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Sam Pilgrim's New Edit Is Beyond Sick! Have You Watched It Yet?

The English rider returns with 'Homeland', a sick film with some huge moves shot around the UK...


You Thought Ultimate Fighting Was Gnarly? Wait 'Til You See These Skatepark Fights...

Holy sh*t these are so nasty!

Danny MacAskill - Action

What Happened When Danny MacAskill Went To The Playboy Mansion...

Scotland's finest trials rider went to visit some bunnies in the States last month. Check out the video below.

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What Kind Of Mountain Biker Are You?

Slopestyle, downhill, enduro or cross-country? Find out using this graphic guide...

Jeremy Jones Snowboarding Alaska Higher Movie

We Thought Snowboarder Jeremy Jones' Last Two Films Were Good... And Then We Saw This Trailer

The freeride legend sets his sights even higher for his third epic movie

chairlift breaks in argentinian ski resort

What’s the Worst Thing That Could Happen While You’re Sitting on a Chairlift? These Skiers Are Lucky to be Alive…

There's a reason chairlifts don't run in high winds...


This Brutal Video Shows What Happens When Kayaking Goes Wrong. Really, Really Wrong...

Oh my god these slams are so nasty!


Sex Changes, Drug Busts And Playboy Photoshoots: These Are The Most Scandalous Stories In Surfing

Surfers have done all kinds of crazy sh*t down the years...


This Crazy Climbing Wall Office Could Transform Your Boring Desk Job For Good

This could make any desk job a whole lot more exciting.

Everyone knows this feeling....
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Pissed Off With Paying More To Fly With Your Bike Or Board? On Air France, Overweight Passengers Can Get A Second Seat For Free!

Should discounts be given to 'passengers with high body mass'?

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Zombies Are Taking Over The World: Which One of Your Mates Would Live the Longest?

What's better, being a surfer, BMXer, skateboarder or something else? We asked a zombie expert...

Road Cycling

Flying Bikes Are Real?! You've Got To Be Shitting Me...

Ever Dreamt Of Flying Your Bike?! They Were Already Doing It In 1963!

To protect or not protect, it's not really much of a question... Photo: Wiggle
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Want To Know Which Airline Is The Cheapest For Carrying Bikes? Some Will Carry It For Free!

Airlines can be bastards when it comes to taking your bike abroad, make sure you choose the right one

barefoot waterskiing behind a plane

Barefoot Waterskiing Behind A Plane With Chicks In Bikinis – This Video Is The Best Thing You'll Watch Today!

Planes are good for more than just taking you places... Check out these insane videos!

broken femur

Gnarly Crashes Make Mental X-Rays - And YOURS Are Off The Scale!!

Grossed Out By Last Week's Gnarly X-Rays? Our Readers Sent In More – And They're Not For The Faint Hearted...

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Road Cycling

Nudity, Diarrhoea And Dogs Dressed As Cyclists: These Crazy Moments Made The Tour De France Worth Watching!

The craziest moments that you probably missed!

drowning in the sea RNLI

167 People Died At the Seaside Last Year, But The Biggest Killer Was One You'd Never Expect...

New study shows that action sports aren't the biggest coastal killer

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6 Unbelievable Bike Sports That Will Make You Question Humanity

You won't believe what some people do with their bikes...

Boy Jumps Into Pool

Crazy Kid Jumps Off A Five Storey Building Into A Swimming Pool

Kelly ready to take on the US Open back in 2012. Photo: Bahn/Surfline

Kelly Slater Pulls Out Of US Open Of Surfing 2014

Eleven time ASP World Tour Champion makes an unexpected exit from comp citing injury

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