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8 Female Skaters That Changed History!

Rad women who changed skating for the greater good!

Alluda Majaka Action Sequence
Multi Sport

Funhouse Friday: The Best Movie Action Sequence Ever

This is the greatest movie chase scene ever produced

Hover Bike

Hover Bikes Are a Reality, And You'll Be Able To Buy One Soon

It's like those speeder bikes out of Star Wars, but real!

Tom Pages FMX Bike Flip

Is This The Craziest FMX Trick Ever Attempted?

Tom Pages tries to land the first ever FMX Bike Flip!

mountain biker taps his friends belly with his wheel

What Happens When This Dude's Back Wheel Connects With His Friend Is Amazing

This 'blubber whip' is awesome

Photo: Red Bull

7 BMX Tracks, Trails & Parks You Should Ride Before You Die

These tracks are another level of gnarly

solid gold skateboard

These Guys Have Built a Gold Skateboard!

This $15,000 deck must be the most expensive ever made

Road Cycling

You Know You're A Cyclist When...

If more than 5 of the following are true, you may want to get help... Or alternatively, congratulate yourself!

Surf Accessories

9 Useful Surf Accessories You Might Not Know About

You'll wonder how you ever lived without them...


Backflipping Exploding Planes & Dropping 100ft Buildings: The Wonderful World of BMX on GTA V

Some of the stuff you can do on this game is ridiculous!

Danny MacAskill Epecuen

Danny MacAskill's Back With a New Project And It Looks Incredible

Looks like the Scottish trials bike maestro is upping the bar once again

Christian Hosoi Hammerhead Surfboard

Are Hammerhead Surfboards a Thing of the Future?

Legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi has turned his hand to designing Hammerhead surfboards

MTB Slam

This Crash Video Is Not For The Faint-Hearted!

One wrong move and things go very wrong for this mountain bike rider....


Tony Hawk Attempts An Ollie Over A Moving Mini Cooper!

The Birdman in full flight once more...

Morgan Rose Coonman Cliff Drop

This Snowboarder Looks Like a Complete Beginner... But That Doesn't Stop Him Trying to Drop A 100 Foot Cliff

Mt Baker madman Morgan Rose just goes for it!

Skate Ramp Dad Speaks Out Marcus Crossland

Dad That Kicked Six-Year-Old Kid Down Skate Ramp Speaks Out!

Apparently he was just trying to help him overcome his fears...

Global Shark Tracker

This Map Tracks Sharks Around The World!

How would you feel if you could see if a shark circling your local break? Now you can find out...

Tyler Wright is a serious charger to watch out for at Cloudbreak next week. Photo: Salted/Grambeau/Swilly

The Times They Are A-Changin' For Women's Professional Surfing

It will be the first time a women's WCT event has been held in Fiji since 2006

Nitro Circus Four person backflip

Say What? Four Dudes Backflipping One Motocross Bike?

Complete insanity from the Nitro Circus crew

Nose Manual

6 Mentally Long Manuals You Won't Believe

These riders take the humble manual to a whole new level!

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