Scientists Have Discovered Ice Covered Mountains On Pluto

Surely this awesome news for skiers enough to make Pluto a proper planet again?

Lake Silverwood. Credit: Halfway Anywhere

Want to hike the 2,660 miles from Mexico to Canada in 180 seconds? Here’s how…

A must-see video starring the trail from the movie Wild

Photo: Monster Energy / YouTube
Mountain Biking

He Broke His Neck... Now This Legend is Back With a Mountain Bike Trailer That’s Broken the Internet

Nudity, flames and massive front flips: what's not to like about the Ashes To Agassiz trailer?

Photo: National Geographic
Amazing Animals

These Scientists Went To Study A Remote Volcano... And Found Sharks Living Inside It

It sounds like the plot of a bad movie, but this is absolutely real

Gap year in Australia: surfing 2

Gap Year in Australia: Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about taking a gap year in Australia? Here's the travel guide you need to read...

Amazing Animals

'I Think I Just Sh*t Myself': See This Pod Of Humpback Whales Backflip Out Of The Water Just Metres From A Boat

Amazing footage shows 10 humpback whales appearing out of nowhere


Is This 18-Ton £600,000 Monster The Ultimate Campervan?

Os just an expensive toy for rich posers?


Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 Trailer Is Out… But Why Is the Internet So P*ssed Off About it?

'How About U Stop Crying A Fist Me'


This Video Shows How Real Snowboarders Spend Their Summer

This promo video for sunglasses is the most random thing you'll see all day...


This Bracelet Could Save Thousands of Lives a Year... And It Only Costs £45

This awesome new invention could keep you and your kids safe in the water... and revolutionise surfing


Ouch! This Guy Tried To Back Flip Off A 60-Foot Cliff...And Totally F*cked It Up

Torn abdominal ligament, busted liver, bruised lung, and a shattered sense of self-worth.

Road Cycling

“He Was Absolutely Furious” – Soldier Discovers Officer Stole His Bike After Finding It Listed on eBay

Accused military corporal could face "court martial or military prison"...

Multi Sport

15 WTF Things We Heard People Saying At NASS This Year


This Surfer Tried to Take a Shortcut Over Some Rocks... And It Went Brutally Wrong

This guy thought he'd make it into the Ocean more quickly. The ocean thought differently...

bmx vegas

Here's What Happened When Las Vegas Played Host To A Giant BMX Party

There's more to the city of sin than gambling, booze and gambling...


“Skarping” Is A Ridiculous Cross Between Fishing...Wakeboarding...And NFL

How do you make fishing less boring? Like this...apparently.

seagull steals gopro

Here’s The Hilarious Moment A Seagull Flew Off With A GoPro...

This is one video you definitely need to SEAGULL to believe... Sorry

whale rainbow
Amazing Animals

Ever Seen A Whale Fire A Rainbow Out Of Its Head? Now You Can...

Overdose of happiness: fabulous whale produces rainbow out of nowhere, internet explodes

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