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Rai Kasamura

This 10 Year Old Kid Just Nailed A Dub Cork 1080... On His Second Attempt

Warning: Watching Rai Kasamura will make you sad about the state of your life...


16 Things That Will Give 90s Skater Kids A Serious Flashback

Before the millennium, this is what skater kids were made of...


24 Reasons Why Snowboarding Was Better In The Early Noughties

A golden era before GoPros and helmets, when freshies and rebels ruled and even Shaun White was cute

Road Cycling

Water Slides, Plane Wings and Martyn Ashton: This is Road Cycling Like Never Before...

We recently rewatched this legendary road bike feature... and we just had to share


5 Terrible Snowboard Binding Ideas That Will Never Catch On

WTF? Surely if you tried these they'd break your legs?


These Guys Made A Drone That Can Save You From Drowning... Here’s How

Drowning kills more people in the UK than bike accidents. Could this robot lifeguard change that?


17 Holiday Beer Photos That Every Skier Takes to Make Their Friends Jealous

From the arrival beer and the balcony beer to the i've-got-beer-all-over-me...

Multi Sport

Could Scientists Be About to Build a Terminator? They’re Closer Than You Think…

From flesh factories to sentient cyborgs - 7 predictions the original Terminator movie got spookily right

Photo: Pinkbike/Captyvate Media (screenshot)
Mountain Biking

Flips, Whips and Utter Madness: Crankworx New Zealand Is Well Underway... And The Footage Will Get You Stoked

We can't take our eyes off Rotorua, and after watching this, you won't be able to either

Atlantic Highway - Photo

The 10 Most Spectacular Road Trips on Earth

If you want to escape from it all, these are the journeys you need to take.


7 Of the Best Skateboarding Apps That You Can Get For Free

Can phones make skateboarding sessions better?

trials biking
Mountain Biking

There Are Some Places Bikes Were Never Meant To Go... And These Crazy French Guys Just Went There

These world class trial riders can handle terrain most people couldn't handle on foot...

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 15.09.57

6 Times People Tried to Reinvent The Skateboard... And It Ended in Disaster

Here's why you should never cross a skateboard with a tank


This First-of-its-Kind BMX Edit May Be The Most Visually Stunning We've Ever Seen

This is what happens when you point 75 DSLR cameras at a flatland legend...


This Stunning Aspen Mountain Mansion Costs $100 Million... And It’s Not Hard to See Why

This must be the coolest, and the most expensive, ski chalet in the world...

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.03.09

Thought The Eclipse Was A Let Down? Here’s A Stunning Timelapse of Norway Being Plunged Into Total Darkness

This incredible video is pure Earth Porn

Photo: Youtube/Paul Demonte.

Dragon's Breath, Screaming Eagle And The Great Wall: 10 Zip Lines That Should Be On Everyone's Bucket List

Some of the best zip lines in the world can be found in the most unexpected places...

Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

This Snowboard Legend Gave Up A 4,000 Square Foot House For A Tiny Cottage Built From Rocks... Here’s Why

Seeing this snowboarder's house will make you turn your back on civilization...


23 Things Snowboarders Do That Ordinary People Won’t Understand

These probably seem strange to people who don't get it...

seadance festival

Sun, Sand, Surf & Music: 10 Brilliant Beach Festivals You Can't Afford To Miss

Which one will you be going to?

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