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If it ain't broke...Photo montage: Roberto Ventre

This Guy Just Tried To Break Snowboarding By Inventing A 3D Printed Board

This 3D jet powered board will have Jeremy Clarkson w*nking himself into an early grave


28 Reasons Why Iceland Should Be Your Next Adventure

They have a penis museum. And that's why mums go to Iceland.

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Mountain Biking

Here’s The World Cup Course That’s Been Making The Professionals Scream

It's not hard to see why Claudio Caluori screams the whole way through this preview...


These Guys Built A Space Net High Above The Moab Desert… Then Jumped Through It

This giant rope web was the the perfect memorial for a friend that died a year earlier

Mountain Biking

Ever Seen Someone Jump From Bike to Bike Halfway Through A Line? Neither Had We...

A year on the road with Danny MacAskill looks like it's paying off for Fabio Wibmer

Photo: Seven iPD/Screenshot
Mountain Biking

Big Mountain Madness: The MTB Line So Crazy The Rider Had To Rappel To The Start

There are some spots on earth that were never intended for mountain biking...

This un-tameable shrew with an alcohol problem is just one of nature's biggest badasses... Photo: Wikipedia

The Tiny Shrew That Could Drink You Under the Table, And 7 More of Nature’s Toughest Motherf*ckers

These creatures are all badass motherf*ckers

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Mountain Biking

Here’s The Awesome New Danny MacAskill Feature One Year In The Making...

This is what it's like to tour Europe for a year with the most famous trials rider in the world

Image: The Scream By Edvard Munch (via Wikipedia).

15 Famous Portrait Reactions That All Skiers Will Understand

'When you get to the chairlift and realise you've left your ski-pass back at the chalet.'


What Kind Of Alpine Cheese Dish Are You

Photo: YouTube screenshot
Road Cycling

NOPE! 10-Time World Record Holder Rides Across Railing Above 65ft Drop

Meet Vitto Brumotti: He balances his bikes on the edge of cliff drops... For a bit of fun


Missing, Presumed Dead: 5 Incredible Stories Of Ocean Survival

"After a widespread search of the ocean proved fruitless, their friends and family back home held a memorial service for them."

Road Cycling

Ever Seen Someone Cycle Down A Mountain Road Backwards At 80km/h? Neither Had We...

Any regular road cyclist will instantly recognise how ridiculous this is...

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 15.01.54

This Viral Video Shows What Happens When You Drop a GoPro From 10,000 Feet

The footage is insane, but the story behind this is even more incredible...


20 Signs You Were Born To Travel The Globe

Every true traveller will instantly recognise most of these

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Ever Wanted To Take A Holiday on Leonardo DiCaprio's Private Island? Well Now You Can...

Here's how you can save the world by jetting off to the great Gatsby's luxurious eco-island


18 Truths About Skiing That Only Parents Will Understand

The original #assholeparents

edmond plawczyk

This Guy Just Went 203km/h…On A Snowboard

This odd-looking Frenchman just set a new world

Photo: YouTube Screenshot

Heather Mills Just Broke A World Record For Skiing Over 100mph... And Here’s The Crazy Footage

The former wife of Beatle Paul McCartney has now set her sites on the 2018 Winter Olympics


Spiderman’s Hollywood Stunt Double Just Made A Skate Edit... And It'll Blow Your Mind

This super creative edit will have you skate senses tingling

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