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Mountain Biking

Here’s Brandon Semenuk Saving a Terrifying Overshoot That’d Put Most of Us in Hospital

How did he save this? Semenuk just proved once and for all that he's invincible...

Mario Kart Skateboard Longboard

Love Mario Kart? Then This Badass Longboard Edit Is An Absolute Must Watch

Proof that Luigi is the most hipster Nintendo character of them all.

Russia Nudist Beach

Why Are Government Officials In Russia Trying To Clamp Down On Nudist Beaches?

A campaign has been launched to stop "depraved" nudists enjoying their beach.


Today's Google Doodle Celebrates The 125th Birthday Of A Surfing Legend

If it wasn't for Duke Kahanamoku, California wouldn't be the same...


10 Things That All Beginner Skiers Might Crash Into This Winter

If you call yourself a skier, you've probably crashed into at least one of these obstacles.


If You Only Watch One BMX Edit This Month, Make It This Mind Melter

Tate Roskelley just dropped an edit that's so sick, you'll worry about your health just watching it...


Watch: This Russian Just Built An Insane Death Swing, And Jumped off A Roof

Do not try this at home, unless your a slightly unhinged Russian and your mates have a video camera

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Road Cycling

Did He Seriously Think He Could Get Away With This? Vincenzo Nibali DQ’d From Vuelta For Most Obvious Cheating Ever

The Tour de France 2014 champ has been kicked for cheating... but there's not a drug in sight

crash inta
Road Cycling

Watch: Shocking Velodrome Crash Sends Pile of Cyclists and Bikes Flying Through Air

This is probably the worst track racing crash we've ever seen...

Hiker Jump Mountaineer Falling Rocks

These Mountaineers Nearly Died When The Rocks They Were Standing On Gave Way

Watch the frightening moment a leap of faith almost goes horribly wrong.


This Guy Created A Resident Evil Style Video Game In Their Back Garden… And Want You To Play

Attack of the zombies: See why this video has got 6.4 million views and counting in just four days...

Monkey Attacks Kayak

Watch Monkeys Go Seriously Bananas On A Group Of Frightened Kayakers

If this footage doesn't remind you of the fourth Indiana Jones film, nothing will.

Mountain Biking

Aaron Gwin...We Salute You! The Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup Ends In Style

The American has won almost half of all downhill world cup races in the last five years...

Amazing Animals

Watch: Furious Bear Turns On Terrified Couple After Trying to Eat an SUV

Russia in weird video winning the internet shocker!

Photo: iStock / Mpora

GoPro ‘To Release 3D Action Camera’ According to Reports

Will the next generation of GoPro feature a double lens to shoot in 3D?

Amazing Animals

Warning: Sea Turtle With Straw Up It’s Nose Is Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine

We can guarantee you'll never litter again after watching this...

Photo Montage: iStock / Mpora

61 Year Old Blind Man Tasered By Police , Thinking His White Stick Was A Samurai Sword

Lancashire force pay our after shocking incident


These Guys Just Turned Munich Airport Into The Most Unlikely Surfing Paradise In The World

Now you can catch waves while you're waiting to catch your flight...

Amazing Animals

Hidden Camera TV Show Scares Sh*t Out of Swimmer With Giant Bloody Shark

Hilarious or hideous? TV producers put karma to the test with this Great White prank

Extreme Weather

See The Incredible Photos of The Ultra Rare 'Fire Rainbow' Above South Carolina

Freak weather anomaly creates Fire Rainbow , and the photos are going viral...

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