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Mountain Biking

Aaron Gwin...We Salute You! The Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup Ends In Style

The American has won almost half of all downhill world cup races in the last five years...

Amazing Animals

Watch: Furious Bear Turns On Terrified Couple After Trying to Eat an SUV

Russia in weird video winning the internet shocker!

Photo: iStock / Mpora

GoPro ‘To Release 3D Action Camera’ According to Reports

Will the next generation of GoPro feature a double lens to shoot in 3D?

Amazing Animals

Warning: Sea Turtle With Straw Up It’s Nose Is Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine

We can guarantee you'll never litter again after watching this...

Photo Montage: iStock / Mpora

61 Year Old Blind Man Tasered By Police , Thinking His White Stick Was A Samurai Sword

Lancashire force pay our after shocking incident


These Guys Just Turned Munich Airport Into The Most Unlikely Surfing Paradise In The World

Now you can catch waves while you're waiting to catch your flight...

Amazing Animals

Hidden Camera TV Show Scares Sh*t Out of Swimmer With Giant Bloody Shark

Hilarious or hideous? TV producers put karma to the test with this Great White prank

Extreme Weather

See The Incredible Photos of The Ultra Rare 'Fire Rainbow' Above South Carolina

Freak weather anomaly creates Fire Rainbow , and the photos are going viral...

Wings And Chutes

11 Absolutely Absurd Things To Have Happened During A Skydive

Sponsored feature: Because sometimes, skydiving just isn't enough of an adrenaline rush...


Surfer Tia Blanco Poses For Playboy

Behind the scenes as the pro surfer poses for the gentlemans magazine

Winding road

Two Daredevils Just Turned This Obscenely Risky Norwegian Road into the Ultimate Skateboard Playground

Yet another reason why Norway is one of the craziest countries in the world...

Mountain Biking

The 10 Most Awkward Times To Get An Erection On A Mountain Bike Trip

There is nothing more awkward than a surprise boner...


Watch: This Dude Loses Control And Accidentally Invents Ten-Pin Snowboarding

We've all got a friend who's got a slam like this in their locker


The People Behind Snowbombing Have Just Announced A New Winter Festival... And It Looks Badass

Transition is the new slope side festival that's just weeks away


What Happens When Two Surfing Heavyweights Clash On One Of The Worlds Deadliest Waves

The grudge match from hell resulted in surfing from heaven...

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Natural Wonders

Because Science... Again: Here's The Flying Basketball Making The Internet Lose Its Mind

Watching 'The Magnus Effect' in full flow shows that physics is entirely optional...


Surf Snowdonia Closes Due To Mechanical Fault Just Weeks After Opening

World leading artificial wave garden in Wales will be closed for days as a mechanical fault is repaired

Natural Wonders

What Happens When A Magnet Meets a Copper Tube...? Science!

Welcome to the scientific magic trick you never knew was even nearly possible...


Love It Or Hate It? Here’s the Viral Jet-Surfing Video Dividing The Internet

This is how you can ride when there are no waves... but is it surfing?


Were The Movies Right? Here’s What A Gun Shot Actually Looks Like in Super Slow-Mo

Watch the ferocious footage of a pistol being fired at 73,000 frames per second...

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