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We had literally no idea how to build an igloo... Until now Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Ever Wanted To Build An Igloo? Here's The Awesome Video That Shows You How...

The National Film Board of Canada have stepped up to help you build your dream fridge

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 12.28.42

Ever Seen Someone Skateboard On Train Tracks Before? This is the Most Creative Skate Video of 2015

These guys have made the sickest new spots

This amazing footage from South Africa shows what it's like to be stalked by a Great White Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

This Is What It Looks Like To Be Stalked By A Great White Shark

...And it's absolutely terrifying

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.35.00

Warning: This Breathtaking Aerial Footage Will Make You Want to Sack Off Life and Go Surfing…

This video is pure earth porn, so stunning it's almost NSFW...

Mountain Biking

These Guys Went Mountain Biking... In an Abandoned Limestone Mine

This edit will make you want to go deeper underground

Whatever your chosen discipline, both of these riders are better than you'll ever be at anything Photo: Vimeo/Screenshot

BMX Flatland VS. Motorbike: What Happens When The World’s Best Go Head to Head?

Which do you think is better?

cyclists die
Road Cycling

Cyclists 'Deserve To Die' – This Jackass Didn’t Realise He Was Being Filmed, But Now His Crazy Claims Are Going Viral

And the woman filming's reaction is brilliant


Warning: Watching These Russians Free Climb A Cable Bridge Will Probably Give You Vertigo

Two teenage adrenaline-junkies, one sketchy climbing route, one camera and one scary video


Want to Travel the World For Free? Here’s How To Do It, Using Only Your Own Instagram...

Meet the backpacker who's got the best job ever...


This Is What Happened When A Mini-Tornado Hit A Beach In Brazil

This madness is not what you want in the middle of a sunbathing session... Absolute carnage!


This Spectacular Helicopter Footage Shows What The Himalayas Look Like At 20,000ft

Is there anything more stunning than this?

...And in that moment, he knew that he was going to be binging on Netflix for the next six months Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Here's The Crazy Crash Reel From 'The Most Dangerous BMX Dirt Jumps In The World'...

Dew Tour champion Cam White also happens to own some jumps that are scary as hell


This Weasel Went for a Flight on a Woodpecker... And Now It's Going Viral

Well, it's not everyday you see a little weasel attempt to go skydiving...

bobby b

This Three Time X-Game Gold Medallist Just Dropped An Insane Park Edit.... And It's An Absolute Must Watch

Bobby Brown is back to break the internet with another piece of park perfection...

Imagine if this was your ride to work? Photo: Shutterstock
Mountain Biking

Welcome to Eagle: The Colorado Town Where MTB Trails Are Replacing Sidewalks…

Has this shred-friendly town come up with the best idea ever?

Mountain Biking

This Is What Happens When A World Class Cyclist 'Joins' The Fat Bike Craze... While Wearing A Fat Suit

One fat bike, one fat suit, and one of the funniest edits we've seen this year...

An illustration of the super-massive black hole by Zhaoyu Li of the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory

Astronomers Just Found A 'Super-Massive Black Hole' 12 Billion Times Bigger Than The Sun

Don't worry too much - It's a bit of a distance at 12.8 billion light years away...


Could This Flip-Mad Ski Line Be the Best of the Winter So Far? Some People Think So...

Owen Leeper nails a back flip and a front flip back to back at Jackson Hole in Wyoming...

mctwist 1

‘McTwist’, ‘Pow’ and ‘Bluebird’ Have Just Been Added to the Oxford English Dictionary… No, Seriously!

The words just inducted to the Oxford dictionary will make every skier or snowboarder smile

Road Cycling

Is Cycling as Safe as Walking? Do Helmets Actually Help? 21 Incredible Facts that All Cyclists Should Know…

We asked a bike science expert some difficult questions

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