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'It Was Like Witnessing A Friends Suicide': This Giant Kayak Drop Is Brutal

This pro Kayaker went chasing waterfalls, not sticking to the rivers and the lakes he was used to

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Mountain Biking

Is This The Worst Mountain Bike Road Gap Crash Of All Time?

This rider decided to take on a massive drop down... And it definitely did not go to plan

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Thought the X Games Slopestyle Course Was Good? This One Is Way Better…

Spikes, snakes and epic wall rides: This is the greatest slopestyle course ever designed...

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Mountain Biking

These Guys Went Winter Mountain Biking… Down A 1600m Bobsleigh Track

Downhill mountain biking just took a mental turn... Onto a whole new kind of terrain

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Ever Seen a Skier Hit a Kicker Sideways? Well, Crazy Karl Tried It...

You've got to see this to believe it

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Mountain Biking

Is This The Craziest Overtake In Downhill Mountain Biking History?

This perfectly executed pass will leave you staring in disbelief... And you'll never see it coming!


This Brutal Video Shows A Skier Breaking His Leg When He Hits A Shark

Did you see the hidden rock that ended this pro's season?


Ever Seen A Snowmobile Ride Through An Epic Explosion? We Didn't Think So...

One lake, one explosion, and some badass snowmobile slow-mo... This video is unreal!


What Happens When Things Go Wrong On ‘The Fastest Boat On Earth’? Not What You'd Expect...

You won't believe this GoPro footage from the H1 Unlimited Hydroplane racing boat...


This Guy Plans To Jump The American Border… Strapped To A Homemade, Steam-Powered Rocket

Meet Mad Mike, the limo driver and part time daredevil whose craft will carry him at 350mph*

back loop

10 Things That Only Windsurfers Will Understand

It's better than surfing for starters...

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Mountain Biking

Is The Bolivian 'Death Road' The Most Terrifying Mountain Bike Trail In The World?

Rainforests, waterfalls and a frightening death rate. Would you take on this cliff-edge ride?

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These Smart Pedals Will Track Down The Person Who Stole Your Bike... But How?

Bike thieves, beware! This new technology means we're coming to find you...


Tree Wells Are Responsible For 20% of All Ski Deaths. Do You Know How To Survive One?

Essential advice for escaping one of the biggest mountain killers

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This BASE Jumper Attempted NINE Front Flips On One Short Jump... And Actually Pulled It Off

One radio tower, two crazy stuntmen, two GoPros and nine front flips. This is absolutely insane!

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This Skier Filmed 5 Friends Being Taken Out by an Avalanche. The Footage is Horrifying

Warning: You may find this video disturbing...

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This Dude Just Landed Two Kickflips in a Row... On a Surf Board!

If we hadn't just seen it, we'd say this is impossible...

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This Horrifying Parkour Edit Is The Scariest We’ve Ever Seen…

This Dying Light inspired Free Running edit will give you nightmares...


When This Surf Backflip Goes Viral, It Will Break The Internet...

John John Florence just nailed it at Backdoor Pipeline in Hawaii. Yes, really.

Reagan Sieg

This Guy Replaced His Motocross Wheels With Skis And Went Out Shredding… The Results Are Incredible

What do you get when you cross a snow mobile and a moto bike?

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