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Science Of Stupid Richard Hammond Skiing Tricks

Watch: Richard Hammond Acting Like The Jedi Master Of Slopestyle Skiing

The man who used to present Top Gear is now an expert in 360s...apparently.

Spencer Seabrooke Slacklining World Record

Don’t Look Down! This Dude Almost Fell To His Death Before Breaking The Slacklining World Record

Spencer Seabrooke just crossed across a 210 ft gap...without a safety rope.


This Stunning Film Just Won 'Best Movie Made on a RED Camera'... And It's Easy to See Why

You've never seen surfing look this good

Rock Climbing

Watch: Why Was Jackass Legend Steve-O Freeclimbing a 150ft Crane With a Bag Full of Explosives?

It's no wonder he got arrested...

Fisherman Drone San Diego

Here’s How An Angry Fisherman In San Diego Tried To Destroy A Drone

"Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it San Diego..."

Road Cycling

23 Wheelie-Terrible Bike Puns That Are So Bad, They're Brilliant

My mate punched a driver for pulling into the bike lane. He’s a bit of a cycle-path...

Outdoor Food Essential Survival Guide Everything You Need To Know

Survival Food: Everything You Need To Know

If you want to learn more about survival food, this essential guide is the perfect place to start.

Mountain Biking

Watch: Dan Atherton’s Badass Enduro Epic Will Leave you Gasping For Breath

Here's the footage of Dan Atherton destroying a seriously sick MTB stage...


Here's How You Ride A Skateboard Off a 50ft Cliff... And Live to Tell The Tale

Skating + cliff diving + hard-hitting soundtrack = must-watch epic action

Road Cycling

Horrific Footage Emerges of Brutal Crash Which Hospitalised Irish Road Cycling Pro

Warning: This shocking video makes for unpleasant viewing...


This Much Fun Should Be Illegal: Watch Kayakers Rip Down A Super Fast Drainage Ditch In British Columbia

So... anyone fancy moving to Canada for the rest of the summer?


Watch: The Terrifying Moment A Slingshot Ride Snapped And Span Out Of Control

This is quite possibly the biggest case of 'nope' we've ever seen...

Hexo Plus Verbier

We Went To Verbier To Test The Drone That Could Revolutionise Action Sports Forever

The Hexo Plus will follow you to the ends of the earth. Is it the future of filming?

Mountain Biking

Here’s the Must Watch Footage of the Biggest Mountain Bike Jumps Ever Hit By Mankind

LooseFEST: Go big or go home... Nobody went home

Multi Sport

10 Slams That Riders Shouldn't Have Walked Away From

Sponsored feature: How on earth did this lot get away with it?

Road Cycling

Watch: Raging Pro Road Cyclists End Up in Brawl After Crash Mid-Race

Here's what happens when lycra meets street fighter...

Roller Surfing SUP

The World’s Most Hilarious Sport! It’s Called Roller Surfing...And It’s Absolutely Ridiculous

What happens when you cross rollerskating and SUP?

Switzerland Matterhorn Mountain

They Went Up The Matterhorn In 1970 And Were Never Seen Again…Until Now

Tragic story of Japanese mountaineers finally comes to a close.

Road Cycling

Watch: Cyclist Knocked into Path of Oncoming Taxi in Shocking GoPro Footage

Driver opens car door without looking... and almost kills a road cyclist

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool
Mountain Biking

Aaron Gwin Called This Crazy Fast World Cup Run His 'Best Ever'... Here's Why

It's not hard to see why this ridiculous run is stunning mountain bikers everywhere...

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