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Mountain Biking

The 10 Most Awkward Times To Get An Erection On A Mountain Bike Trip

There is nothing more awkward than a surprise boner...


Watch: This Dude Loses Control And Accidentally Invents Ten-Pin Snowboarding

We've all got a friend who's got a slam like this in their locker


The People Behind Snowbombing Have Just Announced A New Winter Festival... And It Looks Badass

Transition is the new slope side festival that's just weeks away


What Happens When Two Surfing Heavyweights Clash On One Of The Worlds Deadliest Waves

The grudge match from hell resulted in surfing from heaven...

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Natural Wonders

Because Science... Again: Here's The Flying Basketball Making The Internet Lose Its Mind

Watching 'The Magnus Effect' in full flow shows that physics is entirely optional...


Surf Snowdonia Closes Due To Mechanical Fault Just Weeks After Opening

World leading artificial wave garden in Wales will be closed for days as a mechanical fault is repaired

Natural Wonders

What Happens When A Magnet Meets a Copper Tube...? Science!

Welcome to the scientific magic trick you never knew was even nearly possible...


Love It Or Hate It? Here’s the Viral Jet-Surfing Video Dividing The Internet

This is how you can ride when there are no waves... but is it surfing?


Were The Movies Right? Here’s What A Gun Shot Actually Looks Like in Super Slow-Mo

Watch the ferocious footage of a pistol being fired at 73,000 frames per second...

Amazing Animals

Watch This 800kg Shark Leap Clean Out of The Water In A Bid To Kill

NOPE! Great Whites sharks can jump...

Photo: Red Bull / Lukas Pilz

Swiss Lunatic Leaps 192ft Into Tiny Pool to Set Terrifying New World Record

'Hang on, you want me to land where...?'

Photo: The Inertia / Tim Bonython Productions
Multi Sport

10 Indestructible Athletes From The Toughest Sports in the World

Sponsored Feature: Are there any tougher people on the planet?


Hell Yeah! These Awesome Freerunning Illusions Will Leave You Seriously Bamboozled

Watching Jason Paul destroy physics is strangely hypnotic...


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Badass! Did These Skiers Just Nail The Coolest High Five of All Time?

Welcome to the next slope-side stunt you're going to need to give a try...

Mountain Biking

Life Skill: MTB Legend Greg Minnaar Shows How To Open A Beer Using Only Your Bike

More into Stella than Strava? This could be the bike tip to revolutionise your life...

Brandon Semenuk
Mountain Biking

Must Watch: Brandon Semenuk Just Nailed The Greatest Slopestyle Run Of All Time

The King is back: Semenuk rewrites the rulebook again at Crankworx Whistler....

Photo: Vimeo /  Davide Spina

Watch: This Short Film Will Make You Pack Your Bags and Travel Forever

If Far From You doesn't make you long for the waves, you're not a real surfer

Photo: Youtube / The Come Up

Watch: BMX Rider Fails A 20 Foot Gap, And Slides Across The Floor On His Face

Sales of full face helmets go up by one after this brutal bail

Photo montage: iStock / Mpora

What Would You Do If Money Was No Object?

The answer is somewhat startling...

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