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Skiing, Helicopters And Fresh Powder: This Stunning GoPro Edit Will Make You Want To Escape To The Mountains

Bring us some of those freshies...

kite surfing jumps off 900m cliff

This Guy Jumped Off A 900m Cliff With Only A Small Kite To Break His Fall…

Kite surfing off a giant cliff isn't something people do every day...

skiing instagram featured image

Instagram vs. Reality: What Skiing Is Really Like...

Because it isn't all about champagne powder and epic après ski


Tied Up and On My Back: What's It Like To Be a Rock Climbing Virgin?

'I'd never really thought about bondage before...'


This Skier Nailed A Breath-Taking Backflip Off A Giant Cliff. The Footage Will Leave You Stunned...

Stan Rey sends it down 'Spanky's Ladder' is this stunning new edit from Whistler Blackcomb

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.17.24

What Do You Get If You Cross the Winter X Games With Fingering? This Hilarious Parody Video…

You thought Aimee Fuller's commentary at the Olympics was controversial? It's got nothing on this...


What Happens When A Kangaroo Attacks A Drone? Exactly What You’d Expect...

We can confidently state that David Attenborough never had to put up with sh*t like this

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.34.37

These Guys Went Surfing in Nicaragua... And Stumbled on an Illegal Cock Fight

This footage is brutal!

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 11.07.14

This Aerial Footage of Surfing In The Emerald Isle Is Simply Breathtaking

It's hard to explain why this is so good. You just have to watch it to understand...

GONDOLA base jump

$10,000 Worth Of Damage And A Lot Of P*ssed Off Police: These Guys Went Illegally BASE Jumping From A Gondola

At least he had the correct lift pass though...

Le Tour de France 2012 - Stage Twenty
Road Cycling

Do Road Cyclists Wet Themselves When Nature Comes Calling? Sir Bradley Wiggins Lets Us In On The Mystery...

He also lets loose on which cartoon characters he thinks are hot

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 16.06.27

Are You A Born Explorer? Then This Short Space Film Is An Absolute Must Watch…

'Shoot For The Moon' is the short film that'll speak to your inner adventurer


What In The World Are The 'Pillars of Creation'? These NASA Photographs Will Leave You Stunned

Who needs the X-Factor? This how a star is really born... And it's absolutely incredible!


Aldi Have Started Making Snowboard Gear... But Can It Actually Survive A Day On The Hill?

You can't go wrong with a £19.99 jacket and £7.99 goggles... or can you?

sniper rifle

This Guy Uncorked A Champagne Bottle... With A .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

Thought you were cool when you opened a beer with a ten pound note? Think again...


What Happens When You Strap MiG Fighter Jet Engines To The Top of A Tank? These Guys Found Out…

This contraption is so badass...

Great White shark attacks have been on the rise recently, which doesn't do much for their reputation Photo: Shutterstock

Australia Has Seen More Shark Attacks Than Ever Before... But Their Answer To The Problem Is Amazing

Would you trust this new technology to save you from a shark attack?


This BASE Jump Is So Low The Parachute Barely Has Time To Open

Why? Just... Why?


1000 Horsepowers, Insane Terrain, And A Driver Out Of His Mind… This Edit Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

This 4x4 'Ultra Bouncer' is the stuff of either dreams or nightmares depending on your stance


Skateboarding on Water? This GoPro Edit Will Have You Hooked...

This sick session from Dieter Humpsch will make you fall in love with wakeskating!

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