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nomad bus

This Couple Converted An Old American School Bus Into A Wave-Chasing Hostel That Is Every Surfer’s Dream

Prepare to be the most excited you've ever been about a bus

Photo: The Asahi Shimbun /Getty Images

Introducing The Japanese Bridge That Seems To Defy The Laws Of Gravity‏

Eshima Ohashi bridge: the bridge which looks like it's straight out a video game...


Adventurer Plans To Live On An Iceberg For An Entire Year. Here's Why...

Could you live on a giant clump of ice for one whole year?

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot
Mountain Biking

One-Handed Magic: Meet The Shred-Happy Mountain Biker With A Paralysed Left Arm

Paralysis couldn't stop the inspirational Tom Barrister from going hard on his bike...

gopro 1

Here's What Happens When You Put A GoPro Under The Flaming Inferno Of A Firing Rocket

If this video doesn't prove that GoPros are indestructible, we don't know what will...


“Ban Suits And Hold Cabinet Meetings On Top Of Ben Nevis“ - Here's What Bear Grylls Would Do If He Was Prime Minister

Here's how a man who once ate a moose's heart would run the country...

Smiling Animals

27 Animals Who Know Exactly How You Feel About Bank Holiday Weekends‏‏

Humans clearly aren't the only ones who enjoy a Monday off...

Photo: Pinkbike Screenshot
Mountain Biking

Style For Miles: The Godfather Of Freeriding Is Back In This Must Watch MTB Edit

Here's Wade Simmons ripping round the woods to get you stoked for the weekend...


Chernobyl Fox Makes Epic Five-Decker Sandwich, And Then Eats It...In One Go‏

You leave the internet for 15 minutes, and this is what happens.

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

NSFW: Russian Hiker Performs Surgery on Himself, Internet Throws Up‏

If you're in any way squeamish, you should probably stay away from this post...


These Guys Went Stand Up Paddleboarding… At A Ski Resort

And let's just say the results were 'mixed'…


This Is What It Looks Like to Go Freerunning In An Abandoned Military Dam

This really is high stakes parkour...

Photo: YouTube (via

If A Skateboard Had Sex With A Rollerblade, Their Offspring Might Look A Bit Like This

Freeline Skates: Sh*t invention, or a vision of the future?

moto mtb 1
Mountain Biking

MTB Madness: Watch The World's Best Go Huge On “One Of The Best Courses Ever Built“

You know it's huge when you've got a motorcycle following you round...


See How The Internet's Brilliantly Furious Reaction To A Girl In A Bikini Made A Brand Take Their Ads Down

In a move which could change advertising forever…


Here’s The New Action Camera That Can Sense When You’re Sending It Big

TomTom launch The Bandit: An action cam that promises to make your edits for you

Photo: Ohrey Riders/Facebook Screenshot
Mountain Biking

“Spin Round Ten Times Then Try Ride A Mountain Bike“ - You Can Probably Guess What Happened Next...

Watching dizzy riders in the driving seat appeals to every human emotion we know


28 Reasons Why New Zealand Should Be Your Next Adventure

Inevitable references to Lord of the Rings, and twenty-six other reasons why you should visit.


23 Terrible Bucket List Clichés That Are A Complete Waste of Time‏

...And what you should do instead

Dog Bites Drone - Drone Attacks

Animals vs. Drones: Cheesed Off Chimps, Killer Kangaroos and the Quickest Way to Lose £1,000

This is what happens when you get a little too close to wildlife...

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