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X Games Fans
Multi Sport

7 Things We Learned From Watching the X Games

One week on, here are all the best bits

Extreme Highlining

Walking Between Two Hot Air Balloons On A Rope... Plus Seven Other Mental Slackline Attempts

Heart-stopping moments guaranteed to cause sweaty palms


Exploring The Uncharted Waves Of The British Isles With Oli Adams and Micah Lester

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How to find easy waves to surf

How And Where Do You Find Easy Waves to Surf?

7 top tips to finding waves that work for your ability level

Hexo+ Autonomous Drone

Xavier De Le Rue Kickstarts World's First Autonomous Drone

Is this the future of action sports filming?

mental line bartek jaws szczeki

Holy Sh*t! This Mountain Bike Line Is The Sickest Thing We've Seen All Week!

Bartek Jaws Szczęki taking on the impossible...

Aaron Gwin, one of the riders in contention for the top spot, navigates a tunnel in the Leogang course. Photo: Laurence Crossman-Ems.

Upping the Ante in Austria

The season is really heating up

Multi Sport

Funhouse Friday: The Inner Workings of FIFA Explained

Comedy gold!

football vs. action sports
Multi Sport

You Thought Tech Jargon Was Ridiculous in Action Sports? Wait til You Hear What the Footballers Are On About...

Sketchy Trails

Scared of Heights? This Trail Looks Super Sketchy!

Fear doesn't even factor into it...

Skateboarding Meets Football

When Skateboarding Meets Football

Woah, talk about battling adversity...

hoverboarding mexico

Hoverboarding? Yep, This Actually Exists!

Even Marty McFly would be jealous of this new toy...

BMX Meets Football

When BMX Meets Football

This is sick!

Track run up to the finishing line at Leogang. Photo: Laurence Crossman-Ems

Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup 2014: Leogang, Austria Preview

Find out what's going down in the Austrian Alps this weekend

Wheelie London

Wheelie-ing for Days! This Dude Rides The Whole Length of a London Street

Impressive stuff!

Kevin's story is now being made into a full length film called Snowman, funded through Kickstarter. Photo: Snowman
Multi Sport

“I Survived A Helicopter Crash While Carrying 300lb Of Avalanche Explosives!“

Kevin Fogolin thought he was facing certain death, until this happened...

Surfer should be proud of the infamous Jeff Spicoli!

8 Surfers You Shouldn't Hate For Being Sell-Outs

Want to earn a living from surfing but don't want turn into a total douchebag? These guys managed it

Ice Coast Kills Shit

If You Call Yourself a Snowboarder, You Should Watch This Film

This is what it's all about

Jeremy Jones practical joke higher

Is This The Worst Practical Joke Ever?

Pro snowboarder Jeremy Jones is known for many things, but comedy hasn't been one of them... 'til now

Man lands next to shark

Man Jumps Off Cliff Into Water, Lands Next to Shark

Woah! This is crazy....

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