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Here's How Chess Is About To Make A Mockery Of The Winter Olympics

This is some of the strangest news you've probably heard all year...

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This Insane Natural Waterslide Will Make You Completely Re-Evaluate Your Summer Plans

Without a doubt, this is the best use of a waterfall we've ever seen...


How Is He Not In Hospital? BMX Rider Sticks Bike-To-Bike Transfer On The Mega Ramp

This proves without a shadow of a doubt that Pat Laughlin is insane...

Photo: YouTube Screenshot
Wings And Chutes

Would You Take On The Dubai Dream Jump? It Looks Incredible...

This is what it looks like to chuck yourself off the second highest residential structure on earth


Sun, Surfing And Ten Russian Models... What More Do You Want Us To Say?

This classic comes from the world's best wave pool out in the United Arab Emirates...

Photo: iStock/Earth Flyer

Ever Wanted To Switch Your Office For The Beach? Here Are 10 Of The Best Places To Work Remotely From…

Have laptop, will work somewhere interesting

Amazing Animals

Asiatic Bear Walking Like A Human Is The Weirdest Thing You’ll See Today

There's a chance this bear's back story will make you livid with anger...

Andreas Lie (Compilation 2)

Double-Exposure Photographs Let You See Your Favourite Animals In A Whole New Light

Visual artist Andreas Lie is, officially, one of our favourite Norwegians.

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These Idiots Harassed Tony Hawk in a Carpark. Their Video Proves Why Mainstream Media Should Stay the F*ck Away From Skateboarding…

If you call yourself a skateboarder, this video will make you unspeakably angry...

Photo: YouTube (Screen Grab).

Watch: Plane Takes Off Moments Before Annihilating Fishing Boat

This, matter-of-inches, near miss gives a new meaning to the phrase "close call."

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

This Cave Diver Lost His Footing At The Worst Possible Moment. Here’s What Happened Next...

This explorer definitely just used up at least eight of his nine lives...

Photo: China News

Sexually-frustrated Chinese Men Are Pretending To Drown So They Can Grope The Female Lifeguards…

We know there are 33 million more men than women but WTAF!!??

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Amazing Animals

This Is What Happens When A Car Hits A Moose In Full Flight

Warning: Some may find the footage from the incident disturbing...


20 Faces In Trees and Rock-Formations That You Won't Be Able To Unsee

How many of these can you see?

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot
Wings And Chutes

The First Ever Attempt To Skydive From 25,000ft... Without A Parachute

He worked on Red Bull Stratos, but now Luke Aikins is making history of his own...

Photo: Mpora.

Meet David: The 77 Year Old Kite Surfer Showing The Rest Of Us How It's Done

This is exactly what we hope we'll be doing when we hit 77...

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Mountain Biking

MTB Madness: First Ever Mountain Bike Descent Of A Fixed-Rope Climbing Route

This is probably one of the most dangerous mountain bike routes ever ridden...

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Here's Why You Should Never Kayak Down An Olympic Ski Jump

This is quite possibly the worst idea that anyone has ever had...


Endangered Mexican Black Bears Recreate The Opening Scene From Mission Impossible 2

These bears are better at rock-climbing than you, or Tom Cruise, will ever be‏‏.

featured shark

Australian Surfer Fends Off Vicious Shark Attack... By Punching It In The Face

Man bounces back from brutal arm-bite to beat shark on unanimous points decision‏

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