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This Snowboard Legend Gave Up A 4,000 Square Foot House For A Tiny Cottage Built From Rocks... Here’s Why

Seeing this snowboarder's house will make you turn your back on civilization...


23 Things Snowboarders Do That Ordinary People Won’t Understand

These probably seem strange to people who don't get it...

seadance festival

Sun, Sand, Surf & Music: 10 Brilliant Beach Festivals You Can't Afford To Miss

Which one will you be going to?

Mountain Biking

Excited For The Return of Downhill? This Action-Packed Queenstown Edit Will Leave You Even More Stoked...

Challenge: Watch this badass downhill edit without grinning like an idiot...


Meet The Nine Year Old Kid Who Makes Snowboarding Look Like A Video Game

Introducing Ian Matteoli: The future gold medallist everyone else will be talking about in four year time


This Guy Interrupted Two Tortoises Having Sex... And Got Chased Off Very, Very Slowly By The Angry Male

This is what happens when tortoises attack

Photo: Crankworx
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Excited for Crankworx New Zealand? Here’s The Crazy Footage That Shows Exactly Why You Should Be

The world's best mountain bikers are set to stomp Rotorua... Who says kiwis can't fly?

Mountain Biking

26 Things All Mountain Bikers Think While They're Stuck at the Office

There are some things you think at work that your colleagues will just never understand...


The 10 Most Incredible Hotels On Earth

Sponsored feature: Stay in these places, and make your friends seriously jealous.

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These Explorers Have Come Up With A Strange Way To Improve Your Sex Life…Surely This Doesn’t Work?

Is Yet breath in a can the new viagra


15 Surfing Quotes That Completely Define The Sport

'Waves are not measured in feet and inches, they are measured in increments of fear' - Buzzy Trent


'I remember being in pain but also at peace…' Maya Gabeira reflects on the day she nearly drowned at Nazare

After that monster wave shattered her bones and left her for dead

She stole his lunch money and is about to make the perfect getaway... Photo: Vimeo/Screenshot
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Could A Mountain Biker Really Be Faster Than A Parachutist? These Guys Found Out...

This is what happens when a speedwinger and a mountain biker race down a mountain


23 Signs That Prove You're A Born Adventurer, Despite Living In The City

Just because you live in the city, doesn't mean you're not an adventurer.

Photo: Thierry Ollivier

This French Postman Proved That You Don't Have To Travel A Long Way To Live Your Dreams

This stunning palace was hand built by one guy... and a pile of strange looking stones

Danny MacAskill features prominently in the stunning showreel from Cut Media Photo: YouTube/Cut Media

MacAskill, Peaty and Dougie Lampkin in One Video? This is A Must Watch For Every True Biker...

Unseen footage from Danny MacAskill's 'The Ridge'? Don't mind if we do...

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Must Watch: George Brannigan Just Dropped One Of The Best Downhill Edits Of The Past Few Years

No slow-motion, no scene setting, just big whips, bigger backflips and gargantuan gaps...

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This Crazy Skier Just Broke The World Record For Highest Air Achieved From A Superpipe

Joffrey Pollet-Villard just flew higher than anyone before... and the footage is absolutely insane

Photo: Rutger Pauw / Red Bull Content Pool
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Did Danny MacAskill Just Win The Eclipse With This Epic Photograph?

The story behind this incredible photo shoot is almost as good as the picture itself...

Photo: ZME Science.

Meet Sparklemuffin And Skeletorus: They're Newly Discovered Spiders, And They're Seriously Hipster

They're fashionable, they can dance, and they've got ridiculous names.

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