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Surfer Toys Teahupoo

Incredible Teahupoo Stop-Motion Video With Playmobile Surfers

Surfer toys get gnarly!

Photo: Nina Zietman

How To Survive As A Surfer In The City

Living 200-miles from the sea is torturous for your average surfer. But there are ways to make it work...


8 Reasons Why Mountain Biking is Better Than Football

If you ever get into an argument in the pub, here's what you say...

Ski Nut Shot Rail
Multi Sport

Every Man's Nightmare - The World's Worst Nutshots Caught on Video

Damn some of these must hurt!

The Land New York State. Photographer: Aaron Warkov

This Freeride Bike Park Looks So Sick!

There's more to New York than bagels, skyscrapers and sh*t Hollywood movies...

Red Bull Photography Ray Dempski

How Far Would You Go For A Photograph?

Three men embark on an Arctic expedition - just to capture ice climbing under the Northern Lights

skating a pool full of water

Dude Goes Skateboarding in a Pool... That's Still Full of Water?!

What the hell is going on here?

Multi Sport

The 5 Most Awesome Pond Skim Videos You'll Ever See

There are some serious slams in here!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 14.11.56

Ollieing Over Priceless Artworks: Skateboarding In Christie's Auction House

This is cool!

Gee Atherton Cairns

Watch Gee Atherton's Winning Run from Cairns As He Saw It

Wow, it looks wet doesn't it?

Craziest Skate Part Ever

Is This The Strangest Skateboard Video Part Ever?

Woah, shit just got weird.


Koa Rothman Surfed THIS Monster Tube At Teahupoo...

... but what's he been doing for the rest of the year?

Matte Black VW Camper Van
Multi Sport

10 Wicked Camper Vans That'll Make Your Summer

These are so sick!

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 10.32.47

Did You Know There's A Hardcore Surf Community in Papua New Guinea?

Watch this trailer for an amazing award-winning surf movie


The ASP World Surfing Tour Stop Four: The Billabong Rio Pro, Finals Day

Photo: LeRoy Grannis

How To Plan Your First Surf Trip Abroad

Bored of your home break? Time to embark on your first surf in foreign waters

Aaron Jaws Homiki huge drop

The Biggest Skateboard Drop Ever? Aaron 'Jaws' Homiki Goes Huge

Holy shit, this is massive!

Sergio Yuppie Longboard Hill Bombing

The 7 Craziest Hill Skateboard Bomb Videos You've Ever Seen

Some of these guys are getting up to 70mph

Borat Skateboarding

'Borat' Goes Skating in a Mankini. What Happens When he Stacks Looks Painful...


The mainstream loves a shit snowboard pun

5 Terrible Movies Desperately Trying To Cash In On Snowboarding

What was Hollywood thinking?