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Diamond Giza

These Guys Went Wingsuit Flying Over the Pyramids of Egypt, And the Footage Is Incredible

The Man Who Fell To Earth: Cedric Dumont wing suited above one of ohe Seven Wonders of the World

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 12.44.19

How Would You Survive If You Went Sky Diving… And Suddenly Realised You Had No Parachute?

Sponsored Feature: Real life tips for surviving impossible situations

Alex Cornell

This Is What The Bottom Of An Iceberg Actually Looks Like... And It's Absolutely Stunning

Who knew an overturned iceberg could look so amazing!

death raod
Mountain Biking

What Happens When A Bike To BASE Jump Goes Wrong... On The 'Bolivian Death Road'?

This rider somehow managed to get out alive, and caught all the footage on his GoPro...

snow day

11 Thoughts Everyone Who Has To Work On A Snow Day Has

The next person who puts a snowy photo on Facebook gets deleted

hit hte roof
Mountain Biking

This Guy Went So Big At This Famous Bike Park, He Basically Hit The Roof...

There's going big on your mountain bike, and then there's Matt Macduff...


A Sky Diving Slingshot? These Guys Just Pulled Off This Insane Aerial Stunt 5000m Above The Ground

Don’t look down – this is the craziest thing we’ve seen this year


These Guys Went Fishing And Caught A Genuine Sea Monster...

Ever seen a giant squid twice the height of an average human male? It's scary stuff...

Tyler Wright

When The World Number Two Surfer Got Caught Up In Her Own Leash, Things Could Have Ended Very Badly…

Watching this pro get it wrong will make you feel much better about your own attempts at surfing


This Underwater Volcano Just Erupted In Tonga... And Created A Whole New Island

Ever seen the Earth give birth to a new part of the planet? This guy got it on film...

will gadd ice climbs niagara falls

How Did This Guy Ice Climb Up The Most Famous Waterfall In The World?

What did you do in your lunch hour? This guy took on Niagara Falls

Multi Sport

How Do You Become an Action Sports Photographer?

Armin Walcher, a leading ski and surf photographer, reveals the secrets behind the best job in the world

shutterstock_118676758 (1)

38 Things Only Mud Runners Will Understand

If you've made it through a race, you'll know...

maxresdefault (2)

Someone’s Invented A Crazy New GoPro Mount... And It Goes In Your Mouth

Ever heard of a 'mouth mount'? It looks just as ridiculous as it sounds...

Photo: La Plagne
Multi Sport

Could This Family Friendly Resort Become the Next Freeride Mecca?

We went in search of powder beyond the hordes of screaming children and icy pistes...

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 14.32.03

These Guys Had An Epic Wakeboarding Session... In A Farmer's Field

Who needs a lake or a boat anyway?

wooden bike
Road Cycling

This Guy Built An Amazing Wooden Bike... And It Only Took 1000 Hours

Thought your custom-build was unique? Wait till you set your eyes on the crazy 'SplinterBike'


This Awesome BMX Edit Is Probably The Funniest We've Ever Seen

Ever seen a rider air themselves straight into the ocean before? Neither had we...

Photo: Oskar Blues Brewery

Ever Tried Beer That Smells Like Pot? Now You Can...

What's better than beer? Beer that smells like marijuana!

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool
Mountain Biking

Is This Famous Mountain Biking Spot The Best In The World?

Do not watch this edit unless you have immediate access to a bike and some mountain trails...

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