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How Not To Die... On A Mountain Bike | With Rachel Atherton

The first in our series asks Rachel Atherton how to ditch the Grim Reaper while riding downhill


Apple Release New iPhone Made Specifically For Snowboarders

Okay, no they haven't. But if they did, it should feature some of these innovations...

Mountain Biking in Meribel -2482

‘We Have Big Opportunity’: How Will Meribel Capitalise on Its World Cup Success?

It's gone from nothing to hosting a World Cup in just 4 years. So what's next for the French resort?

no skateboarding dave england

No Skateboarding Allowed? Jackass Legend Dave England Knows Exactly How To Deal With This Problem...

This is the best thing we've seen today...

cycle fight
Road Cycling

When Road Cyclists Attack: The Craziest Fights Featuring Riled-Up Roadies

Road rage is a serious, and often hilarious, issue in the cycling world...

moto superman

Superman Crashes To Earth As Moto Trick Goes Horribly Wrong

Not even Clark Kent could stop this from happening...


Steezy Or Sleazy? 14 Snowboard Graphics You Shouldn't Be Looking At During Work

NSFW WARNING: some of these boobs, bums, and nuns may not be completely suitable for work

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Multi Sport

Will These Battery-Powered Goggles Revolutionise Skiing?

Hours spent demisting on the mountain could be behind you

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This Guy Climbed Into an Active Volcano, And the Footage He Got is Incredible...

'It was a window into hell...'

Knee Flyer

What Happens When You Cross A Snowboard With A Mobile Disco? These Are The Weirdest Inventions Ever

How do people dream this shit up?

Disaster for Gwin on track today with one of the only flats of t

Broken Ankles, Shoe-Theft and Tyre-less Riding: It’s Been A Wild Year For Downhill Mountain Biking

The 10 most memorable moments from the 2014 Downhill World Series... It's been a good one.


10 Legendary Contests Every Self-Respecting Surfer Should Know About

These are the surf comps you wish you'd seen...


This Guy Is 96 Years Old – And He's Still Skiing

You'd do well to listen to his words of wisdom...

680g bike frame
Road Cycling

Thought Your Ride Was Light? This Bike Frame Weighs Just More Than A Pint of Beer...

Cannondale's SuperSix EVO Black EVO weighs in at less than 700 grams

Photo: Simon Punch

Would You Jump In The Sea To Save A Wallaby From Drowning? These Surfers Did

This heart-warming tale will make your day!

Multi Sport

There Are Hundreds Of Stupid Ways To Die, But These Have Got To Be Some Of The Silliest

These stories are unbelievable but true: All of these ill-fated idiots deserve their Darwin Awards.


We've Found Scientific* Evidence Showing That Snowboarders Make The Best Lovers

* It may or may not be completely scientifically accurate...

Ryder Hesjedal
Road Cycling

Is There An Illegal Motor in This Road Cyclist's Bike? See What You Think...

Ryder Hesjedal was accused of cheating in the Vuelta a Espana - was he?


Think You Know Your Skate/Snowboard Tricks? Prove It With Our 'Tricky' Quiz

Beef Curtains, Negrills, and Sex Changes. Do you know which tricks are real?

human suspension base jumping

This BASE Jumper Has Attached His Parachute To His Skin With Piercings

Who needs a harness when you can hang your parachute off your piercings?

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