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Photo: Siberian Times/YouTube

What A Tw*t! Watch What Happens When This Crazy Russian Tries to Ski Across A Frozen Lake

This ridiculously stupid cross-country effort ends exactly how you would expect it to end...

snow weed

How Can You Tell Who’s Growing Cannabis? Look For The Snow On Their Roof

Nature grasses on Dutch pot farmers

One flying kidney

This BMX Rider Was Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer... But What His Mates Did Next Will Restore Your Faith In The World

This heartwarming videos shows how awesome the BMX community really is...


Meet Ashton: The 22 Month Old Who's Already Riding Rails

How long will it be before a twinkle in someone's eye wins gold?

Photo: Surf Organic Boards/GoFundMe

Surfing Shrooms: Meet The Men Who Make Surfboards Out Of Mushrooms

These guys are making the world's first funghi surfboard... But now they need your help

The Cosmos

'Going Back Is Not An Option': What Makes A Person Want To Leave Everyone They Know And Fly To Mars?

Meet the people who want to to abandon Earth for the Mars One mission

Photo: Gensler
Road Cycling

Are These Underground Cycling Tunnels The Future For British Commuters?

Abandoned tunnels could soon play host to millions of working bikers in the UK...


29 Surefire Ways To Piss Off Your Mates On The Mountain

Are these the worst things you can possibly do to a skier or snowboarder?

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NSFW: This Canadian Time Lapse Video Is Basically Earth Porn

This beautiful time lapse will make you drop everything and book flights to Canada

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Frostbite, Fire And Endless Darkness: 7 Deadly Places Humans Were Never Meant To Go

Could you survive in the seven most extreme places on the planet?


These Skydivers Were Almost Cut In Half By The Same Plane They Jumped Out Of... And They Got It All On GoPro

Two nearly die in Thai sky fly by

Photo: Alexius Sutandio/Shutterstock

Surfer Tragically Killed After Losing Legs In Australian Shark Attack

Beaches closed in New South Wales as lifeguards hunt for 'three to four-metre great white'

Mt Hood pint 1

We’ve Heard Of Beer In The Mountains, But We’ve Never Seen Mountains In The Beer Before...

Is this the most Hipster thing ever to happen to snowboarding?

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These Guys Caught A 'Goblin Shark'... And It's The Worst Thing We've Ever Seen

Goblin Sharks are real, and they bare a horrifying resemblance to the monster from 'Alien'...


Why Did This Abandoned Skateboard Set Fire To A House In West Yorkshire

Skateboarding is not a crime, but it can be absolutely criminal...

Mountain Biking

Slow-Motion Freestyle MTB? In The Snow? This New Edit Is Absolutely Epic...

One mountain bike, one snowy park and one slow-motion camera. Need we say more?

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 11.28.53

This Guy Set Himself On Fire, Jumped Off A Nine Story Building... And Got The Whole Thing On Tape

Alexandr Chernikov is the crazy Russian stunt man who laughs in the face of both fear and common sense

bmx 3

Bikinis, BMX, And One Fearsome Faceplant: This Columbian Street Edit Is An Absolute Must Watch

The latest video from The Navi Arm has more hammers than the Homebase stockhouse...

train 2

This Canadian Pow Train Has Gone Absolutely Viral... And It's Not Hard To See Why

This locomotive can break anything in it's path - including the internet...

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 09.03.30

WARNING: Don’t Watch This Surfing VanLife Video Unless You’re Ready To Escape The Rat Race Forever...

This couple show you how to live the perfect surf life

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