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This Awesome High School Is Now Offering Classes In Backcountry Freeskiing

Something tells us this would make homework a whole lot more interesting...


This Guy Bought A Drone... And Made It Into The Millenium Falcon

This modified Star Wars drone must be the best in all of the galaxy...


This Guy Got Buried By An Avalanche He Triggered... And Captured It All On His GoPro

This crazy videos shows what happens when you capture an avalanche on camera...

killer w

Killer Whales Attack And Kill Great White Shark In Australia...

The tourists on this particular boat cruise certainly got their money's worth...

Photo: Jody Roth

This Guy Makes His Own Surfboards... With A 3D Printer

Some people buy surfboards. Others make their own. This guy printed his...


The World We Live In... Man Misses Astounding Humpback Whale Because He's Too Busy Texting

This guy just missed a once in a lifetime opportunity for the worst reason imaginable...

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 17.28.21

These Guys Put a Seesaw by the Edge of a Building... Then Their Mates Jumped on the Other End

They're doing what every kid wished they had the balls to do...

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 17.00.20

These Golfers Met An Alligator, Then Tried to Deal With It In the Stupidest Way Possible...

Honestly what did they expect would happen?


Rihanna Went Swimming With Sharks, And Of Course The Video Is Melting the Internet...

Sharks + Controversial Celebrity + Skimpy Swimsuit? These guys just won the internet

Screenshot 2015-02-05 at 12.17.08

This Guy Just Jumped In the Water with a Great White Shark… And Tried to Pat Its Nose

It's easy to see why 24 million people watched Mike Rutzen's last video...


They're the World’s Best Action Sports Stars... But How Do They Measure Up Against Mother Nature?

Could animals be better at sports than us?

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 15.13.03
Multi Sport

10 Reasons Why The Secret Service Should Recruit Action Sports Stars

Sponsored feature: Here's why MI6 should change their recruitment policy

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 13.19.53
Mountain Biking

POV Video of the Year? This Downhill Mountain Bike Descent Is Seriously Badass...

You need to see this epic line from Utah


'I Felt The Cougar Bite Into My Skull…’ These Canadians Fought Off a Mountain Lion With Their Bare Hands

The incredible story of a narrow escape in the North American wilderness

imgo (1)

The Beard, the Butterfly and the Golden Shower: These Must be the World’s Strangest Skateboard Graphics

10 awesome, eye-catching and just plain weird skateboard graphics you have to see

James Robertson

Thought Your Commute Was Rough? This Guy Walks 21 Miles Every Day Just To Get To Work… On Two Hours Sleep

James Robertson is no ultra-marathon runner. He’s just a regular guy, trying to get to work

whiskey trailer 2

This Portable Whisky Bar Is The Ultimate Van Life Accessory… But It’ll Set You Back £100,000

It's always whisky o'clock with awesome portable booze haven


This Crazy Vehicle is Part Jetski, Part Quad Bike... And All Awesome

5 insane machines designed to combat everything mother nature can throw at them

Multi Sport

What's Better, MTB Or Free Running? These Guys Fight It Out...

Blood, sweat and gears are assured in the Battle of Basingstoke

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.27.40

What Happens When Skateboarding Meets American Football?

This video is way cooler than you might think...

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