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Ever Seen Someone Triple Backflip Off A Three Story Building Before? Only In Russia...

Do not, under any circumstances, ever attempt this at home...

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This Stunning Hyperlapse Video Shows North Korea… But It’s Not What You’d Expect

Who knew Pyongyang had skate parks?


He Backflipped Over A Police Car And Broke The Internet... Now Here's More Footage Of Skier Candide Thovex

More madness from the man whose edit racked up over 13 million YouTube hits last year

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11 Super Powers Every Cyclist Would Kill To Have

Who says you have to use superpowers for good or evil? We'd use ours to ride our bikes...


24 Things Only Kayakers Will Understand

If you like paddling, you'll know...

The Stigg from Top Gear tries his hand. Photo: SledDogSkates /

Is Snow Dogging The Worst Winter Sport Invention Ever? It Will Either Fill You With Joy Or Burning Rage

What do you get if you combine Roller Blading and Ice Skating? This sh*t new sport


24 Things Only People Who’ve Tried to Ride Stoned Will Understand

If you've ever been high while you're up high, you'll know...

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One BMX Legend, One MTB Superstar, And One Stunning City... This Edit Is A Must Watch!

Enough of this versus nonsense - check what happens when MTB and BMXers come together!


The Maddest Brothers In Snowboarding Gatecrash The BBC

Is this the best 15 minutes of footage ever aired on the BBC?


23 Ways To Tell Gravity Hates The Human Race

In 1687, Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity. It's been taking the piss out of us ever since...

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BMX Edit Of The Year So Far? Watch A Host Of Big Names Go Huge In Madrid...

Watch the new footage from Federal featuring more big names than the Russian yellow pages...

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Guns, Dogs and Bouncing Boobs... Is There Anywhere People Haven’t Tried to Mount a GoPro?

13 of the weirdest and most wonderful GoPro mounts you'll ever see

Photo Montage:

Drugs, Sharks, And A Glasscock: The World’s Unluckiest Surfers Have Some Unbelievable Stories...

The surf gods weren't looking down on these poor souls

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It Only Takes Three Simple Steps to be An Adventurer. Here’s The Video That Shows You How...

Anyone with even the smallest spirit of adventure should watch this amazing video...


Here's The Viral Weatherman Who Gets Hilariously Excited Over Lighting

We wish we liked anything as much as this guy likes catching thundersnow on camera...

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Here's A Video Of An Archer Who Can Literally Catch Arrows In Mid Air

This is genuinely one of the most astonishing things we've ever seen... for many reasons


Remember the Ski Line Hailed as the 'Greatest Ever?' They've Just Released the GoPro Footage...

This is absolutely mind-blowing

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Shark Attacks Are On The Rise.... Is This The App Which Could Cut Them Out?

These scientists new tracking devices could change your surf patterns forever...

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Ridiculous Roof Drops And Giant Gaps: This Hoffman Bikes BMX Edit Is Absolutely Huge!

Cody Anderson proves that riding is still going hard as ever in this new must watch footage


This Skier's Line Has Been Hailed As The 'Greatest of All Time'... Do You Agree?

If you call yourself a skier you should stop what you're doing and watch this now

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