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Photo: Andrew Potter

9 Breathtakingly Beautiful Places To Camp This Summer

Now this is what you call a room with a view...


Someone's Selling An Entire Skatepark On eBay!

This is seriously cool. Who's in?

woman wakeboarding dolphins

Wakeboarding With Dolphins: This Woman Is Unbelievably Lucky!

How insane is this!

falling off a skateboard at 40mph

What Happens When You Fall Off a Skateboard at 40mph...

What was this kid thinking?!?

olympic skating

Should Skateboarding Be In The Olympics?

What would it mean for skateboarding?

Photo: Jefferson Siegl/New York Daily News

These Guys BASE Jumped Off The World Trade Centre - And Now They're Facing Prison!

Three men face at least seven years in prison for their jump - but is the charge too steep?

Skater slams head huge bump on head

This Skater Slams Hard! But What Happens Next Is Not Pretty...

Protect those noggins people!


What Are The World's Top Surfers' Travel Tips?

Pro surfers Joel Parkinson, Matt Wilkinson and more impart their words of wisdom...

Chamonix Adventure Fest

Love Watching Adventure Films? Then This Is Right Up Your Street...

This year's Chamonix Adventure Festival looks set to be awesome!

cheese rolling extreme sport
Multi Sport

10 New, Alternative Or Weird Action Sports

Could this sh*t catch on?

Brad O'Neal Moto

Watch This Pro Attempt To BASE Jump FROM His Dirt Bike!

You've got to have a screw loose to want to do something this crazy...


8 Of The Strangest Surfboard Designs

From R2D2 to a penis, these sticks are pretty nuts!

Michel Lotito (aka Mr Eat It All) holds the world record for err... eating the most bikes!
Multi Sport

5 Totally Unbelievable Bike Records

From miniature wheelies to eating bikes these records are crazy!


Did That Guy Just Get Barrelled On A Skimboard?!

Prepare to be blown away

Chocolate Skateboard City Series Commercial

Most Adverts Are Shite, But Not This One...

This slick commercial from Chocolate Skateboards will make you want to go skating right now


Now That's How You Make a Music Video! Mustang Wanted Is At It Again...

This is mental!


This Baby Is Better At Climbing Than You!

He's only been on the planet for 20 months, but he's already on his way up...

Horse & Dragon Tasting Tray. It's like a beer journey, I was told. Completely sold. Photo: Nina Zietman

Bikes And Beer: Could There Be A Better Combination?

Colorado is known for two things: world-class mountain bike trails and seriously good beer. We went along to do some testing...

lochaber rescue team scotland man flip flops

Man Attempts To Climb One Of Scotland's Highest Mountains In Flip Flops!

What a numpty!

Photo: Kenzie/Magic Seaweed

Fancy Surfing At Shit Pipe? Yep, It's A Real Place...

Murderers Bay, Nutbags and Hell's Mouth are all rideable spots too!

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