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Snowboard- Danny Davis source @travelindan instagram)

GoPro Are Giving Away $20,000 To Whoever Rides The Best Line This Winter…

Remember that crazy line you rode last year? Go one better and you could make some money

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The Biggest Underground Bike Park Ever Is Opening Next Month... And It Looks Insane

Watch co-builder Jeff Perkins and friends ride lines at the 320,000 square foot 'Mega Cavern'

T Hawk rabbit
Multi Sport

Tony Hawk Has A New Job... And It's Much Weirder Than You'd Expect...

Skateboarding legend hold rabbits to sell bottles

Jorge Gill/Ferrari F50 - Action

What’s It Like To Wakeboard Behind A Million Pound Ferrari? This Guy Gave It A Go...

Watch 19-year-old wakeboard pro Jorge Gill reach up to 84mph behind an awesome supercar


This Crazy Theme Park Lets You Swim With Man-Eating Crocodiles

It's like Jurassic Park Lite...

Sgt Stubs

Meet Sgt Stubs: The Double Amputee Who Learned How To Skate

If this inspirational video doesn't warm your heart, seek immediate medical attention...

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These 10 Things Will Get You Stoked For Winter Mountain Biking...

Sure, summer is great, but cold, dark winter riding doesn't get the credit it deserves

cliff dive

5 Action Sports You Should Try On Your Gap Year

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cross country snowboarding

This Is What Happens When Cross-Country Skiing Meets Snowboarding

It's not pretty...


How To Not Look Like An Idiot On Your First Ski Trip

Because we've all been there...

fontus 3
Road Cycling

This Water Bottle Magically Refills While You Cycle...

Meet the 'Fontus'. It takes water from the air and refills your bottle while your ride...

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This Guy Went Skydiving Without A Parachute... And Was Saved By A Trampoline

Jumping out of a plane with no parachute should be suicidal, so surely this can't be real?

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Super Smooth Tarmac and Sketchy Hairpin Bends: This Park Is Every Longboarder’s Dream

This longboard park in Canada is a world first


How To... Deal With Hangovers

Surfing might not help you when you're hanging out your arse, but these tips will...

vermont skiier dangles off chairlift

Kid Rescued After Dangling Off Chairlift

He claims he was just hanging out...


This British Council Is Trying To Make Skateboarding A Crime...

Norwich City Council are trying to pass a bye-law to make street skating illegal

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What Do You Get If You Cross A Zip-Wire With A Roller Coaster?

This new Aussie ride looks like serious fun...

Photo: Body Glove/Emiliano Cataldi

How To Surf... With Your Boobs

Don't think about your feet. Think about your boobs.


Want To Escape The UK And Surf Every Day? This Is The Place To Go…

Fantastic waves, world-class seafood and dolphins, off-season breaks don't get much better than this


'Has Skiing Made Me Bald?' - What Do You Contemplate When You're On The Chairlift?

'This chair precariously pierced into this cable looks pretty high tech to me...'

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