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Want To Escape The UK And Surf Every Day? This Is The Place To Go…

Fantastic waves, world-class seafood and dolphins, off-season breaks don't get much better than this


'Has Skiing Made Me Bald?' - What Do You Contemplate When You're On The Chairlift?

'This chair precariously pierced into this cable looks pretty high tech to me...'

Ski Squaw Pic

This Squaw Valley Ski Edit Is Not To Be Missed...

Still not stoked to trade your shorts for salopettes? Here's a video to change all that


This Squirrel Nicked A GoPro... And Got Almost Four Million Hits On YouTube

Check out this furry kleptomaniac grabbing this guy's action cam and going viral

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.35.59

Snowfall In New York Has Been So Deep, People Can’t Get Out Of Their Houses

Ever heard of 'Lake Effect'? Find out that it's done to New York State...


23 #FirstWorldProblems People Encounter When Skiing

How many of these have you overheard on the slopes?

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From Small Photo To Breathtaking Reality: This Ski Trip Is One Of The Best We've Seen...

'Mica To Greenland' is one of the most stunning pieces of adventure cinema you'll see this year

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Road Cycling

These Guys Cycled Boris Bikes All The Way To Paris...

Did the London hire bikes hold up on the 300km trip across the channel and to the continent?

Photo: Tom Vaillant

This 22 Year Old Student Took Three Years To Make This Adventure Film. The Result Is Truly Beautiful…

Husky sledding, climbing Everest and braving temperatures of -45°C, Tom Vaillant follows six explorers on two extreme adventures

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Meet Sky: She's Only 6 Years Old But She's Ridiculously Good At Skating AND Surfing

She also likes dolphins and lasagne...

2014 Shane Stoney
Road Cycling

Win The Ultimate MINI Racing Weekend

Do you want to drive one of these?

Cortana, Microsoft's Personal Assistant Software, Has Danny MacAskill In A Spin
Mountain Biking

Danny MacAskill Hit This Floating Loop-The-Loop… In Front Of The London Eye

Watch the Scottish trials icon hit this five metre full loop in a visually stunning but slightly melodramatic display


These Guys Climbed A Crumbling Iceberg, And Took You Along For The Ride...

The latest in GoPro's 'Adventures of Life in 4K' series takes to the arctic waters of Greenland

lance 1
Road Cycling

Lance Armstrong Just Tried To Run The ‘Beer Mile’… And Horribly Failed

Is this the most shameful result the notorious athlete has had yet? Well, maybe not...

cycling 1
Road Cycling

Some of These Narrow Cycling Misses Could Have Turned Out So Much Worse...

Dogs, bears and downhill madness: the closest near call crashes in recent cycling memory

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This Guy Went BMXing… On Slices Of Pizza

Challenge: Guess how many cheese puns we managed to get in this article?


7 Awkward Moments Every Brit Experiences When Surfing Abroad

You're not in Britain any more...

eddie hunter ski mt norquay 88 years old

This Skiier Is As Old As The Mountain He Rides

This inspirational video will make you want to keep skiing forever

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 09.31.35

Would You Go Skating In An Abandoned Psychiatric Ward? These Guys Did...

One Aired Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

Nick Rapley in Breckenridge, Colarado

This Skier Persuaded Cops He Was On His Way To The Olympics... And Escaped A Drink Driving Conviction

Will this Kiwi skier have the same luck in Pyeongchang?

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