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Meet Mustang Wanted - The Man Who Risks Death for a Living

These Unbelievable Photos of Mustang Wanted's 'Greatest Hits' Will Blow Your Mind...


This Downhill Bike Is Not In A Good Way! You Won't Believe How He Did It...

This is how you break a mountain bike...

Fuuuuuck. Pro Moto rider Jake Weimer did not take this crash lightly.... Photo: @jakeweimer12

Remember This Moto Rider's Bruised Butt? The Headcam Footage Of The Crash Is Out - And It's Brutal!

Ouch! That's gonna hurt in the morning...


Death 2 Hipsters: This Spoof Surf Movie Looks Hilarious!

'I also enjoy antiquing, flicking through vinyl records and one-upping my homies down at the local barista'

All women go surfing in heels and big-ass wedding hats... Oh wait, no they totally do not. These Chanel surfboards aren't just props. You can actually buy one for a cool USD $9,000.

12 Tragically Bad Attempts To Combine High Fashion And Surfing

All the gear and no idea...

cocio common ground bmx nothing but- header

COMMON GROUND: CAMBRIDGE featuring Matt Priest and Lima

This is how summer should be spent...

cocio common ground skateboard nothing but header

COMMON GROUND: LONDON featuring Chris Jones and Jacob Harris

There's a reason skaters love shredding the streets of London


This 300ft Waterslide Makes Us Wish We Had A Garden Big Enough To House One!

Watch some guys getting loads of bruises all in the name of summer fun

shark attack tiny

This Has Got To Be The Lamest Shark Attack Ever!

*cue Jaws music*

There is such a thing as hammering it too hard in practise. Photo: Laurence Crossman-Ems

The Mpora Guide to Mountain Bike Racing (For First Timers)

10 Mistakes That Every Racer Makes When They're Starting Out

filipe toledo gabriel medina gopro

Is This The Best GoPro Clip Ever?

Filipe Toledo and Gabriel Medina stomp two air reverses on this Fijian party wave

Photo: Zachary Herigodt/See Far Photography

5 Of The Craziest Obstacle Races In The World

Are you tough enough?

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 09.49.41

This Video Of Skating On the New York Subway is Epic!

Multi Sport

Funhouse Friday: Man Attempts Longest Jump In A Rally Car - And It Doesn't End Well!

party wave

Now That's What You Call A Party Wave!

Riding foamies never looked so fun...

Beach Boys With A Surfboard

10 Surf Bands That Actually Rip

Wrap your bleeding pterygiums and infected ears around this, waxheads...

Photo: Grazi Oliveira

8 Female Skaters That Are Better Than You'll Ever Be

From dropping 540 McTwists to winning multiple X Games gold medals, these ladies would show you up any day

brad pitt angelina jolie skatepark in back garden

Look at the Skatepark Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Built In Their Backyard For Their Kids!

How lucky are they?

gee atherton pov run

Want To See Exactly How Fast Gee Atherton Can Ride?

It's like the man is turbo-powered!

Freestyle skiers Katie Summerhayes (L) and Rowan Cheshire (R) pose with Skeleton Bob gold medallist Lizzy Yarnolds. Both will most likely be competing in Pyeongchang in four years time.

British Snowboarding And Freestyle Skiing's Budget More Than Doubles Following Olympic Success!

Jenny Jones's medal and strong performances from the likes of James Woods helped to secure increased funding

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