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Wings And Chutes

164 Skydivers, 7 Planes, 175mph: This New World Record Footage is Absolutely Ridiculous

Here's how you make jumping out a plane more fun than it has any right to be...


Watch: GoPro Founder Nick Woodman May be Worth $1.3 Billion… But He Actually Rips on a Surf Board

Is this guy the raddest boss in the world?

Eagle Drone
Amazing Animals

Eagle Attack! Watch A Drone Get Thrown To The Floor By A Seriously P*ssed Off Bird

This eagle doesn’t care how much you paid for your drone…he wants them all dead.

Mountain Biking

Rollerbladers Just Took Control of the Most Famous MTB Spot in the World... But The Bikers Are Fighting Back

The emergency protocol for rollerbladers taking over has just been activated...

Amazing Animals

Look At The Enormous Dead Shark That’s Sending The Internet Into Meltdown

Mega shark captured off the coast of Eastern Australia.

Mountain Biking

Remember When Dan Atherton and Red Bull Built “One of the Most Difficult Downhill Runs Ever”? Well, It’s Coming Back...

Red Bull Hardline, the "gnarly-as-f*ck" track with a giant gap line, is about to return...


Watch: Bear Grylls Makes A-Lister Michelle Rodriguez Eat Mouse Stewed in Her Urine

Next week, Jessica Alba cuts off her own arm, pees on it, then has it with avocado salad

South Korea Water Festival

If This Epic Water Fight Doesn’t Make You Want To Visit Seoul...Nothing Will

A war broke out on the streets of South Korea's capital...and everyone got really wet.

Bear Grylls Survival Tips eyeball

10 Top Bear Grylls Survival Tips For Every Adventurer

Bear Grylls survival tips! From eating eyes to charging phones in armpits...


Survival First Aid: Everything You Need To Know

The Mpora guide to survival first aid when you're out in the wild...

Orca Whale New Zealand
Amazing Animals

The Footage SeaWorld Doesn’t Want You To See...Orcas Loving Life In The Wild

Divers get ambushed by a pod of killer whales...and capture some breathtaking footage.

Wings And Chutes

Watch: The Horrifying Moment This Skydiver Misjudged His Landing

Parachutist is lucky to be alive after terrifying crash in Brazil.


Watch: Alaskan Pilots Defy the Laws of Physics by Taking Off on a Runway That’s Just 10m Long

It's little bigger than your living room

Toddler Skateboard Teaching Himself 14 Month Old Baby

Here’s What Happens When You Give A 14-Month Old Toddler A Skateboard...

If this video doesn't warm your heart, you're probably dead inside.

Patagonia Earth Porn
Natural Wonders

This Breathtaking Timelapse Video Of Patagonia Is Going Viral, And It’s Easy To See Why

Patagonia may well be the most spectacular place on earth... and this video shows you why

Science Of Stupid Richard Hammond Skiing Tricks

Watch: Richard Hammond Acting Like The Jedi Master Of Slopestyle Skiing

The man who used to present Top Gear is now an expert in 360s...apparently.

Spencer Seabrooke Slacklining World Record

Don’t Look Down! This Dude Almost Fell To His Death Before Breaking The Slacklining World Record

Spencer Seabrooke just crossed across a 210 ft gap...without a safety rope.


This Stunning Film Just Won 'Best Movie Made on a RED Camera'... And It's Easy to See Why

You've never seen surfing look this good

Rock Climbing

Watch: Why Was Jackass Legend Steve-O Freeclimbing a 150ft Crane With a Bag Full of Explosives?

It's no wonder he got arrested...

Fisherman Drone San Diego

Here’s How An Angry Fisherman In San Diego Tried To Destroy A Drone

"Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego..."

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