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Amazing Animals

Remember The Weasel And The Woodpecker? Well, This Raccoon Riding An Alligator Photo Just Took Things Up A Level

This might just be the greatest thing a raccoon has ever done.

Mountain Biking

The World's Best Mountain Biker Just Dropped A Fire-Breathing Film Trailer...

Into the darkness: here's the cinematic masterpiece certain to get you stoked...


6 Pocket-Sized Micronations That You Definitely Won’t Have Heard Of

There's a self-declared micronation 7 miles off the coast of Suffolk...who knew?


Watch: Speeding Motorcyclist Does Something Really Stupid To Moving Car‏

Here's how to make everyone in the world think you're a giant d*ckhead‏

Georgia Zoo Hippo
Amazing Animals

The Capital City Of Georgia Is Being Overrun By Escaped Zoo Animals‏

Lions, bears and hippos amongst animals roaming the streets of Tbilisi.

Shark Selfie Alex Hayes Fake

This Aussie Just Snapped an Insane Selfie with a Shark. But Is It Too Good to be True…?

'I've always loved sharks' the surfer explained...

luxury tank

Ever Wanted To Look Like A Supervillain? Here’s The Luxury Tank To Get You Started

All you need to get your hands on one is a questionable sense of morality, and a winning lottery ticket...

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool
Mountain Biking

Aaron Gwin Just Won The Downhill World Cup WITHOUT A CHAIN. Here's The Footage...

Some are calling this the greatest World Cup run of all time... Do you agree?

Mirror co uk

Holy F*ck. Freerunner James Kingston Just Climbed Wembley Stadium Arch

Is this his craziest stunt yet?

Fathead steels himself for the task ahead.  Photo: Ruskin Kyle

We Raced Against A Bunch Of Men In A Tin Bath Tub... And It All Went Horribly Wrong.

Eccentric Adventures Ep. 1: Is the tin bath tub racing world championships Britain's wackiest race?

shark 1
Amazing Animals

These Guys Just Spotted The Biggest Great White Shark Known To Man... And Got In On Camera

Thought 'Jaws' was fictional? Don't watch this video unless you want nightmares...


62 Good, Bad, And Deeply Regrettable Travel Tattoos

These people love adventure so much, they got it tattooed on them... forever


This Crazy Russian Just Became The First Man To Jump Into The Crater Of An Active Volcano

...Oh, and did we mention he dropped twelve and a half metres from a helicopter to start with?


Warning: This Viral Video of the Most Brutal Arm Wrestle Ever May Make You Sick…

This Aussie hardman was straining so hard he snapped his arm in two!/home
Amazing Animals

It's Not Hard To See Why These Underwater Dogs Have Gone Absolutely Viral...

These images from Seth Casteel are sure to leave you smiling...

Mountain Biking

“Holy F*ck!“ - This Mountain Biker Just Went Arse Over T*ts In A Spectacular Woodland Crash

It’s not hard to see why this mountain bike bail is going viral...

Mountain Biking

Claudio Down! Your Favourite Rider Eats Dirt During Leogang World Cup Course Preview‏

Here's the gnarly GoPro footage from this weekend's downhill track in Austria...

Avalanche Sharks.

Avalanche Sharks Is One Hilariously Sh*t Film...And It's Getting Released On iTunes

It’s a classic story of girls, bikinis, and angry great whites...that live in the snow.

Road Cycling

Police Appeal For Witnesses After 11-Year-Old Cyclist Dies In Tragic Collision

The young cyclist was involved in a fatal collision in Wiltshire on Wednesday evening


10 British Seaside Campsites That Will Put You In The Mood For Summer

Ditch the city right now and pitch up at one of these beachside wonders

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