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Road Cycling

It's Got Legs?! This Is The Strangest Bike We Have Ever Seen‏

This is what happens when a praying mantis procreates with a penny farthing‏.


Aussie Makes Incredible Save After $2000 Drone Runs Out Of Battery Over Ocean

Here's how you save a very expensive gadget from dying a very final death...


Nitro Circus Have Just Done Something That Never Should’ve Been Possible on a BMX

Serial innovator Ryan Williams has just added yet another world first to his record...

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Pensioner Uses Parkour Moves To Catch A Couple Of Bag Thieves

This is the funniest parkour video, featuring an old man chasing down muggers, that we’ve ever seen


This Video Almost Makes Rollerblading Look Cool… Almost

Inline skaters head to the woodland in persuit of the perfect Lui Kang

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Warning: This Exploding Spider Video Is The Most Horrible Thing On The Internet

"It's dead," says Australian man while holding a broomstick.

Bear 5

28 Hilarious Quotes That Prove 'The Island With Bear Grylls’ Is Must See TV‏

“Is anyone going to try and help me? I’m trying to carry a bag, a machete and kill a snake!”

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A Tornado Tried To Swallow This Guy's Truck... While He Was Sat Inside It

No wonder this video has nearly 1 million views


Scientists Have Discovered A Kermit The Frog Doppelganger In The Jungles Of Costa Rica

The TV Muppet lookalike was found naked, and alone, in remote Central American location.

Photo: Google (Censored).

27 Times Google Street View Summed Up The Ridiculousness Of The Human Race

Hand jobs, public urination, and a man with a cat on his head: Welcome to the weird world of Google Street View‏.

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Mountain Biking

Flips, Whips and Endless Cheering: Here's The Californian Downhill Sure To Get You Stoked

Aaron Gwins it again! Check out these sick highlights from the Sea Otter Classic...

Photo: Siberian Times

Thousands of Russians Just Stripped Naked to Break the World Record for 'Bikini Snowboarding'…

'Special observers' were apparently on hand to make sure people weren't wearing too much in the bizarre attempt


Is Riding One of the World’s Biggest Waves on a Skimboard Freakin’ Rad or Just F*cking Stupid?

Brad Domke's nomination for a WSL Ride of the Year Award Has Kicked off the Mother of All Debates…


Holy Sh*t! Max Parrot Just Landed the World’s First Quadruple Underflip

This video's gone viral, and pissed a hell of a lot of people off

moto 1

Motorcyclist Tries To Hit 100mph On Frozen Lake, Gets Completely Bucked From His Bike

Here's why you should always leave yourself enough room to break...


Has Google Maps Discovered The Loch Ness Monster? Some People Think So...

There's a chance, only a small chance mind, that this isn't actually the Loch Ness Monster.


Sh*t! Here’s What Happened When A Skater Ploughed Head First Into An Oncoming Car

This is one of the most brutal things you’ll see this week

Multi Sport

10 Of The Greatest 360s Of All Time

Sponsored feature: From jumps over China's Great Wall to Perfect 10 Pointers in Bali, the humble 360 has an illustrious history


Dumb & Dumberer: The 7 Stupidest Things To Have Ever Happened In Surfing

Not all surfers are young, dumb, and full of cum... not that you'd know from these epic fails

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Mountain Biking

Toy Story For Bikes? Here's The Awesome New Feature Which Has Basically Made It Happen...

Here's what your bikes get up to while you're working away...

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