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‘Did You Know Lions Could Open Car Doors?’ These Tourists Found Out the Hard Way…

It's easy to see why this video has gone viral...


Meet The Man Who Keeps One Of The World’s Most Dangerous Animals As A Pet

They can take down polar bears, so why would anybody have a wolverine as a pet?

Just your average day getting towed towards an MX jump by an MX bike on a downhill ride... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot
Mountain Biking

This Guy Tried To Clear A 60ft Gap On A Mountain Bike... By Being Towed Behind A Motorbike

This is what it looks like to get towed towards a giant kicker by a professional Moto X rider...

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NSFW: This Breathtaking Drone Footage From Iceland Is The Ultimate Earth Porn

From waterfalls and mountains to the northern lights, this footage is truly stunning...

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How Many Water Balloons Does It Take To Stop A Bullet? The Answer May Surprise You...

Is it time to trade in your bulletproof vest for some water balloons? Surely this can't be right?

full loop

This BMX Full Loop Attempt Must Be One Of The Sketchiest We've Ever Seen...

This is what happens when you lose contact with a pipe while you're upside down...

bike back yard

What’s In Your Back Garden? Pat Casey Has Every BMXers Dream Set Up

Warning: This pro BMXer's back garden will make you green with envy...

Photo: Jonathan Nimerfroh

What Happens When Waves Freeze? This Photographer Has Captured an Incredibly Rare Phenomenon

These stunning photos are like nothing you've ever seen before

Laird Hamilton flies high on his foil board. Check out the edit below! Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Laird Hamilton Went Surfing in New Zealand… On An Amazing 'Hovering' Board

This stunning edit from the surfing legend will make you fall in love with foil boarding


This Monster Of A BMX Edit Will Give Any Regular Rider A Ridiculous Grin

Ben Lewis' part from 'Above Below' will leave you staring at your screen in awe...

Kitzbuhel has one of the best snowparks in the Alps. Photo: Jan Zach / Tourist board

How To Ride World Class Resorts Without Breaking the Bank

Worried the world's best spots are beyond your budget? They can be cheaper than you think...

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This Guy Went Ice Fishing… And Caught the Weirdest Fish We’ve Ever Seen

Holy duck! What was THAT doing under there?

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What Happens When the Driver of a Speeding Boat Gets Knocked Out at the Wheel? This is Brutal

This seven person boat crash has over 3 million YouTube hits. It's not hard to see why...

The small Southern Japanese island, where the musical 'Cats' is a hit at the local theatre Photo: Mail Online/YouTube Screenshot

Out Of Control Cats Have Taken Over A Japanese Island... Seriously

Dawn of the planet of the cats? Welcome to the island where there's six cats for every human

travis p

Remember When Travis Pastrana Went Skydiving... WITHOUT A Parachute?

Travis' balls have always been abnormally large - but was this classic stunt his craziest ever?

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These Guys Hit Up an Indoor Skatepark… In a Smart Car

This is the craziest idea...

Photo: Wikipedia

There's ‘Too Much Poo’ On Mt. Everest, Say Nepalese Authorities… And It’s Becoming a Serious Problem‏

Ever dreamt of climbing Everest? It turns out the views may not be so good after all...


7 Adorable-Looking Animals That Could Kill You In An Instant

Thought seals and pandas were cute? These stories will make you think again...

buffalo running

What Would You Do If a 2,000 Pound Buffalo Charged Into Your Car? This Couple’s Reaction is Hilarious…

Ever seen a buffalo take on a car before? The footage is an absolute must watch...

bmx fat bike

All BMXers Will Either Love or Hate This New Fat Bike... Where Do You Stand?

Can you ever see fat bikes catching on in the world of BMX?

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