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hiking and trekking: everything you need to know walk

Hiking and Trekking: Everything You Need to Know

The Mpora essential guide to all the basics in the world of hiking and trekking...

Photo: Ross Collings

This #VanLife Loving Dude's Fiancé Insisted 'It's Me Or The Van'. So He Did This...

Men of the World: You have a new hero, and his name is Ross


Is The UK’s Most Iconic Skate Spot About To Face Alteration Again?

Less than a year after being saved, campaigners announce plans to change The Southbank yet again...

Bike Tank Road Cycling Norway
Road Cycling

Watch: Road Cycling Race In Norway Interrupted By Tank

Is this how Norwegians combat performance enhancing drugs?

Road Cycling

Man Filmed 'Pushing Cyclist into Traffic' Hands Himself In After Video Goes Viral

The 33-year-old will be questioned by police after the disturbing footage hit the web...


Must Watch: Ever Seen Someone Nail A BMX Wall Ride... Floating 40ft In The Air?

Drew Bezanson's 'Uncontainable' is BMX gone absolutely wild...

Rock Climbing

Tragedy in the Tetons: Two Young Women Killed in American National Park

Tyler Sandberg and Catherine Nix fell to their deaths while out climbing

Road Cycling

Disturbing Footage Appears To Shows Man Pushing Female Cyclist into Oncoming Traffic

Police release footage in bid to find featured London man...


17 Things All Female Surfers are Sick of Being Asked

'Is it hard to surf with boobs?'

Amazing Animals

Watch: Blue Whale Makes BBC Presenter Look Like An Absolute Knob

See this monster from the deep completely embarrass this whale expert

Photo: iStock

This is The Greatest European Road Trip Ever… According to Scientists

Forget everything you thought you knew, these guys just used an algorithm to work out the REAL ultimate European road trip


Watching These Travellers Drop 70ft Cliffs on a Secret Shore Will Make You Feel Alive

This collosal cliff-jumping video will make you pack your bags and run for sun...

Mountain Biking

Here’s Brandon Semenuk Saving a Terrifying Overshoot That’d Put Most of Us in Hospital

How did he save this? Semenuk just proved once and for all that he's invincible...

Mario Kart Skateboard Longboard

Love Mario Kart? Then This Badass Longboard Edit Is An Absolute Must Watch

Proof that Luigi is the most hipster Nintendo character of them all.

Russia Nudist Beach

Why Are Government Officials In Russia Trying To Clamp Down On Nudist Beaches?

A campaign has been launched to stop "depraved" nudists enjoying their beach.


Today's Google Doodle Celebrates The 125th Birthday Of A Surfing Legend

If it wasn't for Duke Kahanamoku, California wouldn't be the same...


10 Things That All Beginner Skiers Might Crash Into This Winter

If you call yourself a skier, you've probably crashed into at least one of these obstacles.


If You Only Watch One BMX Edit This Month, Make It This Mind Melter

Tate Roskelley just dropped an edit that's so sick, you'll worry about your health just watching it...


Watch: This Russian Just Built An Insane Death Swing, And Jumped off A Roof

Do not try this at home, unless your a slightly unhinged Russian and your mates have a video camera

capture 1
Road Cycling

Did He Seriously Think He Could Get Away With This? Vincenzo Nibali DQ’d From Vuelta For Most Obvious Cheating Ever

The Tour de France 2014 champ has been kicked for cheating... but there's not a drug in sight

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