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Here's A Video Of An Archer Who Can Literally Catch Arrows In Mid Air

This is genuinely one of the most astonishing things we've ever seen... for many reasons


Remember the Ski Line Hailed as the 'Greatest Ever?' They've Just Released the GoPro Footage...

This is absolutely mind-blowing

shark app

Shark Attacks Are On The Rise.... Is This The App Which Could Cut Them Out?

These scientists new tracking devices could change your surf patterns forever...

bmx roof

Ridiculous Roof Drops And Giant Gaps: This Hoffman Bikes BMX Edit Is Absolutely Huge!

Cody Anderson proves that riding is still going hard as ever in this new must watch footage


This Skier's Line Has Been Hailed As The 'Greatest of All Time'... Do You Agree?

If you call yourself a skier you should stop what you're doing and watch this now

What are you looking at, punk? A barred owl. Photo: Shutterstock

#ThugLife: An Owl in Oregon Has Been Attacking People and Stealing Their Hats

This bird is on a crime spree and authorities are powerless to stop him

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How Is He Still Alive? This Is What Happens When A BASE Jump Goes Horribly Wrong

This guy tries to intentionally cut his parachute away mid jump... but things go horribly wrong


These Guys Just Broke A Three Year Old Ski Jumping World Record... Twice In Two Days

Ever seen someone jump the length of two and a half football pitches on skis? This is mad!


See This Guy Get Buried Alive When He Accidentally Triggers An Avalanche

This is what it looks like to watch your mate get buried in an avalanche


Here’s The Viral Video That Will Make You Desperate To Give Spear Fishing A Go

These Australians went out spear fishing - but would you ever give it a go?

bmx edit

Watch This Rider Take On Some Massive Drops In This Hollywood-Meets-BMX Edit

Emile Bouwman sends it big in Barcelona, and chucks in a bit of acting time as well...

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These Guys Went Wakeboarding... On A Road... With A Pick Up Truck

Who says rain os bad? Watch these urban wakeboarders put it to good use

The rare, and wonderfully named megamouth shark washed up in the Philippines last week    Photo: Rhayds Barcia/Reuters

It’s Only Been Seen By Less Than 60 Humans, But A Massive Megamouth Shark Just Washed Up On A Beach...

What's massive, ugly, has fifty rows of teeth, and is sitting on a Philippines beach?

i still think i am

18 Inspirational Kanye West Quotes For Every Adventurer To Live By

I’ma let you finish, but Kanye has had some of the most inspirational quotes of all time!

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Will This Smartphone App Change The Way You Take Ski Selfies Forever?

This #FirstWorldProblem busting app could be the must-have hack for next-level social media bragging

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Skiers Facing Prosecution After Causing $100,000 Damage To US Ski Resorts

Remember the guys who trashed that US ski resort? Yeah, it didn't end well for them...

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This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend... Just Before He Dropped Her Out Of A Plane

This is one way to spice things up on Valentines day

This photo rtree

14 Times Trees Beat Mountain Bikers At Life

Trees vs. Humanity! Who Wins? Trees. Number 10 looks particularly painful...

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Ever Wanted Proof That You're A Better Skier Than An Olympic Gold Medalist?

This gold winning ski champ may be a sick racer... but he can’t land a 360 either


This New Tanner Hall Edit Is Some Seriously Hardcore Powder Porn

Popping pillows and riding powder in the colossal Canadian backcountry...

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