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Drew Bezanson, tree tap

These Guys Made A Massive BMX Set Up Deep In The Woods... And It's The Craziest We've Ever Seen

Daredevil drop-ins and collosal kickers: this 'dark woods' project is certainly one of a kind


What Happens When You Step On Molten Lava? This Guy Found Out...

Here's the crazy clip that has set the internet alight

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 10.20.45

Return Of The Shredi - This Skiing Star Wars Parody is Hilarious...

Funny stuff from Mount Bachelor

lego santa backflip skis

Thought Lego Snowboarding Was Good? Then Santa Back-Flipping On Skis Will Make Your Week

Santa is never too old to hit kickers...


This Guy Flew To 8000ft Using Only Helium Balloons... Then Burst Them All With A Shotgun

Ever seen the Pixar film ‘Up’? Well Erik Roner just took the idea completely next level...

reflections image
Mountain Biking

Call Yourself A MTB Fan? Then These Stunning Downhill Edits Are Essential Viewing...

Manon Carpenter, Matt Simmonds and Sam Dale look back on a season of world cup success

el wanco

It’s Every Kid's Dream To Fly Like A Bird And Live Underwater. Now You Can…

4 childhood dreams of adventure that you can now make come true

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.15.35

This Guy Just High-Fived His Friend. While Flying Through The Air. At 150mph. Two Metres Above The Ground...

This must be the most dangerous high five ever...

Silent Nemo testing

The US Navy Have Unveiled Their Latest Gadget: A Million Dollar Robot Drone Shark

The GhostSwimmer could be coming to an ocean near you very soon...

Multi Sport

Ban Skateboarding And Give Free BMXs To The Elderly: Four Things We Need To See Happen In 2015

This is our New Years wish list. Fingers crossed...

alberta 4

These Breath-Taking Bubbles Shine Below A Canadian Lake... And They're Surprisingly Dangerous

This amazing spectacle below Lake Abraham, Alberta could cause quite the explosion

amanda cordell steven lloyd photography
Mountain Biking

Amanda Cordell Could Be The Next Big Thing In MTB, She Totally Rips!

She only got her first bike five years ago, but she can shred with the best...

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 14.33.31

This Cute Pet Deer Is An Absolute Pothead...

Meet 'Sugar Bob' - he's probably the most chilled out animal you'll ever encounter

Multi Sport

11 Things You Won’t Be Able To Live Without On Your University Ski Trip

Condoms, costumes and very little dignity...

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 12.03.28

It's Easy To See Why This Lego Snowboarding Video Has Set The Internet Alight...

This is hilarious

dog with 3d printed legs

This Tale Of A Husky With 3D Printed Legs Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye

Meet Derby: the heartwarming husky whose dream of running came true

freeride iceland 2
Mountain Biking

These Pros Hit Some Downhill Lines In The Icelandic Backcountry... And The Footage Is Pretty Unreal

Kyle Jameson's latest adventure sees the crew find some dirt that's as fresh as it gets

freeski uni

Ever Seen A Mad Freeski Set Up On Your Uni Campus? No, We Didn’t Think So…

These skiers just provided an awesome new reason to never go to a lecture again

luke kennedy accident sunset beach

Imagine Being Stabbed In The Throat By Your Own Board. This Video Is Truly Horrific...

WARNING: This is one of the worst surfing injuries we’ve ever seen caught on camera

Multi Sport

How Well Do You REALLY Know Action Sports?

Take our quiz of the year 2014 and find out...

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