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Cycle Commuting

12 Reasons Why The Google Self-Driving Car Will Be Awesome For Cyclists

They might sound scary but all true cyclists should embrace them


This Guide To Attaching A GoPro To A Surfboard Is Going Viral, And We Have No Idea Why

Pro surfer Monyca Oleogram wants to share her tips with you

Orca Whale
Amazing Animals

When This Surfer Went Out Whale Watching, He Didn't Expect This To Happen

Is this a teaser trailer for a new Free Willy film?


This Skier Outruns An Erupting Volcano

An Italian skier plays cat and mouse with the world's most famous volcano

Photo: NASA.
The Cosmos

Humans: You Have A Brand New Flag!

Your great-great-grandchildren will be standing beneath it at the Intergalactic Olympics of 2128.

Photo: Max Ellis.
Amazing Animals

Photos Of A Squirrel Standing In The Rain With An Umbrella Will Melt Your Heart

"I'm squirrel in the rain, just squirrel in the rain..."


This Snowboard Edit Shows Exactly Why We Love Spring Shredding

Fat & Furious is bursting at the seams with feel-good vibes

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 15.52.47

How I Took The Most Famous Photo in Snowboarding

Meet the man who sent shockwaves through snowboarding with one simple shot

Photo: Cal Jelley

10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Go to Iceland… And Not Just Your Mum

If Iceland wasn't on your bucket list before this, it will be when you're done...

'Sea Levels' By Blaze Syka.

These Surf-Inspired Art Pieces By Blaze Syka Are The Coolest Thing You'll See Today

You'll want these on a t-shirt.

Photo: Steve Messam

This Crazy British Artists Has Made A Working Bridge... Out Of 22,000 Sheets Of Paper

Made in Britain, Made of paper: It’s the UK’s weirdest bridge

Prime & Fire Selects
Multi Sport

Stunning Film Explores The World’s Most Aggressive Dance Form

Krump Up The Volume!

Scratch off Map

This Scratch-Off World Map Is Perfect For Any Born Traveler

How many places could you scratch off this map?

Photo: Wikimedia.
Wings And Chutes

73-Year-Old BASE Jumper Dies After Setting Fire To Parachute

Tragedy in Idaho: Perrine Bridge claims another victim.

Photo: YouTube.
Amazing Animals

Bear Regrets Charging Down Swedish Man In The Woods

Watch: Swedish man frighten away charging bear.

Amazing Animals

This Hiker Accidentally Walked Into A Pit Full of Randy Snakes

If this video doesn't make your skin crawl, seek urgent medical attention...


Is Surfing About To Become An Olympic Event

Catching waves could be grabbing gold by the 2020 games in Tokyo

Photo: YouTube.

10 Amazing Frisbee Shots That You Won't Believe Are Actually Possible

Heroes of the internet, or tossers with too much time on their hands?

23 natural wonders 1
Natural Wonders

23 Natural Wonders That You Never Knew Existed

Sometimes nature proves you simply don't need Photoshop


WARNING: This Longboard Slam May Genuinely Make You Vomit

This video contains graphic images of injury

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