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These Guys Cause Avalanches By Firing Rockets Into Mountains... For A Living

Meet the people who make the mountains

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10 Easy Mountain Shots That Will Guarantee You A Zillion Likes on Instagram

Get more followers than Jesus!

Josh "Ratboy" Bryceland is fighting fit and back on the bike... Photo: Red Bull
Mountain Biking

Josh Bryceland Is Back... And This Is How He's Gearing Up For The Season Ahead

No mere fractured or dislocated left foot can stop Ratboy defending his World Cup crown...

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28 Reasons Why Japan Should Be Your Next Adventure

Powder, robots, and some of the weirdest shit you'll ever see.

Volcanic lightning looks every single bit as epic as it sounds.... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Apparently Volcanic Lightning Exists... And It’s Every Bit As Crazy As It Sounds

Just when you thought volcanos couldn't get any more awesome...

ski jump

Ever Seen Skiers Take On A Skipping Rope And A Rail At The Same Time?

This is the edit no skier can afford to miss...

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10 Mistakes Everyone is Guaranteed To make In Their First Winter Season

Wrong clothes, sh*t job, Bubonic Plague: If you want to head to the slopes, you need to read this

Georgina is 100 years old, but tell us again how you're terribly scared of heights... Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

This Woman Just Went Skydiving To Celebrate Her Birthday. She's 100 Years Old

Georgina Harwood just hit the century mark... and she's putting the lot of you to shame


Want Incredible Adventure AND Cheap Beer? Here's Where You Should Go.

What's better than adventure? Adventure with beer.

cathc plane
Mountain Biking

This Must Be The Coolest Way Possible To Make Sure You Catch Your Plane...

This is what happens when a pro decides to take his mountain bike to the airport...


‘Was The Pilot On The P*ss Last Night?’ 15 Terrifying Thoughts Every Nervous Flyer Has During Take Off

If flying gives you the FEAR, you're not alone.

Road Cycling

I'll Be Back... With A Helmet! Arnie Pulled Over By Australian Police For Unsafe Cycling

"Did somebody say... Freeze?"

Photo: Ice/Linda Hall.

How To Climb Mountains: Victorian Style

15 ways to impersonate a Victorian mountaineer.


Is The World's First Surfing Stadium Set To Be Built On This Iconic Florida Beach?

Competitive surfing could soon be revolutionised from Kelly Slater's home beach...

Road Cycling

Why Is Somebody Trying To Decapitate Cyclists In Ipswich?

Police are investigating the booby trapping of cycle routes in the East of England

hooooooly shit
Mountain Biking

It’s Not Hard To See Why This Crazy Mountain Bike Cliff Line Has Gone Absolutely Viral‏

Holy shit! This inch-wide mountain bike line will leave your heart in your mouth...


These Guys Thought They Found Alien Life... The Reality Is Much More Worrying

The story behind the extraterrestrial video is truly heartbreaking

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Multi Sport

Will This Crazy New 360 Degree Camera Make GoPros Obsolete?

This could genuinely revolutionise action sports filming

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Bear Grylls, Heston Blumenthal And Wilson The Volleyball: The 9 Best People To Be Stuck On An Island With

Six dudes, two girls, and one volleyball. This is the dream team.

Hoffman had to help a surgeon drill a giant hole in his leg... with no pain killers of any kind Photo: YouTube/Screenshot

Here's Why BMX Legend Mat Hoffman Paid A Surgeon $10k To Let Him Drill Through His Own Leg

No anaesthetic, cash up front, blood everywhere. This was the sketchiest operation of all time...

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