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Mountain Biking

Watch This Mountain Biker Backflip Over A Canal... While A Wakeboarder Kills It Below

Yannick Granieri and Lee Debuse teamed up on one of the most creative projects we've seen

We're not sure exactly what angle of slope this is, but it's higher than you can go on a treadmill setting  Photo: Mercedez-Benz
Mountain Biking

These Mountain Bikers Just Took On An 18,380ft Descent In The Himalayas... And The Footage Is Amazing

Is this the best freeriding video this year? Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle are insane!


What Are The Best Skateboarding Stickers of All Time? These Are, According to This New Book...

If you call yourself a skateboarder you should check this out

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It's Easy To See Why This Roof Dropping Skate Edit Is Going Viral...

Jaws redefines skateboarding in this must-see part


'Too Many People Got Too Drunk' - Is La Folie Douce Being Forced To Tone Down Its Parties?

Infamous après venue issues statement after sanctions following 'sad' events at party...

tanner hall n 2

Huge Double Backflips And Crazy Cliff Drops: Tanner Hall’s New Edit Is The Perfect Powder Porn

This new edit from the Canadian backcountry will give you some serious powder envy...

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Xavier de le Rue's Just Released His New Trailer... And It's Awesome

Part snowboarding, part mountaineering, part Arctic exploration and all filmed at minus 40... has he finally lost his mind?

boston blizzard

'Stop This Nonsense Right Now' - Here's Why Boston's Mayor Had To Tell People To Stop Jumping Out Windows

This is without a doubt one of the strangest press conferences we've ever seen...

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Ever Heard of Sandboarding? It’ll Either Fill You With Fear, Excitement Or Rage

Brace yourself for travel envy. You don't get dunes like this in Wolverhampton...


Aussie Skier Falls Off 1000-Foot Cliff While Trying To Take Selfie... And Lives To Tell The Tale

This clifftop catastrophe almost lead to the most expensive photograph ever to not be taken...


This New Wave of Skateboarding Videos Is Going Viral… But It’s Not What You’d Expect

We're not sure what kind of exercise these internet melting skate videos are actually inspiring...?

tyler bradt

Broken Backs, Smashed Faces and 40mph Impacts: These Are the Scariest Waterfall Drops of All Time

These sphincter-clenching kayaking videos redefine crazy

Interlaken Jungfraujoch-Top of Europe

Switzerland’s Best Kept Secret: Skiing in the Shadow of the Murder Wall

Thought Switzerland was a safe but boring ski bet? Jungfrau will make you think again...


Watch This Crazy Russian Test Out A 'Bomb-Proof Helmet' By Getting Shot In The Head

If you ever needed proof that there's something special in the water over in Russia...

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Multi Sport

Is This The Strangest GoPro Video Ever?

Have you ever put your GoPro in weirder places than these guys?

White Style brings some of the world's best riders to Leogang each year for a snow-based shred session Photo: Marcel Lämmerhirt/Red Bull Content Pool
Mountain Biking

What Happens When The World’s Best Mountain Bikers Ride A Course Made Entirely From Snow?

How to you challenge some of the best riders in the world? See if they can do it on snow...

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Road Cycling

These Cyclists Have Invented a Bike Lock That Could Save Your Life

Is this the most sophisticated bike lock ever built?

terror on ice

What Happens When You Get Trapped Between Two Collapsing Glacier Walls? These Guys Found Out The Hard Way...

Imagine if '127 Hours' happened in an Alaskan glacier. Some people don't have to...

Untitled 2

Ever Seen Someone Triple Backflip Off A Three Story Building Before? Only In Russia...

Do not, under any circumstances, ever attempt this at home...

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Multi Sport

This Stunning Hyperlapse Video Shows North Korea… But It’s Not What You’d Expect

Who knew Pyongyang had skate parks?

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