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Amazing Animals

Heroic Fisherman Risks His Own Life To Save A Whale From Choking

Would you put your life on the line to save an animal? This 20 year old Aussie did

Road Cycling

Watch: Cyclists Caught In A Massive Lorry Crash... And Ride Away Unscathed

These two Russians survive every cyclists worst nightmare

the seafisher

This Outrageous Jet Ski Will Set You Back An Eye-Popping $100,000. Here's Why...

If this didn't look so ridiculous, it would probably end up in a bond film...

Hawaii Cliff Diving Summer

This Awesome Video Will Make You Want To Sell Your Belongings And Move To Hawaii

So, it turns out Hawaii is really, really, idyllic...who knew?!

whenonearth net

Fancy Smothering Yourself in Oil & Being Pelted by Eggs? These Are Europe's Most Mental Festivals...

If you want to REALLY cut lose in festival season, here's where you need to go

ski 1

Watch: Ski Reporter Faints During Live Broadcast, Recovers Like The Ultimate Pro

This must be the weirdest newscast in the history of skiing...

Bolas de fuego

Thought Bestival Was Badass? Welcome to the World's Craziest Festivals

Fire throwing, tuna tossing and naked Japanese men - if you want genuinely freaky, these events have got it...

drone footage blast

Tianjin Drone Footage Shows Aftermath of Tragic Explosions So Big They Were Seen From Space

The fatal explosions were the equivalent power to 21 tonnes of TNT detoning at once

www.animal-space net
Amazing Animals

23 of The Funniest Photobombs You’ll Ever See… By Animals

These creatures are way better than you at photobombs


Here’s How To Use Escalators to Get Your Ski Fix in the Summer... Seriously!

Who needs snow? We guarantee you'll want to give this a shot...


'I Tested the Taser I Built on Myself...' Welcome to the Weird World of Homemade Weapons

More confirmation, if any were needed, that the internet is a strange place

feature 1

Heaven or Hell? See What It's Like To Sleep 4000ft Up... Dangling Off The Side of A Himalayan Mountain

Could you spend the night with only millimetres of nylon protecting you from certain death?

Massive Bear Sitting Down Camping Chair
Amazing Animals

Watch: Astounding Viral Footage Shows The Friendliest Wild Bear in the Universe

Bear Friends Forever: This hiker just made a very, very, unexpected pal.

dukesday com

Watch: This Must be One of the Strangest Sports Ever Invented...

Welcome to the strange world of Tandem Surfing

Dancing off the side of a building
Rock Climbing

Watch: Two Professional Dancers Abseiled Off a Building... And The Video is Mind-Blowing

No wonder this video has two million Youtube views

Hiking Utah Copyright Jack Clayton

We Spent 24 Hours In Utah... And Found Out Exactly Why It’s An Adventurer’s Paradise

We lost ourselves in the foothills around Snowbird...and you'll want to as well.

Multi Sport

8 Stories of Courage and Determination in the Face of Disability That Will Blow Your Mind

Sponsored feature: 'He used to ride between moving trains, until the day he slipped...'

Road Cycling

Right Through The Neck! Here's What Can Happen When A Bike Crash Goes Badly Wrong...

He got what...? Impaled where...? And survived?! Graphic content ahead...

"Cam Zink: Reach For The Sky" Official Trailer
Mountain Biking

“He's Not Afraid To Die on His Bike“ - Cam Zink’s Film Looks Absolutely Off The Chain

The ballsiest man in mountain biking just dropped a trailer you can't afford to miss

Plastic Balls Los Angeles Reservoir
The Environment

96 Million Plastic Balls Just Got Dumped Into California’s Main Water Source…Why?!

Here's why it's not always bad for the environment to fill the waters with plastic.

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