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Sabre Norris 540 vert skateboarding nine years old

Nine Year Old Girls Are Doing 540s On Verts Now?!

Sabre Norris is definitely cooler than you...

Adam Pesce during the making of Splinters. Photos: SAPNG/Matt Pesce

Papua New Guinea: The Surfer's Paradise With A Dark Undercurrent

It's the first-ever full length documentary on indigenous surfers in Papua New Guinea, revealing a whole new side to the remote nation...


Things I'm Glad I Didn't Know When I Started Surfing

Near-drowning experiences, streaming noses and what's REALLY inside all that saltwater you've been swallowing...

We like to think of the Beastie Boys wearing their suits from the Sabotage video to go to court...
Multi Sport

Monster Energy Are Being Taken To Court... By The Beastie Boys!

They're fighting for their right... to protect against copyright infringement!

Ramp 1 Skatepark

5 Top UK Indoor Skateparks For When The Weather Gets Nasty

Has your local indoor shred spot made the list?

World's first wingsuit base jumping dog

World's First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog

Yep, you heard us right...

The worst surf song ever

Is This The Worst Surf Song of All Time?

Prepare to be amazed at its shit-ness...

Skateboarding in the Sewers

Skateboarding in Sewers Looks Way Better Than You Might Expect...

You might not think it, but this looks a lot of fun!


Ever Seen Snow-Kite-Boarding? There's A Reason Why This Hasn't Caught On...

If snowboarding and kiteboarding had a baby, it would look something like this


ASP World Surfing Tour - Women's Fiji Pro - Finals Day

sandy shack clark little

This Incredible Photographer Captures Very Unusual Shots of Breaking Waves

Shorebreak waves aren't easy to shoot, but they look beautiful!


Motorised Surfboards: Devilspawn or the Future of the Sport?

These crazy contraptions are making waves in the US

Weird Helmets

15 Motorbike Bike Helmets That Will Make You Look Like A Bit of A Dick

Boob-shaped bucket hat to a Predator lookalike mask, these are the worst helmets in the history of the world

VW Blue Orange BMX

11 Of The Sickest BMXer Cars You'll Ever See

From matching paint jobs to super cars, these guys take transporting your BMX to another level

Multi Sport

7 Riders Who Are Shit-Hot At More Than One Sport

Because one sport just isn't enough for some professionals

Marbel electric lightweight skateboard

Introducing Marbel: The Lightest Electric Skateboard In The World!

Is this about to revolutionise skateboarding? We're not so convinced...

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 17.14.58

What's It Like to Lay Two Weiners on the Grill and Hershey Squirt Out? These Are The Best-Named Tricks Ever

Names and labels mean nothing to this San Diego BMX crew


Fancy A Tour Around Fiji's Cloudbreak With Pro Surfer Malia Manuel?

The ASP competitor gives a guided tour of one of the most beautiful point breaks on the planet


ASP World Surfing Tour - Fiji Women's Pro - Day 2

Photo: Tino Hammid

7 Insanely Expensive Mountain Bike Parts

You've got to be Michael Jackson - or a really keen rider - to justify buying some of these...

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