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Switzerland Matterhorn Mountain

They Went Up The Matterhorn In 1970 And Were Never Seen Again…Until Now

Tragic story of Japanese mountaineers finally comes to a close.

Road Cycling

Watch: Cyclist Knocked into Path of Oncoming Taxi in Shocking GoPro Footage

Driver opens car door without looking... and almost kills a road cyclist

Photo: Red Bull Content Pool
Mountain Biking

Aaron Gwin Called This Crazy Fast World Cup Run His 'Best Ever'... Here's Why

It's not hard to see why this ridiculous run is stunning mountain bikers everywhere...


Scared or Stoked? This Aerial Footage of The 'World's Heaviest Wave' Is Absolutely Mesmerising

This is Teahupo'o... but like you've never seen it before

Red Hot Nickel Balls Floral Foam Science Experiment

Here’s What Happens When A Red Hot Ball Of Metal Meets A Block Of Foam

Why is this video so amazing?...Because science, that's why.

US Immigration

28 Things You Should Never Do While Going Through US Immigration

If you want to get your passport stamped, we recommend the following advice.

Whale Shark Cut In Half
Amazing Animals

This Horrific Video Shows A Whale Shark Getting Cutting In Half...While It’s Still Alive

Warning: Video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Natural Wonders

Watch: This Crumbling Iceberg Just Caused A Mini-Tsunami Off The Coast Of Canada

Here's the epic final moments of an iceberg in Newfoundland.


Waterboarding Is Like No Edit We've Seen Before...

Skateboarder lands himself in deep water

You could fit London into Lake Superior over 81 times - Photo montage: iStock / Mpora

This Dude Just Spent 2 Months Non-Stop Paddling Around A Lake 81 Times The Size of London

Jared Munch puts the SUP in Lake Superior


Rocket Scientists Have Built A Bullet Proof Skateboard That's Lighter Than Wood, And Harder Than Steel

Skateboarding isn't broke, but these guys have tried to fix it anyway. What can possibly go wrong?


Whistler Celebrates Landmark 50th Season With Special Deals for British Skiers & Snowboarders

Sponsored feature: This anniversary year could be the best time ever to visit the legendary resort

Photo montage: iStock / Mpora
Amazing Animals

US Airlines Make A Stand Against The Slaughter of Big Game Animals

Yet more evidence the world is turning on big game killers

Photo: White Shark Video / YouTube
Amazing Animals

Watch: Rare Footage Has Emerged of a Great White Shark Leaping 6ft In the Air… And It’s Pretty Terrifying

Furious that Mick Fanning got away, sharks develop the ability to jump clean out of the water


These Guys Went Skateboarding... In Acres of Cannabis

If Snoop Dogg made a skatepark...

The Cosmos

Amazing New Pictures From NASA Appear To Show A Massive Animal On The Surface Of Mars

Has the red planet got crabs?


Hackers Have Created A Program That Makes Skateboarders Slam Headfirst Into The Floor

'This thing can cause some serious damage' : Controversial hacking program could end badly for skaters


This Epic Natural Waterslide Carved In Rock Will Make You Change Your Holiday Plans

Further evidence that Canada may just be the greatest country on Earth...


World’s Greatest Freediver Feared Dead After Mysteriously Disappearing in Spain

Natalia Molchanova is missing, presumed dead after disappearing on August 2nd


This Guy Just Shot This Stunning Slow-Motion Ocean Film... Completely On His Smart Phone

So why did our iPhone stop working when we dropped it in the toilet?

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