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Marty Gilchrist of Arctic Foam, Rob Machado and Stephen Mayfield present San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer with the algae-based surf board. Photo: University of San Diego

Is This the Future of Surfing? These Guys Have Just Made a Surfboard Out of Pond Slime...

A surfboard made of algae sounds ridiculous, but it could be a major breakthrough

Photo: @mohanalmal / twitter

Before & After: Shocking Photos and Video Show the Scale of the Devastation in Nepal

Many of the country's historic sites have been left in ruins


This Tree Is The Oldest Living Thing In Britain... And It Could Be About To Die

The Roman invasion of Britain, the Battle of Hastings, the Magna Carta, and the birth of Tom Jones. This tree has seen it all.

Photo: Vimeo Screenshot

Here's The Shocking Edit That Should Leave All Skiers and Snowboarders Disturbed

Is this really how snowsports could look in the not so distant future?

Multi Sport

20 Unbelievable Photoshop Facts* That Prove Kim Jong-Un Is The Ultimate Adventurer

*and when we say 'facts'...

stalked by a polar bear 2

This Is What It Feels Like To Be Stalked For Ten Days By A Hungry Polar Bear

We ask Tim Jarvis what it's like to trek to the North Pole with a polar bear hunting you down...


Peruvian Fishermen Catch 26-Foot, One Tonne, Critically-Endangered Stingray

Men who caught the giant stingray are being investigated by marine conservation authority.


Woman Claims To Have Woke Up With Super-Human Powers After Huge Ski Accident

The 9th Avenger? This Incredible real life story is like something straight out of a comic book

Aogashima island

Volcanic, Shipwrecked & Completely Forbidden: 7 Incredible Islands You Never Knew Were Real‏

They look like abandoned film settings, but nearly all of these are home to small populations...


If This Sausage Dog Pulling A Skateboard Doesn't Make You Smile, Seek Urgent Medical Attention

Skateboarders will hate this, non-skaters will love it... Meet the dog propelled skateboard

Photo: Satori Factory/Living The Dream YouTube Screenshot

These Skydiving Maniacs Shot Their Own Canopies With A Flare Gun... Here’s What Happened Next‏

This is definitely one of the most bewildering videos we've seen in a while...


Late April Fools' or Truly Original Surf Fashion? Quiksilver Launch New Business Suit-Wetsuit Hybrid

It's Not Surprising This New Surf Innovation Is Going Viral

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 09.49.44

Terrifying POV Footage of the Avalanche Hitting Mount Everest Base Camp

Warning: You may find this video disturbing


The Earthquake In Nepal: What You Can Do To Help

The British Red Cross have launched an appeal to help those affected by the disaster.


The 10 Most Incredible Treehouse Hotels on Earth

If you want to get away from it all, here's where you should go...


It’s Actually For Real! This Swiss Guy Just Invented The Best Jetpack We’ve Ever Seen

Meet Yves Rossy: The Real Life Rocket Man Who's Learnt How To Fly Like A Bird


Incredibly Rare Black Flamingo Spotted in Cyprus

Experts have suggested that this gothic flamingo might be one of a kind.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 11.43.06

This Time Lapse Footage Of The Massive Volcanic Eruption In Chile Is Strangely Captivating

See this volcano erupt in 22 just seconds of brutal but beautiful footage


How’s This Even Possible: This Ice Riding Swedish Skate Edit is Seriously Cool

He's Swedish, his friends call him Farmhand, and he' skating on thin ice: meet Nikklas Ehnberg

Photo: iStock
Road Cycling

22 Signs That You've Got A Serious Road Cycling Addiction

We're not saying it's a problem, but we both know it's true...

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