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Surf Teacher

8 Secret Truths Every Surf Instructor Thinks… But Will Never Tell You

Ever wondered what your surf instructor thinks of you?


This New BMX Edit Has More Hammers Than Homebase

Garrett Reynolds, once again, proves he's the man in this seriously heavy section...

Photo: YouTube.

How Is This Ridiculous Frisbee Throw Even Possible?

This man is one massive tosser.

Wings And Chutes

Tragedy in California: Adventurer of the Year Dies in BASE Jumping Accident

Celebrated climber Dean Potter and his jumping partner Graham Hunt were killed this weekend

Wings And Chutes

Who's The Best In The World At Throwing Paper Aeroplanes?

Meet the guys who host an international competition to find out...

Photo: BoredPanda.

The Force Is Strong In This One: Old Camper Van Gets A Star Wars Makeover

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away...a Brazilian man had too much time on his hands.

Interior park

The World's First Multi Story Skate Park Is Being Built, Right Here In The UK

This proposed three level skate and BMX park simply has to be built

'Fire the Lazar!' By James Gray, Auckland (

New Zealand Are Ditching Their Flag, And Might Be Replacing It With One Of These

The New Zealand government wants YOU to design them a new national flag.


Skiing Vs Football: Who Wins?

It's easy to see why this hilarious edit is going viral...


Losing At Surfing, Winning At Life: This Heartwarming Story Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

5 time champion surfer gets a million hero points for helping paralysed man to live out his dream

Photo: Kaikoura Marine Centre and Aquarium.
Amazing Animals

Monster From The Deep Washes Up On The Shore Of New Zealand

7 metres in length, with eyes that were 19 centimetres in diameter, this was one giant squid.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 14.24.46

This Security Guard Gets Brutal With These Skaters

When these kids go skateboarding on private property, the security guard massively overreacts

Kim Jong - Ski Resort (Featured Image)

Is This Ski Resort In North Korea The Reason Kim Jong-Un Had His Uncle Executed?

According to reports, the Masikryong ski resort in North Korea has a dark secret at its heart.


Tony Hawk And Riley Go Trick-For-Trick At An Indoor Skate Park

You'd hang out with your dad more if he was this guy...


Canadian Idiot Drives Car Through Crowded Skate Park

21 year old arrested after one man is injured in skatepark joy ride

Alana Blanchard Photo: Ben Thouard/Air NZ

It Stars Alana Blanchard, Mick Fanning And A Dog: Why Surfers Will Love This New Inflight Safety Video From Air Zealand

You don’t listen to your stewardess but we bet you’d listen to this lot

Image: Surf Lakes.

3,000 Waves Per Hour: This Wave Garden In Brisbane NEEDS To Be Built

Everybody’s gone surfin', surfin' Surf Lakes Brisbane.

Lil Mayne skate

Can You Believe These 5 Celebrities Actually Released Skate Edits?

Some of these akateboard edits from famous people are surprisingly decent. Some...

Photo: Unofficial Network.

No Matter How Hard You Throw it, This Drone Will Always Follow You

We're in love...with a flying camera drone...called Lily.

Wings And Chutes

You'll Have To See These Guys Flying Their Jet Packs Over Dubai To Believe It

The only thing better than watching this Jet Pack video, would be to actually own your own Jet Pack...

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