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Road Cycling

This Cyclist Got Run Over By A Truck... And Somehow Walked Away Unharmed

This Chinese bike rider must be thanking his lucky stars. This video is mad!

Lake Sebu Seven Falls Zipline

This Guy Takes His GoPro On An Insane Jungle Zip Wire – With Breathtaking Results

Got a selfie stick for Christmas? Put it to good use, like this guy...

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Road Cycling

This Brutal Video Shows What Happens When A Falling Branch Takes Out A Cyclist

These guys were road racing through Sydney, Australia, when bad luck and disaster struck...


This Guy Unclips From His Paraglider & Launches Off A Rope Swing Hundreds Of Feet Above The Ground

'This is a ridiculously dumb idea...' - and that's coming from the guy doing it!

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Have You Seen The Car Jumping Over A Skipping Rope?

This modified Buick is one of the best things we've seen this year...

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Mountain Biking

Danny MacAskill's Latest Spectacular Video: Ripping It Up in Rotterdam

Stop what you're doing and watch this now

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Mountain Biking

This Guy Slammed During A MTB Race, But You Wont Believe What Happened Next...

Can a mountain bike be haunted? This spooky video suggests so.

Mountain Biking

These Guys Were Just Out Mountain Biking, Then They Got Charged by a Grizzly Bear...

Would you be able to respond this quickly?


This Freestyle Ski Re-Edit Will Make You Wish You Were In The Mountains Right Now

How many skiers can rip on the street and in the backcountry? Jesper Tjäder is your man

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This Kid is Only 11-Years-Old, But He's Already Unbelievably Good at Surfing...

Holy shit, this guy is incredible

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Justin Bieber Tried to Go Skateboarding in New York… With Hilarious Consequences

He had bouncers to keep the normal people back...

Johnny B Random
Road Cycling

Johnny Random Made A Song Using Only His Bike… And It’s Become a Viral Sensation

It sounds like a combination of Portishead and Thom Yorke: but this song was made using only a bike…

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Road Cycling

Ever Wanted To Go On A Cycling Adventure? This Simple Diagram Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know

Giant backpacks, punctured tyres and camping in the wild, just a few things to consider on your next bike trip


These Guys Have Invented Mittens You Can Smoke In

How's this for a crazy idea?

Mountain Biking

Would You Go Mountain Biking In Canada… On A Unicycle?

Think BC has some gnarly MTB trails? These guys have ditched a wheel and upped the ante...

helisking 1950s alaska mt alyeska

This Amazing Footage Of Heli-Skiing In The 1950s Will Make You Want To Travel Back In Time

Did you know your grandparents went heli-skiing 60 years ago?

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Mountain Biking

This Mountain Biker Met A Cow on the Trail... But Dealt With It In the Best Possible Way

How would you handle this high steaks situation?

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This Dude Went Out On His Dirt Bike... And Got Attacked With an Axe

'You will see your own brain very soon': This video is crazy...

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These Guys Went For a Motocross Ride... And Got Chased By Police With Guns

Wow, that escalated fast...

Porcelain skateboard

Fish, Leather and This Deck Made of Porcelain: People Build Skateboards From the Strangest Things...

You won't believe the stuff people have tried to make boards from

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