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What Kind Of Alpine Cheese Dish Are You

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Road Cycling

NOPE! 10-Time World Record Holder Rides Across Railing Above 65ft Drop

Meet Vitto Brumotti: He balances his bikes on the edge of cliff drops... For a bit of fun


Missing, Presumed Dead: 5 Incredible Stories Of Ocean Survival

"After a widespread search of the ocean proved fruitless, their friends and family back home held a memorial service for them."

Road Cycling

Ever Seen Someone Cycle Down A Mountain Road Backwards At 80km/h? Neither Had We...

Any regular road cyclist will instantly recognise how ridiculous this is...

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This Viral Video Shows What Happens When You Drop a GoPro From 10,000 Feet

The footage is insane, but the story behind this is even more incredible...


20 Signs You Were Born To Travel The Globe

Every true traveller will instantly recognise most of these

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Ever Wanted To Take A Holiday on Leonardo DiCaprio's Private Island? Well Now You Can...

Here's how you can save the world by jetting off to the great Gatsby's luxurious eco-island


18 Truths About Skiing That Only Parents Will Understand

The original #assholeparents

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This Guy Just Went 203km/h…On A Snowboard

This odd-looking Frenchman just set a new world

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Heather Mills Just Broke A World Record For Skiing Over 100mph... And Here’s The Crazy Footage

The former wife of Beatle Paul McCartney has now set her sites on the 2018 Winter Olympics


Spiderman’s Hollywood Stunt Double Just Made A Skate Edit... And It'll Blow Your Mind

This super creative edit will have you skate senses tingling

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A Tree Just Fell on a Crowded Chairlift in Russia, And This Skier Caught it On Video

The footage of this crazy accident is pretty terrifying...

This was bad, but it's certainly not the first fashion faux pas in the world of road cycling...
Road Cycling

10 Fashion Disasters That Every True Cyclist Should Avoid

Thought you were looking slick on the roads? There's a good chance you're horribly wrong...


How Did This Alligator End Up Sticking Out The Side Of A Headless Snake?

This is the strangest thing seen in Florida since George Bush's 2000 Presidential win...

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Meet Lola Mignot: The Teenage Surfer Who Can Dance on Her Board

With endless style, and a bohemian outlook, this half-French half-South American surfer has got life pretty much dialled


This Guy Just Skied Down Three Sets of Escalators... Then Walked Away With $1,000

Ever looked at an escalator and wish you had your skis? Daniel Freed is your new here... and he got it all on GoPro

Photo: Ivan Sazima/National Geographic.

Why Are These South American Lizards Into Necrophilia?

These lizards like having sex with dead lizards, and scientists don't really know why.

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Mountain Biking

These Guys Spent 18 Months Building Their Dream MTB Trail. You Need To See The End Result...

It's amazing what you can make when you dedicate a year and a half to building in the woods...

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Road Cycling

Why Has This Man Put A Naked Woman On A Bicycle?

Is this art, or another thing that'll put women off cycling?

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Here's What It Looks Like To Unicycle Across A Dam Ledge... With An 166m Drop Below

No harnesses, no safety nets... If you suffer from vertigo, you should look away now

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