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This Ski Video Is Being Hailed As “One of the Gnarliest Lines in France”... Do You Agree?

Like Candide Thovex? This huge air into a sketchy hidden valley will get you excited...

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13 Stunning Animal Species That Could Soon Be Extinct

From leopards and giant woodpeckers to six-foot salamanders driven into decline...


Meet The Badass US Army Veteran Hunting Down Poachers in Africa

Wildlife conservationist Kinessa Johnson has garned huge support on social media, from Ricky Gervais among others.

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OOOF! 16 Stitches Where? 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Billy Morgan

The quad corking snowboarder who’s just broke the internet lets us in on a few secrets

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18 Camping Scenarios That Only Happen When You've Had Too Much Beer‏

Here are the camping memories that, because of the beer, you probably won't remember‏

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These BASE Jumpers Broke Their Spines Jumping Off A Bridge... Then Fought Back To Do It Again‏‏

This amazing recovery story of passion and horror is an absolute must see...

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Here’s How You And Your Mates Could Hire A US Ski Resort Out For Just £33 A Night

Finally, a reason for having so many 'friends' on Facebook

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What Would You Do If An Avalanche Was Charging Towards You? This Father’s Reaction May Surprise You

And his wife, in this new feature film, could not build a big enough dog-house…

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Mountain Biking

Here's The Mountain Bike Crash So Brutal It Did This To The Bike Frame...

NSFW: Don't click if you don't want to see the horror that is the death of a mountain bike

Photo Compilation: Google Images.

Ricky Gervais Slams Hunter For Posing With Giraffe She Killed

Extreme hunter Rebecca Francis feels the wrath of Ricky Gervais...and his 7.5 million Twitter followers‏.

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Travis Pastrana Just Tried A Moto Double Backflip For The First Time In Four Years. It Definitely Did Not Go To Plan...

This is what happens when a motocross legend slightly over-rotates a double... Ouch!

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British Snowboarder Lands World's First Ever Quad Cork Flip

Billy Morgan becomes the first person ever to land this insane new strick

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Road Cycling

We've Seen Some Terrible Kickstarters Out There... And This Bicycle Periscope Is A Perfect Example

"You know what this bike could do with? A submarine periscope”, said nobody, ever‏...

Brazil Skate House

This Guy Inherited His Family’s House... And Turned It Into A Skateboarding Paradise

You never see a transformation like this on Extreme Makeover...

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Clay Marzo Is So Good At Surfing, You Might Actually Hate Him

Everything you were told about physics at school was a lie

Photo: GoPro/Kurt Sorge YouTube Screenshot
Mountain Biking

Here's The Mountain Bike Line Judged So Good By GoPro It Won $20,000

Do you think this line was worthy of the cash wad? It's caused a fair bit of dispute...

Photo: Twitter (@united4wildlife).

Our Planet Was About To Lose This Species To Poaching...But The Internet Might Just Have Saved It

60 years ago, there were 2000 northern white rhinos. Now, armed guards have to protect the last male from d*ckheads who want to kill it.

Bear Grylls Survival Tips sand

23 Ridiculous Facts That Prove Bear Grylls Is The Ultimate Adventurer

Nude rowing, broken bones and a world-record breaking dinner party at nearly 25,000ft...

Image: USGS Geological Atlas of the Moon (via

The 10 Weirdest Maps In History

An island sh*tting boats, a giant Russian octopus, and a little old lady riding backwards on a fish. These maps are seriously off the wall.

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Meet Nikita Ducarroz: She’s 18-Years-Old And She Absolutely Rips on BMX

Two broken feet, thousands of dollars worth of stolen camera gear and one full year later...

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