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Mountain Biking

11 Reasons The Fort William World Cup Eclipses Everything Else On The Calendar‏‏

Changing seasons, heavy shredding and more Avon Skin So Soft than the midges can handle...

Photo: NASA (Edward H White II).
The Cosmos

NASA Have Just Released These Spacewalking Photos...And They're Genuinely Awesome

If you didn't want to be an astronaut before, you will do after you've seen these images.


When This Woman Went Wakeboarding, She Never Expected This To Happen...

Finally, proof that dolphins really are intelligent creatures


If You Thought Cliff Diving Was Seriously Dangerous, You Were Right...

The Cliff Life crew were celebrating Memorial weekend, when this happened...

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Is This Globe-Trotting Skate Edit The Most Creative Ever Made?

This is what happens when skating meets Inception

Mountain Biking

These Crazy Young Mountain Bikers Are Sicker Than You’ll Ever Be

Ever seen an 11-year-old kid nail a perfect suicide-no-hander or stylish 360? We thought not...

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Multi Sport

Who'd Win In A Race Between Top Gear's Stig And Snowboarding God Terje Håkonsen

They say he works for Top Gear, and that he just raced the Norwegian Winter Olympics team. All we know is... This race makes no sense whatsoever

Skiers vs Snowboarders .

12 Reasons Why Skiing Is Cooler Than Snowboarding

Sharper turns, button lifts, and Candide: We settle the debate once and for all...

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Road Cycling

Officer Down! This Cop Tried To Show Off On His Bike, And Slammed In Brutal Fashion

Law-enforcement agent cock-blocked by a less-than-gnarly staircase...

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Cycle Commuting

'I’ll Snap Your Neck You C*nt!' – This Viral Road Rage Video Is The Worst We’ve Ever Seen...

This takes drivers vs. cyclists to the next level - you'll probably want headphones to watch this...

Amazing Animals

Scientists Discover New Marsupial That Literally F*cks Itself To Death

The Black Tailed Antechinus dies doing what it loves the most... shagging

All images: The Kangaroo Sanctuary
Amazing Animals

Here's The Mega-Muscley Kangaroo Sure To Give You Nightmares

Roger is real, and he spends his spare time crushing metal buckets for fun...

Multi Sport

Watch: Travis Pastrana And Pals Reveal All The Horrible Injuries They've Suffered

The Nitro Circus boys have had more injuries than an entire Grey’s Anatomy box set

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Mountain Biking

Death-Wish Mountain Biking: These Pros Just Produced One Of The Craziest Courses You've Ever Seen

This is mountain biking at it's absolute best... Complete and utter madness!

Image: I-Stock Compilation.
Amazing Animals

12 Deadly Animals You Wouldn’t Want To Get Trapped In A Lift With

Death in an elevator, deathin' it up when I'm goin' down.

Mountain Biking

The World’s Best Mountain Bikers vs. 999 Steps: This Chinese Downhill Track Is The Strangest We’ve Seen

Red Bull Sky Gate is the course dividing opinion throughout the MTB world...


This Couple Prove You Can Turn The Adventure of A Lifetime into A Lifetime of Adventure

The Hunters bought their very own island paradise for less than £10,000

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There’s Been Some Strange Kitesurfing On Sir Richard Branson’s Private Island Lately...

Nick Jacobsen just kitesurfed over 300ft of land from the roof of Branson's epic mansion

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.31.45

What Happens When You Fall 60 Foot Off a Chairlift? This Guy Found Out the Hard Way…

This video of every skier's worst fear makes for terrifying watching

Screen Shot: Je Danse Contre Moi Meme (I Dance Against Myself).
Multi Sport

Fighting Against Himself: A French B-Boy’s Courageous Battle Against Crohn’s Disease

The inspirational story of a young man escaping the world through performance.

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